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    Dune & WoT

    The thing which I love about Dune, at least the original first books, is that they all have a message and deeper meaning. The first book warns about having your whole civilization dependent on one raw material. This is an obvious reference to our civilizations dependency for fossil fuels. It also touches the theme of the power of religious fervor, which is later explained deeper in Dune: Messiah. The second/third books warn against organized religion and it´s succeptibility to corruption. How the original message can be lost. How in the end the very priests who worship Paul as their savior are the one´s who kill him. It also goes about the topic of change in society. How when technology goes ahead of the user (The Fremen starting to be surrounded by a lush and green planet, but still not quite ready to leave the desert). Also it talks about how one can lose control of what one built up himself. Paul likens this to his Jihad which killed over 100 billion already throughout the universe, saying even though the armies cry his name when they kill the enemy and worship him. He himself is unable to stop it, powerless to stop the machine he created. If he would command them to stop, they would claim that the Messiah Paul was showing infinite mercy and lament him for his saint likeness/innocence not to cause harm, but would still continue the slaughtering and conquering of planets. So all people would accept Paul as their Messiah. He later compares himself to certain other world leaders of the past and wonders if they like him lost control of their own creations, i.e he mentions hitler and a few others. One other major theme in these two books is human weakness. Paul even though he was the chosen one, the Messiah. He is too weak to properly follow the path that destiny laid out for him. He sees the price as too expensive. In the end he steps down from power, and later comes back as a mad preacher. Who denounces everything he once did as wrong. Only to be later killed by his former priests who see him as a heretic. When it becomes known who the preacher really was, riots ensue that almost destabilize the Empire, priests are being massacred and the organized religion falters. The fourth book, God Emperor, is often the most missunderstood one. The God Emperor was originally supposed to be Paul (due to his uberhuman powers to see the future, etc..), but when Paul refused. His son was born with the same abilities. Originally in Paul´s visions he was only to have a daughter. It is his son which continues and does what his father was too weak to do. He goes through a painful metamorphisis to enable him to leave for thousands of years. And so he rules the Empire with an iron fist for millenia. This book concentrates on the problems of having an absolute dictator who is seen as a god. Despite being benevolent, ensuring no one ever starves again, having a golden age of peace. The problem is how does a God die without taking his people with him? If a God commits suicide, so will his fervent followers. So in the end after he has ensured his golden path to the survival of humanity as was his destiny. He decides the only way for a God to die, is to be seen as an imposter God and killed. So he himself creates a rebellion to ensure his own assassination, by someone he himself manipulated to do so, etc.. etc.. Also there are a few other smaller themes. Ran out of time to further flesh it out. Oh well maybe I will do a bit more later.
  2. http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2007/08/attack_of_the_evil_monkeys_fro.php Yep you got it. A group of 300 monkees forced the people in the region to survive on famine relief by a combination of sabotage attacking all women and children, so the farms could no longer be properly sustained and forced them into starvation,... Well duh,....if I would want to rob someone I would go after a woman's purse rather than a man's wallet just out of a feeling of self preservation. These monkees got game! Despite their new problems with the monkeys, it is a criminal offence to harm or kill any of them, so the besieged villagers must figure out a way to outwit the monkeys instead. This is what I don't understand. They are forcing the villagers into starvation and making them dependent on aid. Isn't it reasonable or self defence to take weapons against these monkees to continue one's own survival? Honestly. Monkees breaking into my home and ravaging my kitchen would scare me. <_<
  3. DragonSpawn

    Dune & WoT

    The Protagonist: The main character of Dune, the first novel, is Paul Atreides, a young man of noble birth who comes to realize (or believe) that he is the prophesied leader/saviour of a group of people (the Fremen). Apart from that, he gains political power and influence throughout the Universe as a whole. (He becomes Emporer, in fact.) Although later books in the series extend thousands of years beyond Paul's lifetime, it still deals with his descendants, and direct influences from his time, so he can still be seen as an influential figure in the series as a whole, even though he's not, strictly speaking, the main character throughout the whole series. The main character of WoT is Rand al'Thor, a young man of simple birth (aha! a difference) who comes to realize (or is led to believe) that he is the prophesied saviour of all of humanity (the Dragon Reborn), as well as the leader of a group of people (the Aiel.) The Desert People: In Dune, Paul eventually comes to be accepted as leader of the Fremen, the nomadic people of the desert planet Arrakis. The Fremen are an ancient, fierce, little-known-to-outsiders culture with their own traditions and secret origins that go back thousands of years in the past. In WoT, Rand eventually comes to be accepted as the leader of the Aiel, the nomadic people of the desert-like region known as the Aiel Wastes. The Aiel are an ancient, fierce, little-known-to-outsiders culture with their own traditions and secret origins that go back thousands of years in the past. The Secretive, Powerful Female Group: In Dune, a sisterhood known as the Bene Gesserit forms an influential and secretive group. They have rigorous training, a hierarchy structure, and powers that few others have or understand. (They can control their bodies down to the most minute cells and chemical structures, for example, and can influence or outright control others through vocal suggestion, a talent called "The Voice".) The Bene Gesserit are often mistrusted by others and are called "witches". In WoT, a sisterhood known as the Aes Sedai forms an influential and secretive group. They have rigorous training, a hierarchical structure, and powers that few others have or understand. (The Aes Sedai are women who, for all intents and purposes, are either innately born to or can be trained in the use of "magic".) The Aes Sedai are often mistrusted by others and are called "witches". The Dual Role of the Protagonist: In Dune, Paul is both the leader of the Fremen, and the "Kwisatz Haderach", essentially a male Bene Gesserit who can employ powers and training that the female Bene Gesserit can use, but can also "look into a place that no woman can look". In WoT, Rand is both the leader or "Car'a'carn" ("Chief of Chiefs") of the Aiel, and the "Dragon Reborn", the reincarnation of a soul fated or prophesied to fight the last battle. He is in many ways the male equivalent of an Aes Sedai; he too was born with the innate ability to use "magic", but a male form of it that is fearful and alien to the female Aes Sedai. A World Filled With Powerful Groups and Cultures: The Universe of Dune is filled with many powerful planets, groups, cultures, a noble structure (including noble families or "Houses" who rule various planets), and alliances. One such group, the Bene Tleilax, are religious extremists who are especially fearful and mistrustful of the Bene Gesserit. The world in which WoT takes place is filled with many powerful nations, groups, cultures, a noble structure (including noble "Houses" who rule various nations), and alliances. One such group, the Children of the Light, are crusaders and religious extremists who are especially fearful and mistrustful of the Aes Sedai. The rearrangement of power bases: Both Rand al'Thor and Paul Atreides change the fundamental political power in thier worlds. Paul brings the Emperor to his knees and Rand runs around collecting nations like a kid in a candy store, forging his own empire in the process. Just as Paul denies the power and integrity of the Bene Gesserit, so does Rand refuse to be yoked by the White Tower. ancestral memory: Just as Muad'Dib and Leto II have all the memories of their ancestors jiggling around in thier melons after being exposed to the Water of Life, so does Mat Cauthon (Mat's metamorphosis exhibits a mirror-shattering resemblance to Odin). After hanging from the Tree of Life at Rhuidean he is imbued with memories from the Age of Legends, most of them having to do with Manetheren, the nation once occupying his homeland, and an assortment of colorful metaphors that no one understands anymore, except maybe Birgitte and some of the Forsaken. The spice melange and the One Power: The spice melange is a drug which gives it's user amplified powers of perception and has geriatric properties, it's also necessary for the powers of ftl space travel, precognition, and the abilities of mentats. It's more addictive than heroin, and the users die without it. The One Power is a force that can be tapped by certain people, granting them sorcerous abilities. While wielding it, it grants the user amplified powers of perception. Those who use the power often live for over a century and, in many cases, longer i.e. it's geriatric. People who wield the power become extremely addicted to the true source and long to tap it. Those who are stilled and can no longer touch the source usually die of sadness or live in misery. 3rd person omniscient perspective: The books of both series are written from the same viewpoint. 3rd person with a shifting point of view, sometimes looking through the eyes of the protagonists and sometimes the enemies. Though there is always a key character around which the story revolves, they are also both ensembles, with no real starring role. Whatever the viewpoint, you're privy to the thoughts and feelings of whoever you're following, including all their biases. Both series, especially WOT are fraught with dramatic irony and foreshadowing and both display complex, intertwining relationships between the main characters.
  4. How could Moridin carry the addiction with him? The presence of Saa shows that the addiction is not a mental one but a physical addiction. Such as when a coke addict snorts his pupils will dilate and muscles around the eyes will relax and in some people the eyes become bloodshot. Since the Saa are present in his eyes it is only natural to assume it is physical. And so Rand would be trading his slightly battered and crippled body for that of a drug wrecked junkie one. A pretty bad trade if you ask me. Also considerring how fearful most of the other Forsaken are of the True Power, and the only negative aspect we know of it is that it is highly addictive. Supposedly the most addictive substance. So Rand who has no connection to the DO and so no source for the TP would probably die much quicker than severed AS of strong withdrawal symptons. Even if not he would become very instable mentally craving with every cell in his body every second of his life something so bad he would do anything for it,.. but even so he can never get it. Considerring his current mental state this would probably end in a disaster. E.T yes we have seen people unable to go without the OP. Remember in the Aes Sedai in Far Madding, they keep going out once a day for horse rides inorder to fill themselves with the power. For people as proud and haughty as Aes Sedai how do you think they appreciate showing such weakness in front of the leaders of Far Madding?
  5. Wouldn't his "new" body even though it has two hands be wrecked by it's addiction to the True Power? From what I understood it's a bodily addiction, hence the saa in the eyes. Meaning when Rand takes the body, and no longer regularly supplies it with the True Power, it will go into withdrawal. And from what we know the True Power is the most addictive thing in Randland, supposedly more than the One Power. Seeing how we see men and women lose the will to live and/or commit suicide after losing touch to the one power how do you think Rand's body is going to feel after losing contact to the True Power? It will be a wreck, probably pale and shivering the whole time, and eventually dieing of withdrawal while wasting away in a sickbed.
  6. I think all nations in East Africa are mostly muslim, with the exception of Ethiopia which is 50/50, and Sudan which has a 20% minority or so? Since I doubt the peoples of Somalia, Egypt, Tanzania, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti are mostly Christian in their makeup?
  7. You know I don't disagree with the code but why did you choose Bushido code? Isn't that the code that calls for suicide at the slightest dishonor to oneself, family or noble lord? Hence even why the Japanese had so little qualms about the Kamikaze attacks seeing that Bushido code encouraged suicide and suicidal behavior. So I think if the warder code prohibits suicide it would be anything but like the Bushido code.
  8. I call bullsh*t on that post dripping with prejudice and bigotry. The world would be matriarchal if not for the RCC? I would like some of the stuff you are smoking. Or is it that without the RCC all nations including India, China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Northern Africa, Eastern Africa as well as quite a few other places would be matriarchal? Somehow I severely doubt this, seeing as these places aren't even christian yet still seem to be on the top list of most sexist nations. So forgive me for the outlandish claim that the two may be unrelated. Also if Northern Europe had kept it's Norse Pagan belief I don't think the world would be a too much better place. Considering even Hitler and various Nazi's attempted to bring Norse Paganism back into the mainstream to the German people, preferring how Norse Paganism glorified war, pillage, brutal revenge and complete destruction of enemies without mercy,..whereas christianity asked to "turn the other cheek," which fit less with the National Socialist agenda, on top of Jesus being a jew. But I suppose in your eyes the Vikings were super matriarchs because they were Pagans,..regardless of their reputation as being one of histories most fearsome and brutal killers reknown for their tendency to plunder, rape, and murder whole villages down to the last child,..then burning every building. It was arguably with the introduction to christianity that the Danish people calmed down their ethnic cleansing mania, or at least the two events are conspicously close.
  9. The Death Star II was in a very low orbit. According to geometric studies, the construction site was at an altitude which put its orbit within a double-radius of the moon's centre. A likely estimate for the moon's radius is 5200km, based on the surface gravity and realistic ranges of planetary composition. Assuming this scale, the orbital geometry is such that the battle station is only another 2000km above the surface. The Death Star II remained stationary above the surface facility which generated its protective shield. In order to remain synchronous with the surface, the station's orbital period needed to exactly match the duration of the Endorian day2. However for all plausible ranges of the moon's composition, the orbital period will be very short for any object in a free orbit at this level. It should circle the globe in only a few hours. There is good reason to believe that the moon does not have such a short rotation period. If the day was so short then the shadows would be move visibly during scenes, and the globe would be rotationally distorted. In other words the moon would have a noticeably oblate aspect, with the diameter through the poles being visibly narrower than the diameter through the equator. The observed profile of the moon is a nearly perfect sphere. As for the last scene in which they are celebrating near the central and buried Darth Vader; And lastly;
  10. ehhhh. People it wasn´t just the Deathstar II. Remember a good portion of the Imperial fleet also got turned winto debris? And what were they orbiting around,...right endor. Meaning where ould all the Debris of the Imperial executive class ships rain down on,...Endor.
  11. The only defence on the planet. The shield powered by the Imperial Regiments, was blown up by the rebels on the floor remember,.. so they could land their ships,.....leaving the planet defenceless.
  12. http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a364/DS16/?action=view&current=DSC00757.jpg http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a364/DS16/?action=view&current=DSC00754.jpg Only pics I have where you can see me holding a magic dragon as Maj eloquently put it. I tend to avoid cameras on most occasions.
  13. i found the hottest non-DMer. you recon if i took up smoking i could get to be that hot? She beats your non-DMer in hawtness scale;
  14. I might not have hair under my arms, wear a muscle shirt and am drunkely hugging another dude in the pic of me in the nightclub but that does not make me,.......ehhhh f###..........ehhh anyway I am holding a cigarette and also holding a beer which more than recompenses seeing as only badass people smoke and gay people drink "nektarinis, apple cider and the like" not a good ol British beer!
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