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  1. So ive been reading back thrue the series looking at the prophisies, and this hit me. There was some talk about rand having to use callandor to beat the dark one, most notably the "he shall hold a blade of light in his hands and the three shall be one". Now i think that dose need callandor, thats the blade of light, but i think the three that shall be one is refering to the three powers. In tgs at one point lt tells rand the resone that the seals dident work was because he had to tutch the dark one, alowing the do to taint it. What if he touched the do with the true power insted, and used callandor, and thus the other two powers to do the sealing? I guess ill find out soon, but i wanted to see what others think.
  2. not relly somthing i would where in public. too bad.
  3. i think that while there is not a direct pysical link between someone and the power, that there is somthing there, hence why nyneeve is able to heal it.
  4. i have read the whole set at least 8 times, and parts of it more offten then that. i try to re read it at least every two years
  5. mine is perrin. i love how he is able to speek (and sort of become) with wolves. most people dont know it but a wolf on a coat of arms means that while you may take a beatting you will win in the end. thats something i see in perrin. someone who can take a beatting and yet still come out on top.
  6. i dont think rj would have played up the whole courtship between them (over 3 books) just to thro it away without it having done something important.
  7. to those of you who thought i was complainning about you im sorry. i dont even remeber who it was that was rude to me. i was just telling him not to take it badly if the same person was rude to him. i wasent meanning everyone here was rude by anymeans.
  8. it was the butler in the kitchen with the knife
  9. dont feel to bad, i asked this same question a cuple of weeks ago because some people dont live in this blog and dont read every word that RJ has ever said anywhere, and yet those who have no jobs or lives decided to rip me up one side and down the other as if my simple honest question was not only a waste of thier time but an insult to thier intelegence. so at least the people who answerd you here where nice about it. but your not the only one to think of it as a possibility. in fact i kinda wish he was, would be kinda cool.
  10. as far as the forsaken go thier biggest failing is thier pride, thier second is greed, put them together and you get failier no matter how smart or ingenious a person is. hitler was a genios in many ways, whatever ells he was (im using him as probly one of the closest real world exaples to one of the forsaken that history can provide) after taking poland and france out in a matter of weeks each, he thought he could take on the whole world and win. his pride said that his armies where invincible, and his greed said that he should have the whole world. in the end his pride killed a gereration of germans and deastroyed most of europe. if the forsaken would unite and put thier petty squabling aside. if they would ralise that these untrained children are more then capable of takeing them out, and that thier only chance is to fight together, then they wouldent seem such nimrods. i think they kinda are stuck in a world they no longer know. they think it is just uncivilised, but in reality there may be less in the way of luxtiuries but it is still a civilised world. there are roads, books, laws, ect, and if men dont killeach other with guns anymore they at least rely on honor and glory to motivate (when they are good guys and arent doing it out of greed). think if you whent to sleep tonight and when you woke up you where in mideval eourope. i know i would be a bit disorented. to have the knowlege of the 21st century would make me think i could rule the world, but in reality i would have a hard time just serviving. so all in all i think the forsaken are doing a pretty good job of things, as long as they arent trying to fight.
  11. You just blew my mind!!! Think about it, that's what Balefire does ... burns the thread out of EVERY world! So when Forsaken xxx was balefired, he poofed at the same time in every other world he existed in. Imagine that ... someone is having a nice morning breakfast, pouring themselves tea to go with the crumpets, and then BA BAM! They disappear! Because in the alternate 'real' world Rand got a little kooky that morning. conversly couldent one of the forsaken in an alternate world do the same to rand?
  12. if you read the fine print, the army of aiel that followed rand wasent anywere near their full streingth. i think it was raurc told him that they would leave enuph behind to gaurd against any attack, so maby only 2 of three or maby 3 of 5 followed rand to the wet lands. if thats the case and you also fuiger that it was mostly only the wariors but anyone left behind excep gishan would fight, then there is still a considrible force laft in the waste. not nessisarly enuff to stop a trolloc army, but enuff to slow them down, and probly get word out where they were going befor they got there at least. i do agree that the waste is probly best area to sneek in from. heres another idea though and it probly has been thought of befor but my tactical mind has been considering it for some time. sun su (sp) stated that to acheave victory it is best to hit the enemy where he is wekest, with as much force as you can bring to bere. kind like how the gremans broke thrue the adans forest in early WWII. i think all these gathering armies anre the forces of light gathering in one place where the good asha men can transport them to wherever it is that rand has decided to fight the trolloc armies, all at once. concentrating your forces is best as an offencive plan, not defencive. offencivly they give more of a punch. defencivly they are more suceptible to flanking moves, getting cut off from thier supplies, ect. like what happend to the germans at stalingrad. an entire army got surounded. it had great offencive power but once it was concentrated and surounded it was only a matter of time for the russians to cut them to pices.
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