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  1. I was just re-reading The Shadow Rising and I came to the part where Mat goes into the doorframe ter-angreal and the answers to one of his questions was that part of his fate "To die and live again, and live once more a part of what was!". I was just wondering what this meant for Mat?
  2. Could you also please send them to pickle9922@gmail.com
  3. Has anyone else ever thought of Sheriam as a darkfriend? I was jsut rereading the series and a couple things have made me think it possible. The one that stood out the most was when Egwene and Nynaeve are in the novice quarters and a gray man tries to kill them but fails and Nynaeve stops it only to find it later with a knife in its chest and Sheriam close by. Also whenever Nynaeve asked about it Sheriam never wondered about the knife or what it was doing there.
  4. It actually probably was Bela, the wolves don't tell the difference between humans and other animals so they probably just said three cause there were three beings there.
  5. My least favorite is Rand. (just because Perrin was my favorite at first and now Mat is my favorite
  6. My favorite guy is Mat and my favorite girl is Min.
  7. No, its not really that cold here in Alaska. Where I live is southeast Alaska, and it only snowed about 5 inches all year. Then in the summer, it is normally abour 50 to 70 degrees, but last year we had a really hot summer where it got up into the 90's a few days.
  8. I totally agree with you!!!
  9. I started reading it when I was 10 and it turned into my favorite book right away, so it will probably be ok for your niece as long as her parents don't mind.
  10. I personally like the name Perrin Aybara. I just think that the first and last name run together good, and it is a cool name.
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