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Season 2 casting announcements


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8 minutes ago, Pandemonium said:

these castings seem to show that season 1 is mostly book 1.  it seems like season season 2 will he mostly book 2 at this point.  but what do I know?

I think there’s a good chance season 2 is a mash-up of books 2 and 3. 


I think, as many have speculated, that Falme will be replaced by Tear.


No sure how I feel about that merger but will try to withhold judgement until I see how they do/don’t pull off the merger (assuming it happens).


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I am so happy with all of these new castings! They fit my head canon 100% spot on, especially Masema and Uno. I think it is really clever to hire these actors with some solid credits to their names as characters actors, to play medium sized roles in WOT. It will give the younger cast more to lean on, and it was one thing that worked out really well for GOT in their casting. 

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