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  1. What am I doing in this forum?I feel ashamed to be here.
  2. Intelligence causing trouble? Ofcourse, Just like newton and da vinci did. Just like brilliant kids now-a days are leveled as un-cool and geek. Freedom of choice? Thats a matter of perspective. It needs intelligence to make right choice. Wrong choice gets people in trouble. Ofcourse the libereal will try to discredit anything that points to the truth.The book is great and full of facts. Oh, I wasn't reffering to the sexual issue of the Twilight series. I was marking something else. Just try to find out the main reason and people responsible for USA's jobs trouble, wars and
  3. Most of the novels now-a days, sells some kind of propaganda.Everytime I read a book, its the same, the pattern is there, they are trying to shove something particularly nasty through your throat. Even if its obvious most don't see it. You will enjoy fact: If you want fact, read this books: http://www.amazon.com/Death-West-Populations-Immigrant-Civilization/dp/0312285485 oh, by the way, I don't live in USA.So there is nothing to be gained by me. I just hate sexual infedility, and promiscuity with a passion. Curdles me inside. God knows why. I believe, western culture is the o
  4. The worst boot-licking propaganda in the history of literature is "Twilight" series. Next comes the later books from harry poter. Mindless, lack of philosophical value. If you want fact, read this books: http://www.amazon.com/Death-West-Populations-Immigrant-Civilization/dp/0312285485 oh, by the way, I don't live in USA.So there is nothing to be gained by me. I just hate sexual infedility, and promiscuity with a passion. Curdles me inside. God knows why. I believe, western culture is the only culture that can prevent such mindless sex all around. Really quite pathetic. It is G
  5. The first three books were entertaining, but the subsequent books got to have the usual "whitewashing", thats goes on now with anything that become famous. It is clearly evident in the later books, the propaganda, I am sure some shrewd person who is now aware of the worlds biggest crisis will understand what I am talking about. The worst boot-licking propaganda in the history of literature is "Twilight" series. Next comes the later books from harry poter. If you want fact, read this books: http://www.amazon.com/Death-West-Populations-Immigrant-Civilization/dp/0312285485 oh, by
  6. I completely agree with Swigaro. Thats how I view ASOIAF. I read first three books, but I was fairly pissed after reading the first one. I read the other two out of spite and also because I am damn stuborn.I just couldn't let my money waste so I wasted my times as well. I agree Martin is a very good writter. But I hate his series with a passion.It felt like I could easily read world history and bringing a dragon or two along with some vodoo and hocus focus and thus having the same effect ..... a fantasy series. I can read Rise and fall of Roman Empire....with nice jucy blend of my ow
  7. How would you know if BS doesn't follows RJ's instruction regarding how the series ends? I get it that RJ wrote the end. Did he actually write the last chapter? If not, then there is a lot of room to manuever for our tragedy loving BS. Frankly, the only tragedy is going to hit hard is if Rand dies. Though I would applaude if BS somehow manage to kill Egwene and Gwyen. It will be a really sweet tragedy. Did I say tragedy? ;D ;D
  8. Well, when RJ was writing the series, I was certain that Rand is going to survive.
  9. Just finished Stasheff Christopher's Wizard in Rhyme series. Good read. Liked the series. Fun reading and enlightening. Specially I found myself agreeing with his moral issue's. The way he depicted them in the series, was refreshing. So I have decided to read all of his other books. Starting with Warlocks heir.
  10. Yeah...similarity is there. Like Polgara for Garion, Moraine for Rand, And Kahlan comes for Richard. Other similarity between, Belgarion and WOT is their strike and counter strike types action. It really sets the two series apart from others except LOR, which also has strike and counter strike. I got really tired of typical books series where, the hero or heroine is beaten like a dog the whole time...and suddenly at the last page they kill their antagonist and prevaile. I mean "Oh really?" Where is the paradox? The hero/heroin who is clearly a underdog and remain so for the who
  11. I have seen the previews.Casting for Kahlan is ok I guess...I mean it will be impossible to have some one like the Kahlan Terry Goodkind described in the book.Her age can be forgiven due to the fact that she must have an ageless look while appearing young.(Even though she doesn't look as young as described the book). But the guy for Richard...totaly sucks.Apart from the book description if you compare him to the previous standard( Herculis)...Well there is a huge difference.I failed to see any personality in his appearance.He looked immature as well.As I have seen all the episode of Hercu
  12. Read the first book of Assasin apprentice, didn't like it much. Anyway, ofcourse we can recommend completed finished series. The question is wheather or not you will like it. So there it is: 1.The Kingdom of Thorn and Bone by Greg Keyes 2.Tears of Artamon by Sarah Ash. 3.The Banned and the Banished by James Clemence. 4.Janny Wurts - The Cycle of Fire. 5.Dawn Cook - Truth 6.Holly Lisle - Secret Texts. 7.Haydon Elizabeth-Rhapsody( I am confuse about the ending of this series). 8.Canavan, Trudi - Black Magician 9.Kate elliot-Crown of Stars. 10.David Eddings- Ellenium and B
  13. Adult scene is all well and good as long as they coincide with the actual plot. But when they seems to dominate a book, it becomes irritating.I have the misfortune to read some such books and unfortunately, most of these writers are female. And the main theme of their book seems to become sexual fantasy. And the plots become ridiculously simple. These books verges on the edge of becoming purly errotic. And you will see their difference with George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Sanderson and some other writers becomes abysmally huge. While these writter potrays all aspect of life including sex
  14. Yeah, Recluse Series is good. The Magic of Recluse should be the last book, if you like to read it in sequence.So Magi of Cyador should be the first book to read. I have just finished reading Recluse. The great book, for me in this month was 3rd book of C.L Wilson's Tairen Soul seires.Really great romance fantasy saga.It was well worth the money, really entertaining. Read some other, but won't recommend them, cause I didn't like them.
  15. My Advice for you is don't read George RR Martin.I read the first three books of A song of Ice and Fire series. As you like a central character.....well, there is no central character in George RR Martin. And Character dies in every two and three chapter. There is no one as noble and strong as Rand and Garion....since George RR Martin deals in shades of gray....well you get the idea.Good become bad and bad become good...for a while...it all a chaos...not to mention droping drop every now and then. Its a bloody war, mind you. You will like Tairen Soul, there the heroine comes to her power
  16. I liked Brandon Sanderson's Elantris as well. I picked up WOT after reading SOT. Recently I have finished James Clemens "Banned and the Banished" series. Liked it. Excellent read. I am not in the mood of reading too much realistic type books. So naturally I hated Geroge RR Martin's all three books I had the misfortune to buy. But the entire length of the all three books was an ordeal. Wast of time and money.And on further note, If I am interested in more Grand style of writing, I will pick up Charles dickens and the likes. I read Fantasy to escape reality to some degree. After whole days and a
  17. Yeah, I liked Belgariad and The Mallorean too. Also Elenium and Tamuli.Only thing I have to complain about David Eddings series is "Too much and too many god and godess". Still, it is a minor issue and enjoyed the series despite that.
  18. I have been reading some other series recently.A lot of them, but I only liked a few of them. Many people posted their own suggestion here, specially the series they liked to read. So I am feeling obligated to post my own best choices. While at it, I am very regretfull to say that, AMOL is no longer my first to read due list.The long wait and arrival of two new very good series has drove it off my mind. It is sad, because WOT was at my top list for a long long time. But if it just so happens that, AMOL and Jack Campbells 5th book of "The lost Fleet" appear at the same time, I will read "The lo
  19. Most of my favourite Character is female in WOT series. Rand Aviendha Moraine Min Melain Mat Sulin Nynave My most hated character is: Egwene Faile Perrin I am surprised to see Perrin there. ;D ;) As for Elayne, apart from her flirting with Thom, I find her ok. A bit over bearing but ok. And she will change, if not by anything else, Aviendha and Min will change her. We already saw the effect Aviendha was having on her. If she spends more time with Aviendha, she is bound to change.
  20. That will only add to their ignorance and make them more incompetent. Information is power and to some degree people who lead needs to be aware of at least the most common and predictable thing. Why shouldn't they believe Rand? After all they know very well that he is the dragon reborn. What Rand has to gain by making "Gavril" a forsaken? He had Andor anyway. They know last battle is coming, yet still they like the White tower(Elaida and company), refuse to belive forsaken is loose. Amys, Melain and other Aiel including Rhuarce and other chief wasn't surprise when Rand talked a
  21. Semi has no reason to tell a truth either. Since that won't serve her well with Cady. She might have gotten herself captured, as many here claims. But she made a mistake if she did. Whatever Semi is, Cady is one step more tougher and smarter. LTT himself is wary of her and that saying something. On the tophic, it is somehow contradictory to speculate that forsaken is liable to lie to each other but not to Cady and company. It doesn't make any sense to argue the fact on that term alone.I can't prove that Semi is lying but I can't prove to the contrary either. I can only speculate and asses
  22. True. Its not just Elayne, all of the Andoran noble's reaction is the same. No wonder Mat hates noble. There is something twisted about them.
  23. Bob has a strong point here. I am more inclined to believe that to some degree Semi is lying. To sell a lie you have to tell some very convincing truth first. By not denying who she is, she was trying to appear truthfull in other's eye so that she can sell the big lie. As for terminal madness, well every male channeler is falling into madness and more often than not it is happening. So her statment on this however is meaningless. What Rand hearing is a true voice and that makes the difference. Her statment that the voice he hears is real make to worst, doesn't have a valid point. Bec
  24. On a shorter note: Elayne will be or already is the most Strogest Monarch on this side of Aryth Ocean. Kind of reminds me of Queen of England at 17-19 century.
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