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  1. Thanks for the downloads, it seems about half of them came from people who came to the site from dragonmount. Just uploaded the second episode, this one is on the Forsaken, enjoy.
  2. Hi, I've recorded a podcast with another Wheel of Time fan. Its available on www.thewotcast.com . Let me know what you think, here or there.
  3. Heres a list I made a while ago. Most chilling/memorable lines from each book: TEotW: Weep for Manethren(Moirraine) TGH: I will never serve you, Father of Lies. In a thousand lives, I never have. I know that. I'm sure of it. Come. It is time to die. TDR: Come its time to hunt brother(Hopper to Perrin at the end) TSR: The Maidens carry my honour (Rand before going into Alcair dal) TFoH: RAAHVIINNNNN LoC: Kneel to the Lord Dragon or you will be knelt.(Taim) CoS: What language speak we Hornsounder? PoD: I am the storm, Come Shaitan! I dont remeber exactly
  4. A huuuuge stretch but maybe the blade is Galads which he got from Valda? Not that many blades in the story, Rands, Mats, Lans, Galads. I think thats it.
  5. Isnt Faolain also making some sort of Ter'angreal? I cant remember if it was book 5 or 6 but when she has to watch Elayne shes pissed at not being able to spend time working on her own project.
  6. Ive never been really big on Fan Fiction, but there were a couple on fanfiction.net I liked. Both were by an author named Man of Reason. Neither are complete. The first was a post TG story focussing on Mat and Tuon called The Thin Line. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3655878/1/The_Thin_Line The other focussed on Rand and Elaynes son http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2506259/1/An_Ashaman_is_Raised Only 2 ive liked but i havent read more than 8-10 of them.
  7. I think you could also add Graendal and Asmodean to the definites. Asmodean spends a lot of time doing stuff in TAR in The Shadow Returns. Once he appears as a haze to Rand. I cant remember where but Graendal changes her clothes a bunch of times, in one of the meetings in TAR. I think both of these are things done if your there in a dream rather than the flesh. Be'lal also I think probably can enter through the dream as well. My reasoning for Be'lal is indirect but I think plausible. He keeps visiting Callandor in TAR in The Dragon Reborn. He is in Tear as a High Lord at the time, so why
  8. In my mind dreaming and all its related stuff is one of the most fascinating parts of WOT. e.g. I believe that the Ter'angreals for being raised to accepted takes the person to step through into some form of Tel'aran'rhiod. Same with portal stones, same with Rands skimming. Basically I believe that a lot of the "trippy" stuff in WOT is related to TAR. One thing I have wondered about though is if dreaming is something that can be learned by someone without any special talent in the area? It seems to me as if all the forsaken can use Tel'aran'rhiod, and its unlikely that all 13 of the
  9. I wouldnt be surprised if Rand suspects Taim at this point, even if he hasnt come out and said it. Rand's not exactly a trusting sort at this point in the storyand after the tries on his life by Taims favoured students at the palace in Cairhien, and in Far Madding Id be shocked if Rand wasnt suspicous given his general paranoia. I'm not sure if there was anything explicit, but I'm pretty sure that given Rands character, he would be suspicious.
  10. Ive started listening to them via audible.com in the last 2 months for exactly the same reason, somthing to listen to and hopefully motivate me to exercise some more, and Ive really liked them so far. I actually do look forward to the evening walk, so I can listen to a chapter or two. Good thing the are long too, I wind up "reading" one book a month, as these books are betweeen 30 and 40 hours each.
  11. Its been put up. http://www.brightweavings.com/ggkswords/wfc2007.htm
  12. Thats Awesome and thanks a lot for taking rhe trouble to find out.
  13. I was reading George RR Marints Blog and I'll quote: This was at the WFC at Saratoga. Has anyone seen a transcript or video of the event? I did some googling, and went to the events website, but couldnt find anything. Thanks if anyone can point to it.
  14. Id like to respond to Nynaeves attitude to Mat which I think is what annoyed Trakand01 in the first place. Mat turns into a super cool character in TDR. In the first 2 books he was kind of an idiot(also I dont think we had any Mat POV's , and its those POV's that really make him a likable character). So up until they seperated in Shienar, Nynaeves perfectly justified in thinking of Mat as a troublemaker. Next they meet in Tear after Mats transformation into the coolest character in any novel Ive ever read. Mat avoids everyone in Tear though, spending his time gambling with the lord
  15. I dont even need to read the posts to know MAT WINS!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D Seriously though, Mat might not have been comfortable with Rand being the Dragon Reborn, but he stuck around Rand for an awful long time. Mat moans a lot about things, but his actions almost always show how deeply loyal he is to his friends. A kind of extension to his whole "always keep a promise" thing. I dont agree with Mat not feeling the weight of his responsibilities. He was resisting his responsibilities, but never denying them. And after KOD it seems like even the resisting thing is done.
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