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  1. How could Moridin carry the addiction with him? The presence of Saa shows that the addiction is not a mental one but a physical addiction. Such as when a coke addict snorts his pupils will dilate and muscles around the eyes will relax and in some people the eyes become bloodshot. Since the Saa are present in his eyes it is only natural to assume it is physical. And so Rand would be trading his slightly battered and crippled body for that of a drug wrecked junkie one. A pretty bad trade if you ask me. Also considerring how fearful most of the other Forsaken are of the True Power, an
  2. Wouldn't his "new" body even though it has two hands be wrecked by it's addiction to the True Power? From what I understood it's a bodily addiction, hence the saa in the eyes. Meaning when Rand takes the body, and no longer regularly supplies it with the True Power, it will go into withdrawal. And from what we know the True Power is the most addictive thing in Randland, supposedly more than the One Power. Seeing how we see men and women lose the will to live and/or commit suicide after losing touch to the one power how do you think Rand's body is going to feel after losing contact to the True
  3. You know I don't disagree with the code but why did you choose Bushido code? Isn't that the code that calls for suicide at the slightest dishonor to oneself, family or noble lord? Hence even why the Japanese had so little qualms about the Kamikaze attacks seeing that Bushido code encouraged suicide and suicidal behavior. So I think if the warder code prohibits suicide it would be anything but like the Bushido code.
  4. Jeez, is it so hard to use the word "orgasm?" I mean please,..it´s a scientific term and well within PG13 terms.
  5. Using caps lock is cruise control for cool.
  6. I like how "on topic" this topic has been the last 2 pages. ;)
  7. You make the cardinal mistake of comparing George R R Martin´s world to today´s Victorianesque times. If we compare technologies, when we were at the time of setting with Knights, etc.. you were considered an adult as soon as you had your first period. Which biologically is actually true. Same as men in the those times were considered men at around 13,14. Meaning a 14 year old could also conscript to become a man at arms, now that he reached his maturity. It is only since the 18th century and the conservative revolution of the Victorian period that the age of maturity has been sky rocket
  8. According to the bible and many facets of science we anyway all descend from incest. If I remember right the furthest away two humans on earth can be related is cousins of 14th or 15th degree I believe. But legally I think in all nations you can marry all cousins save those of 1st degree (the children of your uncle/aunt). But even then if they are the children of a half uncle or the children of the uncle before he married your aunt, you can marry your first degree cousins since there is no blood relation. Same with siblings. You can legally marry your brother/sister, as long as i
  9. I was literally crushed as well when Robb died. I mean, I had to read the whole chapter two or three times for it to sink in that he was gone. To get attached to a story I have to be attached to the characters; how can that be when they don't last even for a book? I agree with cwestervelt; if Martin's style was that realistic, then a whole lot more of other authors would be doing it. I don't see the Creator intervening, he/she/it hardly seems concerned with the Dragon Reborn's fate, much less that of an arguably minor character (in that Galad is not indispensable (sp)). Val
  10. That´s simply realism for you. If one goes into mortal situations often enough one is bound to draw the short straw eventually. Also George R. R. Martin is at least honest in his accolades. Unlike Star Wars where the Imperial Starship troopers are supposed to be the most skilled soldiers in the galaxy but get thwopped by a couple of teens and teddy bears. Or even in WoT, where a couple of reckless teens, one a wilder who cannot channel properly due to a block, are supposed to convincingly resoundly defeat members from the top echelon of skilled channelers from the Age of Legends,....p
  11. Not to forget double uncle Galad is part of a cult who´s dogma paints channeling as evil.
  12. Actually literally all members of the Black Tower follow the Dragon. The only thing they don´t do is all follow Logain. Since for most they see Taim as the appointed leader of the Tower in the Dragon´s name. Whereas Logain is just a treasonous upstart in their eyes. Meaning most probably unless Rand himself appears and vouches for Logain most will fight for Taim, believing him to be representing the Dragon. After all who did the first Ashamen see Rand giving the sceptre of leadership to? They saw Rand giving Taim the full command of the Farm and the training of men. Likewise they have no reaso
  13. Then it seems very ungrateful of the Aes Sedai to later attempt to manipulate Artur Hawkwing after he saved their Tower a sacking if that is what happened. Since somehow as powerful as Aes Sedai are, I believe they would have trouble repulsing over 100,000+ men in urban warfare. Seems honor is a word lacking with the Aes Sedai. Makes one wonder if perhaps they shouldn't have deserved a brutal sacking of the Tower to teach them some humility and caution in their actions.
  14. I read a bit and ran across what appears to be a bit of a contradiction. Specifically about Amalasan and the war of the 2nd Dragon. He was captured by Aes Sedai and dragged to Tar Valon. Then it is mentioned that his followers managed to fight and shed blood in the inner courtyard of the White Tower itself in sight of him before being repulsed back and defeated. What I don't get about this is simply; This was arguably during the height of Tar Valon's power. Also what could possess normal soldiers to go on such a suicidal mission to assault the White Tower. So I can presume he mu
  15. What you are saying however is not universal. Let's take Amadicia for example. Any woman with the ability to channel is killed or chased away. Hell they even once killed an Amyrlin and hung her dead body on a hanger's podium. Also note how in Amadicia, Aes Sedai would usually cloak their face to avoid being identified. Or in Seanchan. One could argue a quick death (that a male channeler receives) is preferable to 350+ years of pet-like slavery. Also to take into account. Ever since Rand cleansed Saidin with Saidar, there have been several mentions that "Saidar is be
  16. Yes, I feel your pain. Those were terrible days. My theory is that Jason had an affinity for celebrating wild rave parties at his place, because of the partying the servers tended to get drowned with people's beers and occasional cigarette stubs being pushed out on them, sustaining damage as is prone to happen when you pour Lager onto a motherboard. Fortunately he seems to have calmed down now or encased the servers in pressure proof, liquid proof encasings. Anyway, welcome back.
  17. About rule 3. Which nations copyright laws are we to take into account? They don't all necessarily align with each other. Such as the US copyright laws bordering insanity compared to most of the world.
  18. Out of interest, how do we know that if the Wheel is destroyed all of creation is destroyed? To me it seems comparable to if the bucket is destroyed, the stones in it won't necessarily be destroyed. Ishamael seems to be a philosopher and theologian. So he must have noticed, especially with the hoards of information available to him, that history keeps repeating itself. The wheel always turns and turns. The same souls continue being reborn. Each age comes to pass, eventually repeating itself. Also we know the DO will destroy the Wheel, or has the power to do such. However I do
  19. Well I am not sure if he was insane yet when he decided to go to the Dark One. His books were too esoteric and complex for the majority,..not too far distant from reality and written by a madman. He was described as thinking it with all his logic and with every rational discourse when the Bore was found. Then he came to the conclusion that the DO needed to win. Perhaps something in his prophecies he interpreted or found from the past, after all he was a theologian and philosopher. He seemed pretty sane in all times except with Rand's duel with him. When he confronted a mad LTT in the pro
  20. In my opinion I have found Ishamael, alias Elan Morin Tedronai, to be the most interesting of the characters in the WoT series, even though we rarely see anything of him. However he interests me deeply. Since apparently it is him that will lead the forces of the Dark One. Elan Morin Tedronai was originally a philosopher and theologian during the Age of Legends. He was in the prime of maturity: good looking with fine cut clothes and dark, penetrating eyes and a commanding presence; his voice had the air of both reason and command. He was often too esoteric for popular appeal. He wrote many book
  21. And of what relevance is this? I am merely giving people a chance to change the layout ASAP, instead of waiting for weeks, or god knows how long DM bureacracy takes to get around to it. I believe the mods don't even have their modpowers yet.... But back to the point all I know is this layout makes my eyes bleed, so I changed it, and so I decided why not be a nice guy and share it with all others afflicted.
  22. You don't have to run away. Hope is not lost! As it happens there is a small firefox plug-in which allows you to change the sites CSS and designs to your personal flavor. It requires; a) Firefox to be installed b) a rudimentary grasp of CSS c) 5 minutes of your time to pick new colors, etc.. d) I didn't check. But if you google, you might get lucky and find a pre-done script which you really like which is acceptable for DM. Which makes it into a quick cut/paste action and nothing more. The add-on; https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2108
  23. What I wonder is how can Rand understand LTT then who speaks the old tongue (which was back then the normal tongue as I am aware)?
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