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  1. I've been able to load the previous books to the NookColor and get cover art to display. They are in the process of fixing the cover art issues for sideloaded content on the Nooks, but in the meantime you can use an app like Calibre to not only add the cover art, but also be able to edit the epub itself and change the fields to the correct names so the Nook will display the cover art. Works fine.
  2. Take special note of the colors mentioned when Sheriam gets shortened. Blue, gold, silver.
  3. If she bypassed the rod, her reasoning could have been as simple as, "I am not a (lowly) darkfriend because I am one of the Chosen". With that reasoning, oath against lying bypassed especially if she considers there to be a vast difference between the two.
  4. Thanks for that - marked on the calendar. If they need more time...so be it. I'm glad it appears we're back to the 1 book/year fall release schedule. Been reading this series for almost 20 years, much as I love it I kind of want some kind of resolution.
  5. Because RJ had shown us that he meticulously plans EVERYTHING that has happened in the series. It's a hard pill to swallow to think that he would be caught by surprise that readers would see a link between them when Taim looks akin to Demandred and says things like: "so-called Aes Sedai" "so-called Aiel" Based on what we see of female "wilders" in the series, he also demonstrates knowledge of the power that a person who is not trained would not have. Rand is a complete dunce for not catching ANY of those things. I don't personally follow with these theories though I can understand why people would. I like to think that Taim was 13x13'd, but that doesn't make proof either. I also considered the possibility that he was an undocumented Forsaken since in the WoT compendium I believe it mentions that there were other "Chosen" than the main 13. It would provide a source for his contempt for the Aes Sedai and the Aiel, though the obvious link to Moridin and training from the Forsaken could do the same. I don't know how possible that is when you consider how the Forsaken typically treat one of their charges - knowledge isn't freely shared and questions are discouraged. Either way, we know RJ said he's not Demandred so that's that. Also - I'm going to lay this out right now: I'm not calling anyone a liar. Start that crap with me and I will utterly marginalize you like so many others have.
  6. For Lanfear I always pictured someone like Monica Bellucci.
  7. Trib4l


    AFAIK, Masking blocks the ability for others to even sense the ability or active channeling so long as the weaves are reversed.
  8. Based on Rand's shock while Skimming to Rhuidean when he sees Asmodean, he observes that Asmodean did not disguise himself at all. He was shocked to see Jasen Natael was actually Asmodean and used no disguise. Re-read the end of tSR and you'll see.
  9. If they weren't the same soul, that would be fine. It so happens that Rand is the same soul as LTT, but their personalities are separate instances of the same soul's existence - hence the madness.
  10. Besides which, I don't recall the book it's from, but it was theorized that if the DO were free in one of the PS worlds that he would be free in all of them.
  11. No. And not just because they don't seem to care for using siege weapons...they clearly revered Aes Sedai prior to Rand's kidnapping and would not attack them. That of course has clearly changed, but I doubt they would attack, and an attack without the aid of the Wise Ones would definitely fail.
  12. Trib4l


    I think it states that a 'remnant of a remnant shall be saved'. But the prophecy of Rhuidean gives the impression that any who do not continue to respect the tradition of going to Rhuidean, or accept their fate and past will be utterly destroyed.
  13. Luckers, Can you quote that for me? I just reread that whole section and do not recall seeing Ishamael or the Stone mentioned at all. He mentions seeing the black wires before, and recalls creating the skimming weave once, but as I said, there's no mention that I've found of either the Stone or Ishamael. Again, he's thinking about Rhuidean and how far away it is, and then BAM remembers the weave to skim. He's going to Rhuidean because he thinks that's where Asmodean is headed - he's clearly not thinking about Asmodean again until he's running on the gray steps. Perhaps that thought is what leads him to Asmo while he's running, but I think it more likely because they're both heading for the outskirts of the city at roughly the same location.
  14. I disagree. He's headed to Rhuidean, not for Asmodean. He happens to find Asmodean on the way as a ta'veren twist of luck. Lanfear asks as he opens the gateway, "What is in Rhuidean", to which he grimly replies "Asmodean." From tSR, right at the end of Chapter 57.
  15. I agree that it says that - but Strike is a excerpt from the BWB, so it falls under the category of "slightly inaccurate", just like the rest of the BWB. We know from later books, comments by RJ and some other sources that there were more Forsaken during the war of the power. As Tyrell stated, the term Dreadlord was coined later during the Trolloc wars. Also we know, per the same sources, that the 13 were the most powerful of the Forsaken and essentially the head of the DO's human forces. They were in sort of a "leadership conference" with the DO at the time of the Strike.
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