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  1. The music just seems to fit perfectly with the theme.
  2. DragonSpawn


    I sense someone got ditched for a gal with a tighter rear end and rounder/fuller boobies. <_<
  3. DragonSpawn


    You have a d*** made of chocolate which ejaculates money? ,.........ehhhh nice.
  4. DragonSpawn


    Advice for the honeymoon;
  5. DragonSpawn


    Prince of bel-nazi rap: In Western Europe born and raised, At the theater room where I spent most of my days, Planning, plotting, and acting all cool, And all shootin' some traitors to instill fear in the fools, When a couple of Allies who were up to no good Started running forces through our neck of the woods, We lost a couple of little fights and my generals got scared, They said "You're moving with your cabinet to the bunkers down there" I waited for my escorts and when they came near, The jeeps had troops and guns in the rear, If anything I thought this protection was rare, But I said "Nah forget it, yo home to down there!" I pulled up to the elevator at about seven or eight, And yelled to the guys "Yo troops, your medals come later" I looked at my bunker, I was finally there, To settle my defeat as I breathed in stale air.
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    Sometimes life can knock you down Just gotta pick your ass up off the ground Probably don't matter anyway 'Cause in the end it's gonna be ok Because life's a holiday Don't wanna go and work harder Just to keep my head above water Can't hear what teacher's trying to say 'Cause it makes no sense now anyway And tomorrow's another day And I just wanna play 'Cause I know that we'll be ok 'Cause Life's a holiday I'm sorry For my, my blasphany It's just my way And I'll stay Because life's a holiday
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    Don't make me come over and assplode in your ass.
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