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  1. I've never liked the shallow, laser-etched look of the heron on this blade. I've forever been holding out for a more solid-looking version. I know it's unlikely as there's not movie or TV show with dozens of costume and armor designers on the task, but I'd still like something that looks a little bit more like the image could be made to hold-out for a few centuries of hard use.
  2. The magic system is significantly different from one that involves weaving, so no worries there. I'm not worried about the style so much... if anybody every said my writings style echoed Robert Jordan's I would hardly see that as a reason to defend myself. A friend of mine called himself a "wool head" the other day, thinking it was in common use, and it got me to wondering if I commonly use any words or phrases like it.
  3. I started writing a book a few months ago, and as I read back on my first draft I'm a bit worried about some of my phrasing. I've read Wheel of Time so many times and with so much frequency (6 times in 7 years) that I fear my brain might not be able to recognize fiction from reality. Specifically, what are some seemingly innocuous phrases that were spawned in Robert Jordan's head. I'm particularly concerned right now about "bite off an oath". It doesn't show up in any of the other 200 books on my Kindle, but 6 times in WoT. Is it strictly a WoTism? Can you think of others that might not be commonly thought of as out-of-the-ordinary but are almost certainly RJ originals?
  4. I certainly favor giving props to Seamas & Saliba, but are they still eligible for a "fan art" award since they have both lent their skills to official WoT publications?
  5. As my favorite character and the one who has struggled from chronic lameness throughout much of the series I've been pleased to see two of aperrin's biggest moments depicted so beautifully in these e-covers. Is there a planned release date for New Spring?
  6. Here is the nostalgic version of the collection: And here's the version that I actually read:
  7. I should mention there was also a Tower Guard video if anyone is interested in seeing it from a whole different, exciting angle. If nothing else they're at least a good way to skip to the evil laugh.
  8. Also, some interesting tid-bits from the evening are spread throughout the descriptions of the pics if any are interested in that.
  9. The album for pictures for the Dallas signing are up on the gallery. Hope you like 'em. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/gallery/album/2204/44-dallas-towers-of-midnight-signing/
  10. Tower Guard Images from the Dallas signing. These are the highest resolution images I could download, so if you're in any of these pictures and want one I'll make higher resolution images available on an outside site once they are posted on the main DM page.
  11. Yeah, I certainly wasn't trying to divert attention away from the source, I just didn't figure I needed to re-link to it since it's in the first post :)
  12. I enjoyed it on a certain level... we've been without a Hercules/Xena for so long that something had to fill the void. I was surprised that the special effects have not improved AT ALL... it seems that at this point you can have a fairly low-budget production that still has a handful of really great looking effects. I was also disappointed in the overall design of the gar... I always envisioned them as having a body-type similar to the old Venom of late-90s Spiderman comics... with sort of the beefy squarish muscles and head HERE'S A GOOD VERSION OF WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT Obviously not a total knock-off or anything, but I've always seen that sort of zero-body-fat sort of muscular body, not really the weird lizardy/Gollumy sort of thing from the show.
  13. For anyone who likes the Seamas art, I've made a wallpaper for myself if you'd like to use it... wallpaper I tried to arrange them in some way that made sense to me... though there are too many characters to really do that with everyone :)
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