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  1. So ive been reading back thrue the series looking at the prophisies, and this hit me. There was some talk about rand having to use callandor to beat the dark one, most notably the "he shall hold a blade of light in his hands and the three shall be one". Now i think that dose need callandor, thats the blade of light, but i think the three that shall be one is refering to the three powers. In tgs at one point lt tells rand the resone that the seals dident work was because he had to tutch the dark one, alowing the do to taint it. What if he touched the do with the true power insted, and used
  2. 'Fraid I'll have to go Lotr geek on you iron. Not quite hundreds ok got me on that one, hey its been almost a year since ive read it. WOT getting to dang long
  3. drizet is way overrated. im surprised no one has mentioned beowolf. what about aragorn and borimir. remember borimir dies surounded by hundreds of fallen orcs. and then if we want to go way back what about achilles. and dont forget blade
  4. not relly somthing i would where in public. too bad.
  5. i think that while there is not a direct pysical link between someone and the power, that there is somthing there, hence why nyneeve is able to heal it.
  6. i have read the whole set at least 8 times, and parts of it more offten then that. i try to re read it at least every two years
  7. tolkien, battle of helms deep is one of my all time favorite battle scenes of all time. duglas reeman. probly not well knowen, he is one of the best wwii fiction writers, i particularly liked the iron pirat, strike from the sea and a ship must die. if you like wwii fiction then try him out. james finmore cooper. ok hes relly old so not many people probly remember him, but hes the guy that wrote last of the mohicans, the pathfinder, and others. it has some relly good action scenes. i hate salvator, all he dose is action with little carecter development. that said he dose d
  8. mario - i mean common now matter how many times he saves the princess she just get kidnaped again cap kirk - pretty much everyone he loves dies. several wemon, his son, even though he gets him back his best friend. ender wiggin - talk about the waight of the world on your sholders luke skywalker - he has to kill his own dad and the girl he loves turns out to be his sister sczth - an assasin who hates to kill, but has no choice, thats got to suck why do people always pick rand, i mean yea he has a lot of problems, and may verry well die in the end, but in the meantime h
  9. You wont regret it. Obviously the books has the traditionally awesome Mistborn action sequences, but mixed into that is Steampunk/Wild West technology, great dialogue and a really engaging story and characters. I think I enjoyed Alloy of Law even more than the original trilogy to be honest. what he said
  10. an autistice 4 yo who cant stay out of truble and 6 mo old boy girl twins
  11. i havent read elantris yet, but i did read way of kings and warbreaker. thought warbreaker was ok but not that great, cant wait for the next way of kings book though. i relly liked mistborn, espetialy as he is doing a modern set of stories based on it as well. the stand alone middle book between the first trilogy and the new one he is going to be doing was awsome. set in the old west (not relly, but if it was anytime on earth that would be it)
  12. what would be so bad about a tw game set in the time period of the civil war? there were many other things going on in this time as well, the french conquest of mexico comes to mind right off the top of my head, and a short time later the franco prussian war. taking the kind of timeline that we offten seem to get in these it could even encompass the bor war and maby even ww1. would be relly intrested on how they would handle tanks.
  13. mine is perrin. i love how he is able to speek (and sort of become) with wolves. most people dont know it but a wolf on a coat of arms means that while you may take a beatting you will win in the end. thats something i see in perrin. someone who can take a beatting and yet still come out on top.
  14. i dont think rj would have played up the whole courtship between them (over 3 books) just to thro it away without it having done something important.
  15. you are the awsomest. let us know if you need anything ells.
  16. have you tried down loading the latest update from the company that makes it? a lot of times that will fix the problem.
  17. i just have absolutly no idea what you are talking about, but thats nothing new, its the same way with my wife ;)
  18. is compleatly and uterly confused.... oh wait talking to a woman. nevermind
  19. ironcross

    I believe

    i belive that life sucks and then you die
  20. ironcross


    i have a cat, three tiger salamanders, and a tank full of tropicals this is my cat and my 4 month old son. can you guess which is which?
  21. i would have to say 1. spaceballs 2. robinhood men in tights 3. the gods must be crazy <if you havent seen it you need to> 4. any old john wayn movie made befor he was a big star
  22. just wondering how its comming, is there anything that you need help with or anything?
  23. you should try asking this on the sceanchen board, thats where the electronic entertainment area is here, and there are a lot of 360 plyers on there
  24. up till i got my new pc i thought those mac pc commercials were just funny, now as a vista user i can honestly say, microsoft has ROLALY SCREWED UP!!!! >:( i hate vista. some of my old games run just fine,,, except that the color is all screwed up, oh and i love the "are you the one who wants to do this" things it pops up when i try to install something. if it is possible i would follow caddys advice, wipe it and put XP back on it
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