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  1. hi there. Don't worry about mistakes. English is the only language i know, and i can barely speak it. Plus, everyone here is really nice anyway. Welcome to Dragonmount!
  2. hi, i just wanted to say, my names Conor too (you spelled it the right way!!!) and i live in Ireland too!
  3. A gandalf like figure, who the Creator has sent to guide Rand and do battle with Shadiar Haran to even the odds. Of course dying in battle but killing the Super-Fade too.
  4. just a little, the fact that nynaeve was taken really burned my buscuits!!! although...Rational_Solutions is a cool name. not sure how far they'll get you on dragonmount though
  5. Welcome! Great to see someone who doesn't feel the need to use a character name! Only joking Eggy! :P
  6. I often try, as I'm sure most of you do, to get my friends to read Wheel of Time, and spread the joy that is Robert Jordan's fantasy series. Now, I'm sure they would love them if only they started reading them. Unfortunatly, the idea of reading a 12 book series doesn't really grasp their imagination right away. I'm wondering, if anyone has any ideas in how we could spread the Wheel of Time expieriance to our friends? thanks. (I apologise if this is in the wrong forum. I wasn't sure where to put it.)
  7. well there aren't really any parts of the book i actually don't like, but everytime I come to Elayne a begin to pray that she doesn't spend the chapter discussing her hormones, and blaming Rand! She could have drank the bloody tea!
  8. I can't decide between Lews Therin and Rand. They both have the coolest quotes, and are really important characters. Lews Therin has the whole crazy thing going for him, but Rand is such a strong character.
  9. I have a theory which i think might explain a few things. Please keep in mind, its just a theory. In the earlier books, we learn that one of the main beliefs of Randland is "The Dark One and all the Forsaken were all bound in Shayol Ghul, at the moment of creation, by the Creator." We now know that most of this is incorrect. The Forsaken weren't bound at the moment of creation, but in the Age of Legends, at the end of the War of Power. We know that the Creator didn't seal them, it was Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions. Knowing the majority of this "creed" is false, I personaly
  10. well, i have a thing for crazy characters, so its either Padan Fain, Moridin, Rand or Lews Therin. i'd say Lews Therin cause he gets the best lines. and has a bid ego.
  11. rereading the series recenty, i noticed two things that seem to contradict each other. we all know that when moiraine first meets Loial, they talk about the Breaking and how during it men who could channel took refudge in Ogier steddings. they emerged years later hoping the taint on Saidin was gone. Unfortunatly, it wasn't. Those men went crazy, prolonging the Breaking, and according to the Blues making sure the world wasn't destroyed completely and according to the Reds, making it longer and therefore, worse. now if that was it, it would be all well and good. but; in the books (i'm not su
  12. i believe it would very much depend on the child. i know kids of twelve that could enjoy Wot, and adults who wouldn't make heads or tails of it. i personally started reading fiction at 10. the hobbit at 10. LotR at 11, along with the silmarilion at 12. and WoT at 13. i'm forthteen now, and am rereading the books, and i think i'm picking up on alot i missed. it may be the difference in age (i know just one year, but it makes a difference when your a teenager) or just that you get more from reading them a second time. i personaly think 11 is a bit young, though as i said it depends on the child.
  13. well, considering tati was only born a few weeks before EotW was released it took me a while to get around to reading it. i was at school the year before last, in the library. i was rereading LotR for the third time, but my teacher forced me to get one anyway. trying to look smart i went to the biggest book i could find, which happened to be LoC. deciding it would be hard to convice my teacher that i was going to start the series half way thruogh i picked up EotW instead. i don't know about the american covers but on the european covers, there's a quote from a reviewer mentioning tolkien. i to
  14. well. that an Age of my life i'll never get back. not that i'm complaining. the scary thing is, the list of things there that did apply to me, is much bigger than the list of things that didn't. Such is the prise of loving WoT. and totally worth it of course.
  15. it just seems unfair to me. demandred is one of the few chosen we know alot about. we know he hated Lews Therin, and hated more for every honour Lews Therin gave him. we know he never smiles, but often has a kind of half smile. it is also hinted that he is one of the most powerful forsaken in the Power. i.e. Asmodean says, he did not think even semirhage or demandred could keep a gateway from closing. now lets look at Taim; it is often commented by Rand he has a half smile (i currently have 2 people searching the books for an instent where he actually smiles and still haven't found one).
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