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  1. Hey cosmic, we were in a game together. Tried to say hi but i dont think you saw me. We wafflestomped them, was a good game.
  2. I wouldent compare it to hunger games. For one thing, it was good.
  3. Robin williams dead of aperent suiside
  4. My ingame name is ironcross_tx. Ill look you up
  5. Was just wondering if any of you play either of these games any if you do what your ingame name is. Maby we can play together sometime
  6. Thought it was ok. Reminded me too much of hunger games.
  7. Funny was just listening to a guy on the radio talking about how in the 60s they were doing tests on fraking using small nukes. Worked really well except that it vaporised the oil as well.
  8. All i can say is that the excuses that i have seen are so similar to what Hitler said right befor anexing Austrea, checleslovakia, the sudatenland, and poland. That there were ethnic germans being repressed that wanted german protection. Look how that ended up
  9. 1. Whats the diferance from copying a movie/song off say youtube or tv/the radio? I remember making mix tapes off the radio and no one including the corts ever had a problem with it. 2. I agree that if they lowerd costs they would see much less piracy. I mean starceaft is $60a bucks, windows basic is over $100. If they droped the price more people could aford it. I did buy my copies of both if those by the way 3. A lot of fame companies have come up with more workable solutions them the music industry's complaining. World of tanks and war thunder
  10. Maby we should just let the brits take it all back over. I mean yeah they treated many of thier subject peoples as less civilised then themselfs, but the argument could be made that said peoples have proved them right. The side efect of empier is stability.
  11. Here In texas they passed a law specificaly making ut leagle to tape any police officer at any time as long as you are not pyisicaly impedeing him from doing his job. The reason for this is because so many people were getting arested for taping from thier cars or yards.
  12. i think it should be left up to the states, otherwise it will become like the abortion isue, make it more of an issue rather then less.
  13. ahaha! "come at me bro!" That sh** just funny right there. this ^^^
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