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  1. Henrik Lehtinen was just a fan artist, like myself. He had, maybe, about 7 images.
  2. Congratulations Jason. Your hard work and perseverance finally paid off.
  3. I am just logging in to say "About damn time :D".
  4. Oh for pete's sake! I go to the bathroom to get cleaned up and put my pants back on after a few hours of fun and my mattress is gone, along with the two that were on it previously.
  5. Weapon: JEERV/MRAP Song: Bodies Famous Person: Bruce Campbell
  6. Because women like to see half-naked men beat on each other with sticks. I thought that was apparent? :P
  7. I did. It was a sword competition that I won. No shirts allowed, in the snow. The peltings I gave other people showed up nicely on their torsos. :D
  8. Oh no, I didn't get that impression at all. I just wanted to let people know that his style should be judged for what it is, not how real it looks :)
  9. Why, back in my day, Comedy Central actually HAD comedians all day long. It was like the MTV of old where all they had were videos of comedians doing stand-up. sigh
  10. I am fine, thank you. ;D Was just cruising by and checking things out.
  11. His work is very artistic, with liberties taken towards stylized interpretation. I am definitely an admirer of his work.
  12. Today is their third wedding anniversary! I am very proud of you two :)
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