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  1. I guess I would have to say that TPoD is the most underrated book in the series. I does drag for the first 300 or so pages but it you can get past there it actually picks up quite a bit. It certainly is not the best book in the series but its still a good read. Books 7 and 9 do get more love than the others in the 7-10 stent and with good reason. I have absolutely no problem with ACOS. I think it is a solid book and belongs in the same category as books 1-6. I think the problem with ACOS is just that the climax at Dumi's Wells is a hard act to follow. Also for me book seven was the point where the series itself began to seem extraordinary long. At the end of LOC when Rand made the AS kneel and had his own army of channelers I really thought the end was nigh. However, by the end of book seven it was apparent that there was still much more story to tell. Honestly upon finishing LOC I really thought that book seven or eight would be the final volume, but after reading book seven it was apparent that this would not be the case. I feel much the same way about Winters Heart. Not quite as good as ACOS but still a solid book. It does happen to fall between the two weakest books in the series and therefore I think it tends to get lumped in with them Unfortunately I really cannot defend COT it is truly subpar, and is essentially 700+ pages of nothing happening. Even RJ admited that COT was not up to snuff So to recap I would say that TPoD is the most underrated in the series. It has so slow parts, but the good parts are really good. ACOS is easily the best of the books in the 7-10 slump but I would not call it the most underrated as people do tend to give the most love of these four books, so it is at least recognized and being a cut above the other three. I will say that IMHO it should be lumped in with books 1-6. Winter's Heart is subpar when compared to books 1-7 but not so much as the fanbase would have you believe. I mean if you give books 1-6 an A then WH would get a B+. It a little below the standard but not devastatingly so. COT gets low ratings but it is not underrated because those low ratings are very much deserved. COT could have been condensed and included in the prologue to KOD.
  2. I think this is the most likely reason. RJ said that there was a hint to Asmo's killer in POD and in this volume we find that following Sameal's death in CoS Gren went to his stronghold to search for items of power. Given this is seems reasonable that she would do the same to Rhavin upon learning of his demise. Still it would be nice to have confirmation of this. And yes, answering the how and where questions would be great. I kinda suspect the where had something to do with the Waygate in Camylen, maybe a bit of foreshadowing was thrown in the mix.
  3. I'm not holding my breath on an actual Gren POV, but I do want more details on the incident, such as why Gren was there in the first place and how she killed Asmodean. In fact, I would greatly appreciate it if every detail on this incident included in the notes, or told to Harriet by RJ made its way into the Companion. I would also like complete character bios that, as much as possible, tell what happened them following the events of AMOL. I would also like to know Thom's full back story. I mean the series never even said where he was from originally.
  4. Very true, and this is comforting since for me the most important thing was that the story would end as RJ intended. Again quite true. Perhaps they intend to go into detail concerning Egwene's death in the encyclopedia and don't want to spoil anything.
  5. Certainly, I will always wonder how much of the final three books of WOT was truly Jordan's intention and how much had to be completely created by Sanderson. It is inevitable that certain answers will be forever lost due to Jordan's death. However, one thing that has always given me hope that the story did progress generally the way the Jordan intended is his infamous Fireside Chat. If you are unfamiliar with the Fireside Chat, this reveres to a party that the Rigney's has with their closest friends and family a few weeks before Jordan's death wherein RJ sat by the fire and told them the rest of the story. Now my understanding is that this telling was not very detailed and covered only the story arcs of the main characters, however, I do think that Jordan would have included his most current ideas for Rand's final confrontation with The Dark One. Thus, while many of Jordan's ideas for the story changed over the years his concept for the ending seems to have remained very much the same. Moreover, I would imagine that he would have mentioned the manner of Egwene's death given that she is one of the main characters. Also I think he would have revealed Demandred's identity. Frankly I never bought into the Roedran = Demandred theory. I mean the DO and Moridin often praised Demendred's efforts and taking control of Murandy just does not seem to warrant such high praise. Moreover, without the Sharan intervention in the last battle there was really no reason for Shara to even exist. So I remain confident that Egwene's death and Demandred's identity were as RJ intended. As to Demandred being a Blade Master I never for a moment doubted that he was one. Its is true that Demandred did show contempt for the primitive customs of the Third Age, however, we also know that there were Blade Masters in the AOL and, therefore, Demendred probably would not consider such a title be a primitive custom as it was prevalent in his own time. Moreover, Demandred was constantly out to one up LTT so if LTT had any skill with a sword them Demandred was sure to hone his swordsmanship as well.
  6. Just curious if there has been any word on when this will be published. I haven't heard anything in a while. Has anyone out there heard any news?
  7. Would you care to expand on this a bit? I'm not really sure what you are getting at. This page of notes does seem to convey the same basic idea contained in the ending to AMOL, that evil cannot be destroyed, that people cannot be forced to oppose evil (ie be good) but that the only way to keep evil in check is for people to freely choose to oppose it. If you are referring to Rand and the DO using the threads of the pattern to create alternate realities Sanderson freely admitted that that was his own interpretation of Jordan's notes on the ending.
  8. I think it was. Brandon was once asked about this and he gave the very Jordanesque answer, "You have to have the DO's permission to use the TP and Rand didn't have it." Seems to imply that it was, in fact, Rand's link with Moridin that allowed him to use the TP. However, one thing we have to remember is that the body swap was definitely Jordan's idea as it was in his ending. Rand using the TP may or may not have been Jordan as it very well could have been Sanderson's invention. Therefore, it is possible that Jordan was using the bond as a Chekhov's gun alluding to the the body swap despite Rand's use of the TP. We will not know for sure until Brandon reveals which parts were him and which were Jordan, if Harriet ever allows him to so do.
  9. Oh yeah, a Valan Luca book. That would be a top seller But truth be told a Shara book would be interesting. I'd kind of like to see a book/series about Demandred's rise to power in Shara. Particularly I'd like to know more about to prophecies of Boa the Wild and how Demandred manipulated them to convince the Sharans he was their savior.
  10. Given that he had Alivia prepare him clothes and other necessities for his escape I would say it had to be premeditated. I think the chain of events went something like this -Rand goes through the door in Tear and asks the Aelfin how he can defeat the DO and live. The Aelfin of course answer with some convoluted riddle. -Through a stroke of luck Rand encounters Moridin in Shadar Logoth the two have their balefire streams cross and a connection between the tow is established. -I can't remember when it happened exactly but I know at come point Rand figured out that Moridin was Ishaemal thus he knows that a soul can be transported from one body to another thus he starts to figure out the Aelfin's riddle. -Rand probably realized at some point that there was a connection between Moridin and himself and theorized that this link could be used to transfer his soul into Moridin's body. I'm sure Rand was not 100% sure that the body swap would work but he had Alivia make preparations in the event that it did.
  11. I would guess he knew it would happen because of something the Finns told him. Given that he had a post TG escape plan I would assume that he either made the body swap happen or at least helped in along.
  12. While I would have read and probably enjoyed all of RJ's additional WoT books the only one that really interested me is the prequel about Tam. Tam was always one of my favorite characters and I've always been curious about Karyie al'Thor's back story, in particular I'd like an explanation as to why the DO or Ishameal had her soul at the end of TEotW.
  13. I not sure about these calculations as there are a few things that you need to take into consideration: 1. KoD came out in 2005 2. Jordan's writing was slowed considerably due to his illness 3. RJ was bound and determined that the 12th book would be the final volume of WoT As the typical interval between books in the later half of the series was two years book 12 probably would have come out in early 2008 at the latest. It is uncertain whether RJ really could have told the rest of the story in just one book (I strongly suspect that TOR would have talked him out of it) but I think he would have gotten it done in no more than two books. Therefore, if a 13th book were necessary even making a conservative estimate the series would probably have been completed no later than 2011. If memory serves I believe RJ stated that IoH would have been about six books so giving him two years for each book were at 2023 when he finishes this series. So all things considered RJ would likely have been somewhere between his late 60's and mid 70s before he began to write the prequels and outriggers (assuming he stuck to his original plan). So yes, realistically we probably would not have gotten much more in the WoT world than the five planned books. However, the OP's question was not what additional stories might RJ have realistically written but rather what stories would you have liked to have read?
  14. Excuse me? Yeah, never mind that. Kind of misread something in your response the first time through. Just a misunderstanding, sorry about that Anyway, I'm not trying to start anything just curious as to what quote you were referring to.
  15. Not sure what you mean. The very quote you provided says the opposite as he is open to writing outside of the main sequence. Regardless there are a number along these lines: Yes, he does say that he's open to writing outside of the main sequence and I addressed this inaccuracy in my memory. However, he also states that he will not write any more stories about THESE CHARACTERS (i.e. the characters in the main sequence) but he might wright a story that takes place in THE NEXT AGE. Apparently he changed his mind because the prequels do not take place in "THE NEXT AGE" and the Outriggers would have involved "THESE CHARACTERS." The point is that at one point he clearly changed his mind about what additional stories he would wright in the WOT world. Therefore, we cannot assume that had he lived the prequels and Mat/Tuon is all he ever would have written in this world.
  16. That doesn't mean that's all we would have gotten. There was a time when RJ said that he intended to write nothing in the WOT world outside of the main sequence but later changed his mind and decided he would do three prequels and a series about Mat and Tuon. So it possible that had he lived he might have decided to write more stories within this world. I would be interested see the quotes where RJ ruled out anything aside from the main sequence. The earliest one I could find is back in 94 and it says the opposite of what you claim. Regardless his next work was to be Infinity of Heaven which was outside of the WoT. We also have quite definitive answers on there not being a chance of him writing anything from the AoL etc. There are a number of strongly worded answers to along those lines so it seems highly unlikely. I must admit that most of what I write on these forums these days is from memory. I used to do alot of WOT research reading interviews with RJ, Q&A sessions at book signings and the like, but as time is a luxury that I no longer have in abundance I am rarely able to peruse such things anymore. Below is a link to the interview I was thinking of http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Source:Stories_from_RJ%27s_LOC_signing_tour,_Fall_1994 It is from a q&a session during the LOC tour in 1994. The specific quote I was remembering is the following: "Robert Jordan won't ever write about these characters again once the series is complete. He may write a series based on the NEXT age though..." (signing attendee: Daniel L. Rouk, dlr@uncecs.edu) Admittedly it is not exactly as I remembered. In this quote RJ does not rule out ever writing in this world again but he does state that he will write no more stories about the characters in the main sequence and seems to imply that he will write no more stories that take place in the Third Age. None the less, the fact remains that he did at some point change his mind as the Prequels and Outriggers would have taken place in the Third Age and would have involved characters from the main sequence eg Mat, Tuon, Perrin, Tam, Moiraine, and Lan. As one good turn deserves another I would now be interested to see the quote where he states the opposite. As an aside I am glad that he decided never to write about the AoL as we already know how that turned out. It would have taken all the suspense out of it.
  17. That doesn't mean that's all we would have gotten. There was a time when RJ said that he intended to write nothing in the WOT world outside of the main sequence but later changed his mind and decided he would do three prequels and a series about Mat and Tuon. So it possible that had he lived he might have decided to write more stories within this world. That being said I would really like to have seen some short stories or novellas that take place during the time frame of the main sequence but are told from the point of view of some of the more misunderstood characters in the series, particularly Couladin and Dain Bornhold. The thing that I find so interesting about these characters is that they are not darkfriends and yet they still found themselves at odds with major players among the forces of the light. I could see Couladin's story playing out like a Shakespearian tragedy, the tale of a good man whose fatal flaw, his ethnocentrism, prevents him from accepting an outsider as the Car'a'carn and ultimately leads to his downfall. What would really make these stories interesting is that the villains would be Rand and Perrin respectively. It would be fascinating to see them recast in these roles.
  18. That is a bit of a stereotype to say that old people do not like learning new things. I know some people in their 50-70s who are quite tech savvy. That being said I think the reason a lot of older people dislike learning new things is because that lack the energy they had when they were young. So if I could have eternal life as say an 18 year old then sign me up right away. If it is eternal life as a 91 year old then no thanks.
  19. My favorite character is and has always been Perrin. I know this is not a popular choice but he was the one that I most identified with when I began reading the series. I could relate to the way he longed for the simple life and I liked that he returned to his home town when they needed help. I also loved the way that he always had Rand's back. Even when he went astray and annoyed the piss out of everyone (myself included) I never gave up on him. My other favorite characters are Nyneave and Thom. I always admired the way Nyn would stop and nothing to protect the people she cared about even if she could be a bit overbearing in doing so. Thom was just a cool cat with a lot of style and an interesting back story. I like the way he tended to take the young ones under his wing. The one's that make me laugh are Mat and Talmanes. Loved them both individually and for there interactions with one another. I wasn't a fan of Mat early in the series but starting with TDR he quickly became one of my favorites. Suian also made me laugh out loud every time she said "Fish guts!" Most respected: Moiraine and Suian because they took it upon themselves to make sure TDR was prepared for the last battle. Logain because he overcame so much adversity and rose to a position of honor. Lan because, well just everything about Lan demanded respect. Daveram for basically acting as life coach to Rand. He was a loyal follower of TDR but at the same time was not afraid to speak his mind. Tam because he is solid, reliable and wise. Much like Lan everything about him just demands respect. Verin because she sacrificed everything for the cause of the light and found away to use her oath to the Shadow against them.
  20. No. Tequila is made from the agave plant. Oosquai is made from corn (zemai= anagram for maize). I imagine it's something closer to corn whiskey, or moonshine. i always thought it was made from cactus juice for some reason. i'm sure something is made of cactus So did I. I Always thought that Oosquai was Mezcal, those mexican spirits made of agave (but not exacly Tequila)... Mezcal is more rustic, with an artesanal process, and poorly destilated. ^^ Some bottles come with a dead vermin inside... that just seen so Aiel to me!!!! The mentioned that Oosaqual was made from corn so I just assumed that it was moonshine.
  21. I'd tend to go with the the death at Rhudean. When he was killed by Rhavin he came back because Rhavin was balefired. This undid Rhavin's actions so it was like Mat was never killed at this time and therefore would never have been detached from the Horn.
  22. There were hints, but it went from a mutual admiration that could have developed into something more to love, marriage and bonding with no in between. i agree with this. Nynaeve and Lan declaring their undying love for each other at the end of tEotW was a pretty big leap from their interactions together - and I would say there were a few more hints for them than there were for Moiraine and Thom - and they at least interacted a little more 'on page' before getting married and bonded. Thom and Moiraine hardly ever spoke to each other. Yes, they may have admired/liked each other, but they didn't really have a relationship at all, spending hardly any time together. They seem to have decided to get married and bonded after being separated for years solely based on Moiraine's trips through the rings which said it would happen (iirc). That is true. I guess RJ believed in love at first sight LOL
  23. This hints have been there through the entire series so I was not one bit surprised when this happened. I'm not saying that the hints were obvious but for some reason I picked up on them pretty easily (wish I could have done the same with Asmo's killer lol).
  24. Considering what all of Jordan's other characters were based on I think the best way to find the answer would be to find some mythical figure that resembles Nakomi in some way. I think RJ once said that the Aiel were based on the Irish, Native Americans and the Zulu so maybe she's based on something from one of these cultures.
  25. I notice that every time we do this the order of my list varies slightly but I can say with confidence that for me TSR - LoC was the best part of the series followed by: EtoW - TDR then: KoD - AMoL and CoS and finally PoD - CoT is the worst part of the series (though there were still some great moments here)
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