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  1. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/77966-the-55-chapter-titles-of-a-memory-of-light/
  2. I think he actually said in his blogpost that it would not be a chapter from AMoL but would rather be a section of RJ's notes. http://brandonsanderson.com/blog/1032/New-Wheel-of-Time-Great-Hunt
  3. I'm not sure that your "last seen" on Mat is correct as of the end of TGS. Not %100 but you might check into it.
  4. I've said it before, and it's time to say it again. Mattin Stepeneos is in the White Tower so that Verin can give him the Horn and have him bring it back to Illian. Moraine said herself that the illianers would probably follow the DO himself if he showed up in Illian with the Horn of Valere, and since its been hinted/prophesized that it will show up there since before it even came onscreen I think that its entirely possible that Verin unearthed it and sent it on its way before her death. It could be that I'm wrong about Verin shipping it out with him, but the other person who know where i
  5. My thoughts from re-reading the Prolouge. I wonder if the partially formed figures of men from the Two Rivers is reflecting a subconscious need for Perrin to finsihforming the Two Rivers into something. What that is I'm not sure, but it could indicate that he's in the process of turning his followers into an army, or even a new nation,.... I wonder if the fact that Graendal's Captain of the Gurad being a Saldean Cousin to the queen is an indication that Graendal's been playing around in Saldea. Grandal's most secure hiding place is somewhere far to the west of Arad Doman, Seanchan
  6. I can echo the points about the "Mat" voice, but I'll also throw in that I feel that BS is starting to zero in on it a little. The idea that Mat would be calling himself "Lord" anything let alone Lord Crimson," seemed particularly jarring. however the internal justifications for looking at the ladies seemed textbook Mat even if the amount of oogling seemed like the point was being over emphasized. I am thinking that the apparent time line inconsistencies can be explained in part by a weakness in the pattern, and the inconstant nature of rumors. The rumors about Aes Sedai babies seem
  7. On the subject of why Elayne seems to be ignoring Mat,... There is still the fact that Duhara was sent to Camelyn for presumably some nefarious purpose. I am personally inclined towards the idea that Graendal's orders to break Rand would have focused on Elayne, (perhaps using Duhara as a part of this plan, perhaps not,) and since Elayne seems overconfident about her survival in light of the prophesized birth of her babies, I think it would be particularly fitting if instead of being in physical danger, she is instead in mental danger from compulsion from Graendal. Of course having her br
  8. I'm also thinking that "Use a Pebble," might be a Avhienda Chapter. The first thing that I thought of when I heard that was Mat and Rand sucking on pebbles for moisture on their way down to Rhuidean. It might be a refelction by Avhienda about how long she's been gone from the 3 fold land and how soft she feels that she's become.
  9. I have mixed feelings about that. I would like to see it, but I am not sure I want to travel that far back into TGS, or possibly even KoD. I'm thinking that it could be her between the Mat Visit and the Egwene visit. My mental image is of her delivering letters hither and yon and stopping for a minute to reflect on how it had taken her an entire bottle of ink to leave her little seeds of Verin dotted throughout Randland. Maybe its sudden onset Verin Nostalgia, but Verin tops my list of favorite characters because of her (until recently) mysterious side, and I would absolutely love any an
  10. A thought just struck me. What if the "Empty Ink Bottle," Chapter is a Verin POV after she's done writing her sack full of letters,....?
  11. 1. Verin, again hands down, no contest. She was one of my favorite characters before that chapter, and will remain there without a doubt. I was also saddened by the death of a favorite character, but I also have to admit that it was kinda cool for one of the good guys to actually die, not to mention a couple of forsaken taken out for permanent. Verin's death kind of ups the stakes for the series. 2. Has anyone considered that Mat isn't acting like Mat at least in part due to the fact that he just got married and is worried about his wife? I agree that he seems off, but I'm not ready
  12. That's one for the record books, have we every completely agreed on anything before? ;)
  13. I didn't see Egwene using freedom from forkroot to escape, I saw her using it to take over, or at the very least to rid the tower of Eladia. I think there would have been a certain nobility to Egwene capturing Elaida opening a gateway to turn her over to the rebels, and then remain in the tower to try to finish the journey that she's been on. Let the Tower sisters see if their Amrylin stood up to captivity half as well at the rebel amrylin has. I suspect that the next few days of Egwene time will deal with her meeting with the ferrets, and since the BA hunters have the ferrets firml
  14. That was about the coolest thing that could happen to me this morning. My prediction was that Elaida would be drunk, and that Meidani would help Egwene knock Elaida out long enough for the forkroot to wear off. I also was trying to figure out how Egwene would survive her run in with Elaida. I like this way much better. As for predictions about this encounter bringing in Silviana, thats kind of like predicting that the sun will rise, obviously there isn't much in-book time to devote to the developing relationship between the two, and the dinner was the obvious point for this relation
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