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  1. It's very simple. The DO is Draco Malfoy. He spent his entire youth being made fun of by Potter - Potter STINKS!, if you didn't know - and those filthy mudbloods. They didn't earn anything and their families all made fun of him. Which was fine, because in the end he made that mudblood Hermione his slave. She is now known as Semirhage.
  2. Berelain and Galad? Any Red on Red pillow action? Cenn Buie and Cadsuane? Alviarin and Shaidar? Loial and Erith? Bela and Mandarb?
  3. I choose the "city state" of Tar Valon, and only when it burns to the ground as part of next book. Sorry to sound Aes Sedai hating. Come on, TV burning down would be great for the story. A touch of Gondolin.
  4. I thought this was what Lanfear was mentioning about the "one other sa'angreal stronger" stuff, even though there is no connection.
  5. Ok, Crazy Mike... Your "intellect" showing aside, you had at least 4 grammatical errors in 5 paragraphs, not to mention the fact that typing in bold and in caps is childish. I vote for they both cancel each other out.
  6. Good. I just might try to have better behavior, especially when typing on these government monitored computers on base here..... so maybe not as many board meltdowns or declaration of war to come until another computer!
  7. Red States is 30 years old. Been reading for 15 years the ole WOT. Ready to see it end.
  8. Red States just wanted to announce that he has returned to being a real person and now has access to a tv and the internet again. Basic Training was fun and now I am training how to do my own individualized training out west. Having fun and just glad to be back to the best website in the world. Thanks again to the staff while I was gone to have this here for when I return! Red States
  9. And Bela's tv show? I wouldn't mind seeing more on the false Dragons.
  10. Stupid question, but the killer hid Asmo's body, yes? Why would someone hide his body? What do they have to gain from this? Who would gain from hiding the body?
  11. Interesting how this has devolved into a Rand topic. Ok, how about Damer and one of the young girls? Is the One Power a substitute for Viagra?
  12. From someone who wastes his spare time looking at maps like Bilbo Baggins, the map is smashing, baby!
  13. Heh. I've worked at Borders for five years and B/N for one, and at that over five years ago. Even then they routinely never carried all of the Belgariad, and all of Magician. Not because they were sold out, either. Maybe I'll have to find something else to fixate on.
  14. So what if I have wasted 15 years of my life and endless hours typing on DM to get to the last book... and it stinks. What if it is like CoT? We sit here and type on what will happen so much when we get the book the book is anticlimactic to an extent. Given the track record of the last few, I am going into the last book thinking that it is going to be the worst thing I've ever read. Therefore I'll be surprised when if it is better. So on my long drives I can't think of what will happen next. I can't sit there and think: Who killed Asmodean? Will Bela get her own tv show? Why did Rand have to die? Is RJ really lying to us, and to have us find out that Demandred really is Taim? Who will die? Will Moiraine be saved and marry Thom? Will Min get pregnant? Who betrays Rand? Will Padan Fain make a Gollum like entrance at Shayol Ghul? I can't do this. My life will end, and I won't be able to think of fun stuff anymore, because it will be over. As for DM, will it lose membership? Will it become washed up, like theonering.net? Will the Wheel of Time turn into half of the Xanth novels that you can't find on any bookstore shelf anymore? What will I do to fill the time? I don't know.
  15. Ummm... well, I'd be happy to be the first one after 57 views to talk on this one. Yes, I have thought.. so what if the One Power was used for things? Things that can be done with the one power, pg rated: explode things. perhaps stop time? make things larger. make things smaller. open a gateway to a romantic spot use Compulsion. hehe then use Healing. hehe
  16. Well I must say as to being boring... that's why I read the Asha'man and Al'Thor chapters.
  17. Heh.... I agree with Maj. Wow, did I just agree with Maj?
  18. Taim being Demandred has taken hold. Kind of like it was his birthday present, yes?
  19. Don't think here that it has anything to do with Elayne. Has everything to do with Rand.
  20. Last night. Red States will let everyone know a little secret: The only nightmares I have regard "end of the world scenarios" (and that might be why I'm more absolutist, Luckers). I saw Dawn of the Dead two years ago and I absolutely can't stand to watch zombie movies, as I am frightened by them. Yes yes, I know, it's a movie. So last night I had my usual once every few month bad dream, and the zombies came up from everywhere. But then I was able to channel and I destroyed them all. I then made gateways rooftop to rooftop and was able to save the people left in my neighborhood. Here's where it gets really freaky: I then made a gateway to the White House, where the Democrat President Clinton was being attacked by the zombies. I saved him and then destroyed the zombies as they approached the White House. I don't know what is most weird: I could channel, I am afraid of zombies, or that I saved President Clinton.
  21. I can't agree, Mike, with Big Bend. I have never been there but have seen videos, websites, and I have several picture books on it. There is too much life there, and a river, to be the Waste.
  22. OMG there's a rumor! He can't die! LOL
  23. I can just see it. Cadsuane: "Excuse me, Rand. I have to use the ladies room." Cadsuane gets up and leaves the chamber to go to the ladies room. She opens the door, tips the restroom maid, and goes into her stall, sitting down. Suddenly everything doesn't feel right. She sniffs the air. Cadsuane: "Something smells, aside of the pot." And that's when the Shadowspawn Fade she smelled jumps up out of the toilet and spears her with the Thakan'dar sword.
  24. Kidding me, Dude? I could see Belgarion giving Sparhawk the People's Elbow and Hogan's leg drop.
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