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  1. So, we know that it's possible to forcibly convert a channeler to the "Dark Side". It seems like such a big point I'm surprised that there hasn't been any living evidence of it happening yet. Or is there?
  2. I didn't think Niall was being pervy, he was just being a natural man, noticing beauty. I'm always disturbed by people assuming that admiring beauty = perverted thoughts. The fact that he considered their ages may imply some kind of possible emotional attraction, like Orange said. A man just looking to get his freak on wouldn't be worried about that.
  3. I sincerely doubt that Elayne will be able to keep a hold of the Two Rivers. Tarmon Gaidon will rip the world apart (figuratively and possibly literally). By the time they're done with that, she won't have the manpower to re-assert authority over the Two Rivers for years, by which time it would probably be too late.
  4. This is actually the one thing that frustrates me about Nynaeve. For somebody initially raised close to her father, she isn't terribly understanding of men.
  5. Rand named them Asha'man as well as the whole Soldier-Dedicated-Asha'man thing. All Taim did was give himself a fancy title and let his cronies give themselves fancy sounding titles.
  6. How does one successfully portray or depict the ageless look of Aes Sedai in art? I always have such a hard time imagining the ageless look of older AS, especially the ones with white hair because the first thing that comes to mind are the terrible portrayals of old women by not-so-old actresses in cheap Chinese dramas. Like, when they just put on a white/grey wig tied in a bun and some makeup to make their complexions look more weathered/old but somehow they're lacking real wrinkles of any sort. >_> I don't have a picture of that unfortunately, but let's just say it looks very incongruous and not at all attractive or convincing.
  7. I didn't really think anything was strange about what she said. Ever since her Stilling, Leane has begun behaving in a manner that better fits the stereotype of her nationality. She may have been doing exactly what she said she was going to do - proposition a man to become her Warder. Let's not forget that a number of Greens do take their Warders as lovers as well, which would explain the 'meeting a lover thing'. She may have just been sleeping with the guy or planning to but had been rejected.
  8. Was there any confirmation that the man in Graendal's house was Jain? Even if he was, this does not explain why/how/what Jain (supposedly Verin's agent) is doing in Graendal's "HQ".
  9. Egwene, to me, initially fills the role of an annoying precocious brat, the kind who likes to act like she's 'all grown up'. She's smart and has a lot of potential to fill whatever role she's put into. When she begins, she is only the Wisdom's apprentice, but as time goes on, she's constantly being refitted into increasingly bigger shoes. It really attributes to her growth because when she began she was simply a brat who thought she knew everything there was to know, now she's been all over the continent, with more experiences under her belt to mature her than most Aes Sedai get in their lifetimes. That's what makes her one of my favourite characters. Back on topic though, one thing that really made me do a spit-take was when Min took out that whip/flogging thingy and threatened Rand with it. I was like, "OMGWTF?!" I think if anyone's into the BDSM, it's not the Saldaeans, it's the Far Madding wenches :o
  10. There're some other mistakes I think... Like... Rand adds Dailin to the list of women who died for him. But he's never met Dailin.
  11. Well, one may be a fan but sometimes people like to look at things from a critical point of view. It brings a better understanding to the inner workings of the story.
  12. That explains everything :P There were implications of men who liked other men. But there haven't been any blatant guy on guy relationships, unlike the large number of girl on girl references. I suspected Dobraine of it to be honest.
  13. Actually, I thought it was a part of her anatomy >_> You know... 'down there'...
  14. Taringail is Moiraine's half brother. Caraline is Moiraine and Taringail's cousin. Therefore Elayne would be Caraline's second cousin or there about.
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