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Sweet WoT Art


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I'm not sure if anyone has seen this guy's work, but it is the best WoT artwork that I've seen outside of the cover art.


He's done a lot of the characters and I thought I'd pass this along.  Not everything is WoT related but a lot of it is.  Just scroll down the page and give it a look.  Good stuff.




If you know of any other good WoT art post a link on this thread.  Thanks.

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I like it.  I'm not sure why all his women have ENORMOUS hips, but otherwise, very nice.  The Lan is very stark... and I like the attention to detail on the clothing, like Sammael's bees and Elayne's Lions.  However, that's not at ALL how I picture Morgase!


I think the Loial pic is my favorite.

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So I don't know why he hasn't posted it in the Gallery, but on his website you can find a really awesome pic of Logain.

probably because he just posted it yesterday.


I came across his art here back in August and have been keeping up with it.  Personally I think it's all great... I think it's the first Faile that's actually tried to make somebody who is beautiful, but mostly beautiful to somebody who loves her, which actually IS how I've always pictured her (with the constant mention of her nose)


I like most of his stuff, too... my biggest complaint is actually with Perrin, I want him to have a BATTLE axe, not a woodsman's axe.

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this is going to be a matter of perception. I am an artist, and I draw my figures well muscled /endowed too but, not that big. :p

Gaidal Cane is the only one who doesn't really look natural to me.  Everybody else looks fine from what I can tell.

I actually know a guy who is build pretty much like that image of Perrin.

Uno looks built like a marine, which would seem to fit, and Rahvin and Sammael look like they're carrying 'old muscle' (middle aged men who have used their muscles their entire lives)... I don't know... they don't look 'photo real' by any means, but they don't look unrealistic.  Maybe it's from growing up more around farmers and ranchers than football players and weight-lifters, but he seems to have a good grasp of what people who work with their hands and their backs are built like.

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