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  1. yuck. red eagle?? this looks like a big mess. the only way it does well is if Amazon connects it to the tv show. otherwise it will just be weird. kinda like the fox fantastic 4 movies while marvel was doing the mcu
  2. I think the tv series will be just fine if it doesn't start with Dragonmount. there are other ways to convey this message later
  3. wot is all about balance. nothing goes unopposed. to accept that balefire, the chaos force, is unopposed would mean there is no higher unifying force. that would be counter to the patter, the creator, the yin yang and everything wot stands for. I thing RJ planned this early on and it is nice to finally know the meaning of the flame of the aes sedai.
  4. One group that needs to get either expanded or dropped is the Seafolk. Other boat captains can take their place. also, the kin could easily be the ones that studied the bowl of the winds. although the bowl of the winds could also be dropped. The whole role of of the coramoor was never fleshed out entirely and the sea folk pretty much disappeared in the last few books. although I do remember that Aviendha had a vision of the sea folk turned land folk, simply known as the folk.
  5. she is an actress so maybe she has more range that she can show here. not too worried about green screen experience. height can visually altered based on filming techniques. I already know that not everything is going to match the book description. that is ok, that is why it is an adaptation. just wait until some of your minor characters are removed entirely. there are going to many things we disagree with, but none of that is in our control. I'm going reserve all judgement until the airing. hopefully I like it, but if not I'll just keep rereading the books to keep alive my own version of the story that I love.
  6. pike sounds great to me. this series has come a long way since the eotw prologue debacle. I bet pike will pull off the sexy and sophisticated moraine needed for television. especially if they die her hair black
  7. i i was disappointed with some aspects of GoT but I was very happy they were allowed to be offensive and display controversial behavior. WoT is no where near as edgy as game of thrones, but it certainly has elements of abuse, rape, chauvinism, etc. I rather them keep it real than appease to a bunch of people that complain on twitter. I don't want them to take out shadar haran beating graendal and mesaana just because it might offend some. likewise matt's womanizing should not he sugar coated, nor should graendal's and rhavin's mind rapes.
  8. skin color is irrelevant in wot and I could care less how they cast it. If they go by the books there will be many races and cultures and main characters like Tuon will be black. All that is great, no problem. Just hope they keep the modern political narratives out of this. I want it to be more like game of thrones where they can do surprising things without offending someone. If they have to be politically correct then it will ruin the tv show. One of the key traits of the wheel of time was all the different perspectives and all the communication barriers that would crop up between different groups of people. hopefully they can let all that shine and they will need a very diverse cast to make it happen.
  9. yep, basically they need to avoid any of the mistakes that the last jedi made. forced political statements take away from the story. I loved that they are using a more diverse cast, but that movie wasn't a great one for a number of reasons. The director is the one that screwed it up. wot already has great diversity and racism doesn't seem like a big issue in this world so hopefully they don't try to.shoehorn in modern politics. there sre definitely groups of people that don't like each other though
  10. if they turn this into the sjw wot i will tune it out so quickly..... that said, feminism is a strong element of wot. as long as they can make it self reflective and keep the humor in tact then it should fare well. also wot is all about balance so hopefully they don't underestimate the male element, especially rand/perrin/matt. hopefully they equally display the flaws of both the males and females as well. some of the aes sedai can be quite tyrannical and i hope they don't display the white tower as a feminine utopia.
  11. whomever plays loial should get the main narration duties, aka the wheel weaves intro, etc
  12. 7 or 8 episodes per season wont cut it, only the last 2 got seasons bad that few episodes. wot is considerably denser than got. as for nudity, i think will definitely appear. there are some very adult themes and actions happening in between the lines of text. RJ was a master of subtlety and an expert at crafting the imagination. however, tv typically leaves very little to the imagination these days. sure, not all scenes need to display nudity, but many do. nudee scenarios include the shienar bathhouses, the aiel saunas, birgitte appearing nude from tel'aran'rhiod, graendals orgies, lanfear stripping nude for rand and getting cockblocked by asmodean, aviendha running naked from rand and creating a portal to seanchan, tylin stripping matt (if they even include ebou dar), lini getting it on with basel gill (jk), tuon stripping down for matt as if its just a matter of state, morraine running nude from her visit to rhuidean (maybe blur the nudity by the sun), shadar haran burning the clothes off the forsaken (just skip over the next part), and probably way more i cant think of right now. thom and matt alone have too many exploits, and just adding a'rangar is too much to contemplate. pillowfriends? min stripping for rand in the bath? berlain's antics with both rand and perrin, myrelle and lan, logaine getting it on with his controlling aes sedai bond, matt naked when bitten by a darkwolf. so many scenarios and i havent read the books in 10 years so probably missing many more
  13. i think galad could be cut out of the series. he barely played a role in anything significant. they might want to get a good looking face, but i felt his duel with demandred kind of ruined the ending a bit. there was no need for 3 sword fights. also the children of the light didnt play a huge role in the overall story and probably wouldnt be missed if cut.
  14. yes they are going to have to cut characters. I don't think it makes sense to cut Rands first meeting with Elayne. that was a pivotal scene. that said, I don't think Galad is a necessary character. in fact, the whole children of the light are not really necessary to the wheel of time narrative. Pedro niall and semen valda really don't add much. even gawyn isn't a necessary character. I felt that the 3 sword fights with Demandred kind of detracted from Lans fight final fight. even padan fain might not be necessary, he wasn't that essential and his final battle with Matt was an enormous disappointment. I also agree about removing Min. the love quadrangle probably wouldn't look to great on TV.
  15. These shows were enormously popular back then and remain so now: Fox commissioned six new episodes of The X-Files and it was the most successful new TV drama on their network last year (although only one episode was arguably really good, the rest were meh). More will follow. Showtime has spent an absolutely insane amount of money on the new Twin Peaks, to the tune of many tens of millions of dollars and convincing David Lynch (who hasn't directed a live-action project in a decade) to direct the entire thing, and are already ramping up marketing four months out. It may turn out to be rubbish, but it's certainly not the case that no-one cares about them. The market being oversaturated, I agree. Personally I'd like to see a moratorium on all new TV shows for five years to give everyone a chance to catch up on what they want to see before unloading new stuff. But in terms of quality, TV is probably the best it's ever been, and that's backed up by the enormous viewing figures and critical reception across the board. The market has absolutely never been as favourable for a Wheel of Time TV show right now. If it doesn't get made now, and if as is possible we see a decline or crash in a few years, the chances of it ever being made disappear. Nice post and i especially agree about too much TV. There is so much TV now that I don't watch any of it other a couple shows. Don't want to waste my life away watching TV. I'll get HBO Go once a year to watch Game of Thrones but other than than there is too much content. There will be a content bursting bubble eventually, and WoT is probably going to be on the wrong side of this bubble. I hope Apple or Amazon picks up WoT and throws a huge budget at it. But pretty much every project outside the WoT books hasn't fared very well. Hopefully there will be an appetite for epic fantasy TV after Game of Thrones ends, but we will see.
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