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  1. I agree with Red States. There is no way they can do a movie wihtout ripping apart the story. It would have to go so fast that even devoted fans who have read the series over and over, might get confused by the amount of skipping around, and cutting things out. Plus what about minor characters that have small roles in the eye of the world, but then become more important later. For example Bayle Domon he has a small role in the book, so small that the movie producers might cut him out, but then what happens the numerous times he appears later in the series. Elayne? She is one of Rand's lovers later, but the number of pages she has in the eye of the world areminicule. The movie would just get so complicated, that a devoted fan would be the only person who could really fully understand what is going on. How would they explain Lews Therin, the White Tower, Hero's of the horn,why the Seanchen technicly have a right to the land. All 13 of the forsaken. I must confess I can't name them all of the top of my head, even though I'm rereading the series. The only ones I'm fully familiar with are Mordin, Lanfear (cnydane isn't part of the action to much after her rebirth), and Mhogdien. Wow that was a longer post than I usually do, so anyway in short my vote is leave the to good to pass up books as they are and forget about ruining it with a movie
  2. lol :D On the whole Logain bonding Aes Sedai I'm going to have to say that he was just as wrong as Alanna bonding Rand. He thought they gentled me so I'll get payback, which he shouldn't have done. On the rest of the BT I think that is Taims work to stir up Chaos, which it is already doing.
  3. well now that the matter of Alanna dying and Rand going crazy is cleared up, then I'm all for Alanna bitting the big one. Oh and Cwestervelt Logain's choice was let Aes Sedai gentle me, or bond against will. We've learned that the power is considered greater then life itself by a channeler, that is sort of a no brainer.
  4. leafburner there is one problem with Alanna dying, Rand will go like suicide, but I hope Egwene will give her one heck of a penance when she gets the tower back together.
  5. Luckers is write, she is a rapist, and I hope she pays for it in the Last Battle when Rand dies (sorry for all you hoping that Rand is going to live, but I think he is ganna die) she is ganna like get messed up because of the death. My only regret is that Min, Elayne, and Avihenda will share this pain. I hope that in some sort of epilouge she is stripped of her warders or something, I have been waiting since Loc for her to get some sort of payback for doing what she did to rand.
  6. I've always thought that they would be born with the dragons on their arms, the first people to get them without going to Rhudien, making them new clan chiefs of the post last battle aiel, and from now on that's how clan chiefs will be chosen, if they are born with the marks, and I think one of the wise ones who is pregnant (I forgot who) will have kids with the marks to, ensuring enough clan chiefs, possibly also making the first female clan chiefs.
  7. I think the earliest we can hope for is Winter of 2008, and probably the latest it will come will probably be winter 2010
  8. Before I began posting on here I just read the forums. I can't remember who, but somwhere someone said something about king of wolves vs. King of Mydradal, just something that seemed to make sense to me. Mat vs. Fain I think will be because Mat will either be attacked by Fain because at the moment he can't get to Rand and Mat is close bye, or Mat see's Fain trying to get to Rand, and goes into the battle to save Rand.
  9. good point majsju, I never thought of it like that, she might help Rand win the last battle by protecting him at some vital moment. Good idea :P
  10. I like almost every character, but the two I can't stand are Elaida and Alanna. The rest are amazing, they are well written and have personality. Elaida and Alanna are both amazingly done characters, I just don't like them because A. Alanna bonded rand against his will, which made me throw my copy of Lord of Chaos at the wall. B. Elaida is to full of herself to be a character I like, but that's what makes WOT so great you can get mad at characters, cause RJ makes everything so real :)
  11. I wanted to put a I like her option, but whenever i edited it it always took it out, if you could tell me why it keeps editing out the I like her, I would try that and see if it put it up their. Can you tell me how? If you don't know then just tell me you like her in your post. Also Rand will never be one of her warders. Even if he agrees to it Elayne, Min, and Avihenda are going to hunt her down and force her to release him. He didn't say he accepted it either, he asked her to release him and she refused.
  12. I hear you I hate waiting for the next book, let alone the final book in the series.
  13. Recently rereading came to that dreadful chapter in Lord of Chaos were Alanna bonds Rand :evil: My copy of Lord of Chaos paperback is in very bad shape because I threw it at the wall. That's definitley a sign I'm way to in to a book, but who cares! I'm frickin pissed at Alanna. She is a jerk, then in Winters Heart she claims Rand is hers. I hope she gets like exiled in book 12, because I'm pissed at her. Anyone else want to express their anger at her.
  14. rand vs. mordin perrin vs. Shaidar Haran (sp?) mat vs. fain lan vs. Isam Logain vs. Taim All other remaining aes sedai will distract and/or kill remaining forsaken while Rand goes after Mordin
  15. Perrin makes it perfectly clear to Faile that he doesn't love Berelain yet she keeps being a jerk about it. I think that she shouldn't be on him when he keeps explaining to her that he loves her and not Berelain.
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