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  1. Even in the modern world, the "age of consent" as it's called is 16 in many places, and people can get married at that age, though sometimes parent/guardian's permission is required. 18 is common, but is certainly not universal.
  2. It sounds more like she was instructing Moiraine and Siuan to lie, as in "[You will tell them] Gitara died without speaking", which works perfectly fine until such time as they take the Three Oaths upon being raised.
  3. Hey, Rob! Jon'atha / Da Masta here. Though, not so much "still here" as "here again", like a number of others. *laugh* I glanced at your MySpace. You still look like you, just a bit older than the ancient old pic of you I remember. *laugh* [NB: Yes, Raeyn, I know "ancient old" was a redundancy, but it seemed somehow literally appropriate... and, yes, I used "literally" in reference to literature, as opposed to the more common use referring to nonfigurativity, which has a 47% chance of being a real word.]
  4. Yeah, Hopper's flying was a really good part, though Ingtar's attempt to atone for past mistakes didn't affect me as much. One of the most emotional points for me in the books is later on when Nynaeve manages a miraculous Healing (I won't spoil it here!). I teared up for the healed party in that one. It was just so awesome and moving, and it helped to right a devastating wrong.
  5. According to some circles, the end of the world comes in 2012. You might be on to something there, Kath! ;D
  6. Well, there's a difference between allowing someone the opportunity to misinterpret what one says (Aes Sedai bread and butter) and knowing they'll interpret a lie as truth ("The sky is red... [mumbling 'in some places at sunset']").
  7. I faintly remember reading about an Aes Sedai learning that they couldn't say anything that they knew would cause the other person to interpret a lie as the truth. This seems to me to preclude the possibility of speaking a lie aloud while mumbling something to oneself to turn it into a truth. If the Aes Sedai knew the words spoken aloud were a lie and that the other person would hear only those words and interpret them as truth, they wouldn't be able to do it.
  8. Right. Because of the cyclical nature of the Wheel of Time universe, the Dark One's prison will unequivocally be restored good as new, for the next Age of Legends to come by and drill into again. Unless the Dragon ends up somehow breaking the cycle a la Neo and the Matrix, but then it wouldn't be the Wheel of Time universe anymore, would it?
  9. Yeah, I'd not have facilitated the tangent if it weren't a spammy-looking thread to begin with. ;D It couldn't have been the tomb of Marka Ragnos, that was the final level (and the final boss). I did enjoy the reference to Marka Ragnos in KotOR II, though they were apparently two completely different and unrelated tombs (the KotOR version being more of a shrine). Hmm... after going ahead and looking it up, it's possible they never told us exactly whose tomb it was in the cavern level. [ Link ]
  10. Ahh, the dark cavern level (whose tomb was it again?) was probably my full-on favorite of the game. Missiles returning-to-sender, Dark Force users falling into darkness, slow-mo slashes and jabs. Good times.
  11. Holding cell... man, that was a fun level in Jedi Academy. Easy boss fight, though, aside from the odd lucky shot he'd get off from time to time.
  12. Yeah, I sort of assumed weapons with unlimited ammunition weren't an option. ;D
  13. 1) One weapon Lightsaber (Real life? Okay, katana. And I'd better be a quick study.) 2) One song Ugh, too many. First thought: Bonnie Tyler, 3) One companion Too many! Okay, first thought: Natalie Portman, and I hope she's got a working Padme blaster pistol. *laugh* Hmm... I think my recent Sci-Fi gaming must be putting Star Wars in my head.
  14. Like many, I have spent some time puzzling the symbology of the Wheel of Time out. I haven't finished perfecting my understanding by any means, but this is the gist of where I am so far. We know that the two halves of the One Power flow from the True Source, which turns the Wheel of Time, which spins out the Pattern, of which the characters are all threads. This is where my thoughts and imaginations begin. Think about the words used to describe the things. The Power "flows" from the Source, which "turns" the "Wheel" of Time, which "spins" the Pattern made up of the "threads" of the characters. The use of these specific words is the key to my understanding. I see the True Source as a constantly flowing river, the beginning and end of which are entirely unknown and open to conjecture and figuring out. I see the Wheel of Time as a seven-spoked waterwheel [ Image ], spun by the constant flow of the True Source. In our world, waterwheels generally power mills, which grind corn, wheat, and so forth into usable meal and powder. However, they have also been used in the past for powering wool mills, in which the waterwheel powers looms that are used to weave rugs, carpets, and so forth. [ Link ] You can see where I'm going with this, I think. Based on the terminology used in the books, the Wheel of Time, instead of grinding meal and instead of powering a loom, being turned by the True Source acts as a loom itself, spinning out the Pattern of "reality" using the souls of its inhabitants as the threads. Now, where the soul threads come from is another unaddressed mystery, but I can see them in my mind's eye being spun through the Wheel's center as it spins, and being laid out into a fine tapestry, each thread, glowing a different color, lightly tugging and being tugged by the threads around it. Obviously, it's an unfinished and unpolished bit of hypothesis and imagination, but that's where I am on the subject so far. Channelers, then, to get back to the original subject, are a special kind of thread being spun into the Pattern that are able to harness the One Power in order to redirect the constant flow of the True Source, slightly altering the movement of the Wheel and thus slightly altering the weaving of the threads of the Pattern, altering the "fabric of reality" (you like that?).
  15. The only books I didn't see available on Amazon at regular prices were the two mentioned here, Path of Daggers and Winter's Heart. The other 10 books (including New Spring) all showed up as "In Stock" in unabridged audio CD format, though as of today the Shadow Rising page says "Only 5 left in stock--order soon (more on the way)." Lord of Chaos - "In Stock": http://www.amazon.com/Lord-Chaos-Book-Wheel-Time/dp/1593976836/ If you're having trouble finding the unabridged audio CD form of a book, the easiest way to find it is to just find and open the default page for a particular book (paperback, hardback, etc.) and look for the box that lists other formats. Click the link that says "See all editions and formats", and it'll list the audio CD entries. Some books have multiple audiobook formats (abridged, unabridged, cassette, cd, etc.), but it wasn't difficult to pick out and check the status of the unabridged audio CD format for each book.
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