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  1. I have it, but am forcing myself not to play it. My addiction to cybernations is bad enough, lol
  2. It's an online nation sim. A very well done one. Lots of detail and options, and the politics are awesome. Lots of drama between the alliances. From the proud and noble Legion, to the mighty NPO aor the cowardly GOONS and alot more besides. It's alot of fun. www.cybernations.net
  3. Does anybody else here play this?
  4. It's not the "flame and void" you assume. You are merely without emotion. When you sre utterly calm you do most things better.
  5. I've never sparred with an actual boken, per se, but i have with wooden doweling practice swords that me and my friend made. (both a single 3/4" and multiple 3/32" (bundled lathes)) works pretty good. Though they hurt like a bugger to have broken over your neck.... But we did wear some protection, gauntlets are pretty much a must. :cry:
  6. How can this work. This is that state I live most of my life in... It is an instinctual thing, to me. I requires no flame, no void, merely a concentration on mind, rather than emotion. It's hard to explain, though the "flame and void" is a way to enter it. It's useful for high concentration activities shooting , climbing, sparring, video games, etc. Many people often say they cannot read me due to this, cannot tell my thoughts. I thinks it' kind of cool, to be "stone faced", as RJ writes...
  7. Birgitte. How many lifetimes experience? You know that's a good thing.
  8. Shara!!!! Did you people even read the series? Shara lost the Trolloc Wars. Rhuarc says they were... infested. This does not seem a light aligned place to me.
  9. I think I might be insane. Many of my dreams center around fantasy stuff. Some WOT, but many other things. I have many dreams that seemed based on some struggle. It is a constant battle. No matter the weapon, be it guns, swords or supernatural powers, the theme is the same. I am fighting, often with a sword against some enemy. It is usually a human enemy, but often wiht some gteat advantage, usually in the form of invincibility through extemely rapid healing. I try to destroy my enemy, slash with all my strength with a razor sharp sword, to leave a would that will NEVER affect the adversary, despite my best efforts. I often have a similar dream with powers of Channeling mixed with DBZ. I can fly! (Power is weilded like DBZ, but it channeling, don't ask me how.) In any case the enemy I fight never grow weaker. However my powers/sword/gun all seem to fail me. powers grow weaker, what could once obliterate cities, barely nudges things. Swords grow dull, break. Guns devolve from miniguns and lazer cannon to BB guns and paintball markers. And in all of it, I am filled with the most pure rage at the fact that these powers are failing. Rage and despair. I dont know. I have dreams set in the WoT world too. I dream I am Mat, Rand countless others. Battling the shadow, uniting the clans, all that good stuff.
  10. Something has been bugging me for some time. Why didn't, in times of need, like the Trolloc wars, Aes Sedai bond thousands and thousands of warders? They would all have the benefits. I would put a warder army on par with any Aiel army. I could butcher the Shadow. I mean say thirty thousand people as good as say, Tomas, would be nearly invincible. So why didn't the Aes Sedai do this? Insanity, power degradation, what?
  11. Well, look at The Sword of Truth. I don't know who stole from who, but for a while, I thought RJ and TG were one and the same.
  12. Uhh. Richard Rahl has godlike power. He's also a great hero.
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