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  1. I completely agree with Swigaro. Thats how I view ASOIAF. I read first three books, but I was fairly pissed after reading the first one. I read the other two out of spite and also because I am damn stuborn.I just couldn't let my money waste so I wasted my times as well. I agree Martin is a very good writter. But I hate his series with a passion.It felt like I could easily read world history and bringing a dragon or two along with some vodoo and hocus focus and thus having the same effect ..... a fantasy series. I can read Rise and fall of Roman Empire....with nice jucy blend of my ow
  2. How would you know if BS doesn't follows RJ's instruction regarding how the series ends? I get it that RJ wrote the end. Did he actually write the last chapter? If not, then there is a lot of room to manuever for our tragedy loving BS. Frankly, the only tragedy is going to hit hard is if Rand dies. Though I would applaude if BS somehow manage to kill Egwene and Gwyen. It will be a really sweet tragedy. Did I say tragedy? ;D ;D
  3. Well, when RJ was writing the series, I was certain that Rand is going to survive.
  4. Yeah...similarity is there. Like Polgara for Garion, Moraine for Rand, And Kahlan comes for Richard. Other similarity between, Belgarion and WOT is their strike and counter strike types action. It really sets the two series apart from others except LOR, which also has strike and counter strike. I got really tired of typical books series where, the hero or heroine is beaten like a dog the whole time...and suddenly at the last page they kill their antagonist and prevaile. I mean "Oh really?" Where is the paradox? The hero/heroin who is clearly a underdog and remain so for the who
  5. Most of my favourite Character is female in WOT series. Rand Aviendha Moraine Min Melain Mat Sulin Nynave My most hated character is: Egwene Faile Perrin I am surprised to see Perrin there. ;D ;) As for Elayne, apart from her flirting with Thom, I find her ok. A bit over bearing but ok. And she will change, if not by anything else, Aviendha and Min will change her. We already saw the effect Aviendha was having on her. If she spends more time with Aviendha, she is bound to change.
  6. That will only add to their ignorance and make them more incompetent. Information is power and to some degree people who lead needs to be aware of at least the most common and predictable thing. Why shouldn't they believe Rand? After all they know very well that he is the dragon reborn. What Rand has to gain by making "Gavril" a forsaken? He had Andor anyway. They know last battle is coming, yet still they like the White tower(Elaida and company), refuse to belive forsaken is loose. Amys, Melain and other Aiel including Rhuarce and other chief wasn't surprise when Rand talked a
  7. Semi has no reason to tell a truth either. Since that won't serve her well with Cady. She might have gotten herself captured, as many here claims. But she made a mistake if she did. Whatever Semi is, Cady is one step more tougher and smarter. LTT himself is wary of her and that saying something. On the tophic, it is somehow contradictory to speculate that forsaken is liable to lie to each other but not to Cady and company. It doesn't make any sense to argue the fact on that term alone.I can't prove that Semi is lying but I can't prove to the contrary either. I can only speculate and asses
  8. True. Its not just Elayne, all of the Andoran noble's reaction is the same. No wonder Mat hates noble. There is something twisted about them.
  9. Bob has a strong point here. I am more inclined to believe that to some degree Semi is lying. To sell a lie you have to tell some very convincing truth first. By not denying who she is, she was trying to appear truthfull in other's eye so that she can sell the big lie. As for terminal madness, well every male channeler is falling into madness and more often than not it is happening. So her statment on this however is meaningless. What Rand hearing is a true voice and that makes the difference. Her statment that the voice he hears is real make to worst, doesn't have a valid point. Bec
  10. On a shorter note: Elayne will be or already is the most Strogest Monarch on this side of Aryth Ocean. Kind of reminds me of Queen of England at 17-19 century.
  11. While, I agree with other that Morgasse have a better personality than Elyane, I don't agree whole heartedly on other terms. She is as spoiled as any noble has a right to be and in a good way. Consider other noble's. The likes of Arymila, Elenia or what-ever their name is. Yes, she is over confident, but she will learn in time. As for Manetheren, Mat has no right there. He refused to show up in Shadow rising to help his fellow villager. All because of what? That his mother might not let him leave two-river again? Despite being Taveren?He was in less risk than Perrin was. He wasn't b
  12. I don't. I was just wondering if you were agitated by my usual anti Egwene slogan, which I must admit I post most of the time despite the threads actual subject.I am sure people are annoyed by it. But hey, RJ have been annoying me with Egwene from the start of the series.So I am taking it out on the good folks of this forum. ;D ;D ;D ;D As for "spam"....it is considered normal sometime.Otherwise a thread will become boring.
  13. Most people who love Mat...will sum up pretty much everyone who may hate the trio. I mean who doesn't like Mat? But I doubt their attitude towards Mat is the only reason.Hell, they have been antagonising most of the WOT reader in almost everybook. UMMMM...HMMM...Morgasse and Elayne... Morgasse is far better woman than Elayne. If for nothing else, I haven't forgiven Elayne for her" oh Rand might be looking at other women, why shouldn't I flirt with Thom(whom if by through sexual relationship to her mother may be considered as her step father)." Plain disgusting. And she claim
  14. I disagree. I hate Egwene mainly because of her attitude towards Rand. I hate Gwyn may be a whisker less than her. So they are a perfect match. Corbett There is some reader who doesn't hate all the WOT female character. I only hate Egwene. On the contrary, in the list of my favorite WOT character, most of them are female. Like: Rand Aviendha Moiraine Min farshaw Melaine Mat Sulin Alivia..... So as you can see Mat is quite down the list and some Male character like Perrin isn't in my list at all. As for hating Egwene, I never realized in my whole life I
  15. *lol*..I am not trying to imply that its all women's fault.I mean who is receiving ends of the sexual favor. Some bastard who call himself a "man" and think with his loin.Man creats these situation and women fall victim. But what I am saying is that women has some potential to become twisted by greed as well. My point was based on Lanfear, who loved LTT mainly because of his power and position.I was implying that it wasn't LTT's fault that she turned to the shadow. As for "Whore" and other sexual impurity, it is the Men who created it.It is also apparent that, usually men is less trustwor
  16. OK. I was just wondering if RJ explained the fact that LTT in Rand's head appeared to be "insane". Why? It apparent that LTT's state of mind in Rand's head is as same when LTT died. I mean LTT"s state of mind in Rand's head could very well be as sane as he was in AOL or prior ot the Strike at Shyol Ghul. LTT reborn(Rand) isn't insane. But his voice inside Rand head is. Also, why did Rand hear LTT's voice? The prophecy doesn't mention of the voice. Only the fact that LTT will be reborn. In more than one ways, the voice in Rand's head is very troublesome.Also it seems LTT could
  17. Here is a few line from countless other lines where people(forsaken mainly) described how LTT was: Lanfear to Rand in Rhuiden "I can remember when you were too softhearted to use . anyone. Devious in battle, hard as stone and arrogant as the -mountains, but open and softhearted as a girl!" There is many statment like this throughout the series. John, please do us a favour and read the whole series again. As for being Jerk, LTT was as much as a jerk as me or any other man can get. Nobody is perfect.No one here is claiming here that he was an angle or a Mashiah. But he wa
  18. I said "Probably". But may be they won't think much about dresses and Make-ups. But it won't surprise me if they fuss over "Why her husband shouting at another man(those he commands)....Is he sleeping with him? Is he love him?" ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Mind you, there is a lot of shouting in Battle field, most of them comes from the officer trying to order their men.
  19. Nope,Latra was a twisted politician. As for Choden kal, it doesn't matter who made it. The fact of a great leadership, you take what you get at any given time and use that resources to there highest potential in order to achieve your goal. Even if Latra was born again and had Choden kail, she would have never agreed to Rand's plane. As for Egwene, I still hate her, and it increase with each book.After reading KOD, I despise her. People who disliked her for her personality still dislikes her. Only those who disliked her due to her lack of activity changed their mind now.
  20. Well,I don't play game. But I make flash game. As for fantasy, Star ship Enterprise has a grand ring to it. -------------------------------------- Hoshi: Sir, I am getting a weak signal for help from WOT world. Captain Archer:Try hailing in that frequency. Liutanant Malcom Reed: Don't think it will work sir.The source planet for Saidin and Saider will block the most of the signal sir. Captain Archer: Well, in that case. Traverse, alter our heading. To WOT world, maximum Warp. Traverse: Aye, Aye Captain. _________________________________________________ ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  21. After reading a lot of fantasy book series, I came to a conclusion. "Some fantasy books only exist to glorify the other". So, I came accross some really pathetic fantasy book series, which in turn made me realize that as much as WOT has deteriorated from book7, I still find them far far better than most fantasy book series. Ofcourse it depends on reader perspective.It seems from book 7 to book 10, some plotline deteriorated.There could be many reason, depends on each individual. For me, I found the later books less appealing due to a majore shift in main character, ie, Rand.
  22. Well, apart from Sheriam, all the women from Saldea, is "Selfish"...to the extent of ignoring even the darkest time of the man kind. It will be funny to see what they do in Tarmon Gaidon. Probably be worrying about their dresses, makeup and social position. I didn't like Deira's attitude towards Rand.It was blind sided.She sickens me as much as Fail does, more so cause she gave birth to Faile. Still, I hate Egwene more.Die Egwene die, Die,die,die,die,die,die,die,die,die Die Egwene die, Die,die,die,die,die,die,die,die,die ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Die Egwene die, Die,die,die,die,
  23. As others stated earlier, there was no Choice but to act. LTT didn't have the luxury of time. Latra couldn't have known what would happen, except the fact that LTT's plan was risky.For all we know if there was equal amount of Female with LTT, the outcome would have far more better. So yeah, it become clear that what he did was the right thing to do and doing so he gave the light and himself(unknowingly) another chance to fight. LTT was called Lord of the morning among other things. He was appointed leader for the light. At that age, when there was Real Aes Sedai, with all the kn
  24. OK.The reunion I am looking forward to is mostly of Rands. Since he is the reason I started to read WOT. Because of Egwene, I almost threw the "Eye of the world" in to the fire.From her very first scene, I hated her. If not for Rand and Moiraine, I wouldn't have finished the book.So the reunion I am looking forward to is: 1. Rand and Aviendha. It is way over due.She desrves Rand all by herself and screw Min and Elyane. 2.Rand and Moiraine.That will be exciting as well.I think Moirain coming back will have a Major impact on Rands attitude. 3.Rand and Tam. 4.Rand and Mat. 5.Rand and
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