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  1. Wasn't taking the Stone one of the Aiel prophecies? He had to prove himself before they would even tolerate allowing him to go to Rhuidean.
  2. Hi all, I'm an old user, been reading the books for around 22 years. I had a habit of reading the entire series each time a new book came out. I've only read the BS ones once though, as I'm a habitual re-reader and have been cycling through my other series also (Robin Hobb) and haven't gotten around to a re-read since. Sarah
  3. I'm on book 7 (for the 3rd or 4th time) and Lan has just reached Salidar, as his bond transferred to Myrelle upon Moiraine going through the ter'angreal with the green-eyed-monster (aka Lanfear). Did this stop him wanting to avenge Moiraine any more than Rand? Normally we know that Warders die avenging their Aes Sedai but did the 'bond swap' stop this? Will it keep it at bay forever and what impact will it have on Lan (I havent read the last book in print) when Moiraine reappears?
  4. Well i havent listened to the audio books but the series itself is excellent. Have you read the books? I would recommend reading the books rather than starting with the Audio Books as hearing someone else's way of saying things (in your head when you're reading you make your own voices etc) may spoil it for you. The books CAN seem a little drawn out, but its necessary - there is SOO much going on and soo many 'main' characters taht there has to be a lot happening.
  5. Some people believe that we are simply not ALL created to be monogamous. I see it as similar to your sexuality - it is most definitely nature (not nurture), and is simply a case of us waiting to meet someone with like views / opinions. Personally I am monogamous, but i do know people who say quite truthfully that they have equal feelings for more than one person, and couldnt choose between them if they tried, other people say that they couldnt feel anything for someone else whilst they're with their current partner; its all a personal thing. If you think about it, each time a relationship ends because 'there's someone else' we're doing exactly the same thing - being polygamous, but our partners dont necessarily see it that way, and in our society as a rule it isnt accepted. That doesnt necessarily mean its' unnatural or wrong however. If we take it from the natural world as a whole, its' monogamy which is bizarre; very few species of creature mate with one other, for life (as we generally do), normally the male will sleep with many different females, and so on. Our closest relatives (the apes) are like this.
  6. He's Ta'veren. Also, some women will do almost anything to have the man they love. Elayne knew that there would be 3 of them (she knew of Min's viewing) and as such has come to accept it. Min knew all along (and also gets the plum deal being with him all the time) Aviendha is Aiel, and 2 or 3 wives is nothing abnormal for her.
  7. Hi, I've read the series several times but this time around, as its' re-read #5 i'm discovering that i'm picking up on small things that i didnt notice before, whilst i was still taking in the overall storyline. One of these things is that to travel to Salidar from outside Caemlyn where she was camped, Egwene enters Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh... how does she do that?
  8. Hi this is a really old post but i thought i'd post anyway. I think perhaps that he heralds the end of the CURRENT age (the destruction of what was) and the beginning of the next (and the birth of what was to come) rather than the end of ALL ages. That would be stopping the wheel turning. Am i right or have i mis-read it?
  9. Moiraine didnt even want to take Egwene. She was all set to go with Rand, Mat and Perrin when Egwene turned up with her own rations, demanding to go along. They had no choice but to take her. Nynaeve followed (tracked them) of her own accord. Its more than likely that Moiraine DID see the potential but at the time all she was looking for was Rand (or Mat, or Perrin).
  10. My how many of these posts have we had so far!! That long list is probably about exhaustive but i havent had chance to look each name up yet and dont know half of them!! So, I only have certain people who i think would be perfect, for a lot of them i think i would be annoyed by their representation of these characters that i think i know so well. These are mainly based on looks alone; Lanfear - Angelina Jolie Gawyn - Justin Timberlake Lan - the rock (i know!!) Moiraine - gillian anderson (just dye her hair...) Thom - william auge geer (he's dead but he's the perfect look) Elyas - Kris Kristofferson (as he looked in Blade) But i hope that there isnt a film... i would have to see it (obviously) but am SURE I would wish they'd done it better / cast someone different / included different bits. Reading the books is a very personal thing and no director can please every reader!
  11. This is a post from a personal point of view, so anyone who's initial response is to scoff please go read some theories on Asmodean's murderer instead. I was watching MTV the other day, and was quite happily sat watching Justin Timberlake 'strutt his stuff'. Something was nagging at me. I've always liked JT but its always felt natural... the kind of support you'd give a friend who just happened to turn out to be good at something. Familiar. It occurred to me that I felt as thought I knew him. Now, i know that this could be put down to 'fan-following' but i'm 25 and have never been that kind of person! I started to thinking that he reminded me of someone. Someone i felt I knew quite well. I got to thinking who that was. Finally, it dawned on me.... Gawyn. Justin Timberlake is, in the back of my mind, my personification of Gawyn (curly blonde hair being the least of it). I won't go into my perceptions of JT or what I imagine him to be like as a person, but Gawyn it is. I got curious. how many of these other 'favourite' people were similar (in my mind) to people i knew well, especially from the books? the majority of the characters when i think of them have no clear faces. I have strong mental images of certain parts of them, for example with Rand, i see his shoulders, dark reddish hair and the dragons around his arms. His personality shines through. With Perrin I see his strength, his beard, his love for Faile. Elayne I see her hair, and a strong personality. It dawned on me that Christina Aguilera (despite being peroxide blonde and significantly shorter) bears a striking resemblance (again in my mind) to Elayne. Egwene is the one that is puzzling me. I like Egwene, and I have a good idea of her personality but I CANNOT put a face, or a 'person' to her. I am still wondering over her as she has always been incredibly familiar to me and i am sure that in time someone will jump out of the woodwork and shout "Egwene" at me. Does anyone else have this happen to them; for no reason, to see a striking resemblance between characters in the book, and well-known celebrities? Even when there is little or no physical resemblance? I will happily ignore all comments stating that Christina Aguilera is nothing like YOUR mental image of Elayne as, as previously stated, just like beauty, perception of a person's soul is in the eye of the beholder, a very personal thing. Thanks for reading!! Sarah
  12. I could be wrong (and will likely be lynched by half the people on the forum) but i think that Machin Shin is EVIL! I remember that they spend a lot of time running from it as it 'devours them' if it catches them.
  13. I'd be Enealin Tain and I would be either a Mord Sith weilding an agiel (granted that's from the Sword of Truth but still), or I would be a leather-clad fighting Aes Sedaiesqe character (though not Aes Sedai). I would weild either a sword or two long daggers. As Myrdraal blades are wrought using the souls of sacrificed people, so each of these blades would be wrought using the 'entity' of a dying Halfman, and the purpose of my character would be one whose purpose is to slay myrdraal. I've thought about this for a bit too long... I even developed a history around the characters!
  14. Do you think Lanfear would aid Rand if he DID profess to love her? Even if he was lying, do you think she'd fall for it and help him?
  15. My did I open up a can of worms... ;)
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