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  1. Not to be picky but, it's Gaebril, not Gabriel.
  2. I really don't see Rand giving Callandor to Logain. Callandor is Narishma's unless Rand takes it back for himself but I doubt it since he has the CK. As for the BT, I see Taim making it all the way to the TG before he gets killed. He will probably be killed by Logain and I think that's where he will get his glory, but not until the end of TG.
  3. Where can I download these at? As for copies owned, just a paper back, but I intend to get the hard backs.
  4. I picked up some of the Ender's series by Orson Scott Card. The first book, Ender's Game, short and simplistic but its sequels Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide. I haven't started into the Ender's Shadow part of it yet, I decided I needed another re-read of WOT.
  5. I always imagined that table to be a little longer.
  6. Not really flawed if you think in terms of the Conservation of Energy Theory. If you look at the Star Wars universe you can use the energy of the force and never use it up. But back to what I was saying about conservation. If you think about water for instance, there is never new water being made, but we always have it. You water your lawn. the water is used and returned to the water table. Any that was used by the plants will be expelled as waste and evaporate forming a continuous cycle. So with the OP, perhaps when you release the source any power you were holding is returned to the "reservoir" and what ever weave you created will return to it when it dissipates. That's my thoery on it.
  7. 10 points! You mentioned it before I could. ;D
  8. TurboZ


    I believe somewhere in the books though, Graendal or Semirhage mentions how easy it was to pick up on the primitive tongue of this era. Besides weren't the Chosen extremely bright even in their own day? Picking up a new language shouldn't be too difficult.
  9. I don't see why that was so hard to get straight. Although it does sound like a bad episode of Days of Our Lives or some other hoaky soap opera.
  10. I would say that once balefired, that is it. You're f@#$%d. You ain't coming back.
  11. Didn't Mat leave ALL of his knives before he went to Rhuidean? I thought the Wise Ones said that he had to go totally unarmed.
  12. A friend of mine had long been interested in the books. he passed it off to other friends and I didn't think much of it. Awhile after KOD came out he finally just threw EoTW at me. It took me close to six months to read it. Mainly because I only had like half an hour a day to read. When I was finished I picked up the rest of the books and am now on a second read-through.
  13. Isn't the core of our planet mostly nickel with the inner core being solid and the outer core being molten? I was sure that was what caused our magnetic field.
  14. I do belive Lan would layeth the smacketh down on all the others
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