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Its to do with more than physical appearance...


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This is a post from a personal point of view, so anyone who's initial response is to scoff please go read some theories on Asmodean's murderer instead.


I was watching MTV the other day, and was quite happily sat watching Justin Timberlake 'strutt his stuff'. Something was nagging at me. I've always liked JT but its always felt natural... the kind of support you'd give a friend who just happened to turn out to be good at something. Familiar. It occurred to me that I felt as thought I knew him. Now, i know that this could be put down to 'fan-following' but i'm 25 and have never been that kind of person!


I started to thinking that he reminded me of someone. Someone i felt I knew quite well. I got to thinking who that was. Finally, it dawned on me....




Justin Timberlake is, in the back of my mind, my personification of Gawyn (curly blonde hair being the least of it). I won't go into my perceptions of JT or what I imagine him to be like as a person, but Gawyn it is.


I got curious. how many of these other 'favourite' people were similar (in my mind) to people i knew well, especially from the books? the majority of the characters when i think of them have no clear faces. I have strong mental images of certain parts of them, for example with Rand, i see his shoulders, dark reddish hair and the dragons around his arms. His personality shines through. With Perrin I see his strength, his beard, his love for Faile. Elayne I see her hair, and a strong personality. It dawned on me that Christina Aguilera (despite being peroxide blonde and significantly shorter) bears a striking resemblance (again in my mind) to Elayne.


Egwene is the one that is puzzling me. I like Egwene, and I have a good idea of her personality but I CANNOT put a face, or a 'person' to her. I am still wondering over her as she has always been incredibly familiar to me and i am sure that in time someone will jump out of the woodwork and shout "Egwene" at me.


Does anyone else have this happen to them; for no reason, to see a striking resemblance between characters in the book, and well-known celebrities? Even when there is little or no physical resemblance?


I will happily ignore all comments stating that Christina Aguilera is nothing like YOUR mental image of Elayne as, as previously stated, just like beauty, perception of a person's soul is in the eye of the beholder, a very personal thing.


Thanks for reading!!



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Happens to me too. I had a discussion with a friend about how perfect Steven Seagal would be for Lan, and I just cant get it out of my head now. He sucks as an actor so I cant see him playing Lan in a movie or anything like that, but thats how I see him him whenever Im browsing a chapter with Lan in it.

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Guest silver89

Kristen Kreuk who plays Lana Lang in Smallville has always been what I see in my mind when I think about Min.  (And it has nothing to do with both of them being hot. ABSOLUTLY NOT.) ;)

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Egwene - Michelle Trachtenberg

Elaida - Marcia Cross

Lan - Clint Eastwood (a slightly younger Clint of course)

Galad - Johnny Depp (again, a slightly younger version)

Tylin - Claudia Black

Lanfear - Juliet Landau


Random trolloc - Justin Timbalake *g*

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Egwene - Kristen Kreuk... she can do dignified and powerful and she can do stupid. Totally Egwene's arc.


Elaida - I like the Marcia Cross idea, though i can also see Marcia as Sheriam.


Gawyn - Paul Walker... stupid and pretty.


Perrin - As much as i dislike Tom Welling, he does the earnest big muscly guy pretty well.



Juliet Landau as Lanfear....? I mean, i love Juliet, she has such a range, so i guess i can see it... but yeah...

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Lanfear-- Eva Longoria


Except for Lanfear is actually good looking.


I'll only do a couple and no main characters:


Davram Bashere: Al Pacino

Agelmar: Liam Neeson

Demandred or Taim (he could play both): Johnny Depp

Mat(okay one major character): Christian Bale (a little old but he could pull it off)

Ishamael: Christopher Walken (it would have that unintentional comedy thing going the entire time)



Oh and Elayne is not FREAKING CHRISTINA AGUILARA!!!!!!!!!!! ~starts puking at the thought~

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Ok, here is my two cents :(Ignore the age)


1. Rand-----two choice a) Hayden christenson(Revenge of the sith)

                       b) Wentworth miller (prison break)

2.Mat-----------definitely Johny Dep


3.Perin----------Heath ledger


4.Lan-----------The guy who starred in a mini series "Raven" or Michael Vaghn ins "Alias".


5. Moiriane---------Catherin Zeta Jones;


6. Min---------------Kate backinsale (Underworld);


7. Elayne------------Rachel Nicholes (Inside and Last season of Alias);


8. Egewene---------Natali portmen;


9. Galad-----------Tom cruse;


10. Rhuarce-------------Richard din Anderson (Macgyver);


11. Melaine...........Naomi watts


12. faile--------------Ema delaura (Mutant X);


13. Berelaine --------------Keira knightly;


14. Tam althor--------The guy who played Jonathon Kent in Smallville.


15.Nynave --------Rose Macgowan(Charmed).


16. Gawyn----------Don't like him...so I try to fit him with some one who looks like stupid....like the boy who played "Neville longbottom" in HP movies.(he...he...he)


17. Aviendha----------Now thats a problem I was having for a long time...ah well.."Milla Jovovich". I try to fit her into Aviendha when I read about her.


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Egewene---------Natali portmen


Egwene is supposed to be beautiful with a fairly ahem "womanly" body.  Natalie Portman is a bone skinny, shaved head 12 year old boy looking female...who also can't act.


Exactly. Though as I said, it has more to do with "who u imagin while reading any specific character". It isn't movie cast...*lol*. So acting talent isn't a requirement.


All the name I posted...thats how I see them. You are entitled to your own.




Also the irony is...I see no difference between Egwene's behaviour and a 12 year old.  Thanx for pointing that to me. Now Natali is more than a match for Egwene. ;D ;D



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Mat-----------definitely Johny Dep


hmm... you know I always thought that Johnny Depp was more like Moridin... He's got naturally very intense eyes, and... well, I guess I think he's too beautiful to be Mat.


Peter O'Toole as Damer Flinn and Jake Gyllenhaal as Jahar Narishma

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Have you seen her in anything other than Star Wars, kid?


Actually, yeah. I've seen V for Vendetta, Garden State and a couple of others that she's been in and I've never been impressed.  One Note: I'm not actually a kid or even a teenager. I'm 26, a combat veteran, and a white collar professional in the business world now.

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I'm sorry as much I like Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies, having him be Mat I think would make me vomit.  I think Billy Boyd as mat would do nicely.  I agree with the suggestion that Johnny Depp should be Moridin.  Anthony Hopkins would be a good Ishamael Ithink or the guy who played Lex Luthor in Superman returns.  As for Tom Cruse as Galad I think I'm gonna have to disagree on principle.  Oh and Michael Jackson as Aran'gar. 

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Rand Al'Thor- Josh Hartnett or Timothy Olyphant

Mat- Ashtun Kutcher...need I say more?

Gawyn- Heath Ledger, curls and all

Asmodean- Rupert Everett

Ishy- Nicholas Cage...there's something a little crazy about him

Nynaeve- Mini Driver

Min- Kate Hudson, hair dyed and cut

Elaida- Michelle Pfeifer

Cadsuane- Judy Dench


those are a few off the top of my head!


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To bring the post back to it's original thread, there isn't anyone real that comes into my head when I imagine the characters. Their faces, as I see them, are all unique to me, with the exception of Mat who reminds me of my friend Matt because they share a lot of personality traits.


If you want to talk about actors though.... RJ told us what real-world countries he modelled his countries on, so the characters would have appropriate accents. Of course, the actors could come from any country as long as they could do the required accent. Although I have lots of praise for Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, it really annoyed me that despite coming from the Shire (aka the West Midlands), three of the hobbits had either Lancashire, Scottish or fake West Country accents!


And make up can work wonders for making them look like their in-book descriptions.


Isn't Harrison Ford a bit old and wrinkly to be Mat though...?  ;)



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