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  1. wonder why they are emphasizing Breen's spring out of all the possible towns
  2. Let's at least wait for season 1 to conclude before we make any conclusions. They started a whole new studio and named it Jordan Studios just to make this show. Rosamund Pike is talented and has a wide range of acting roles to her credit. Rafe is a lifelong fan of the books. The previews are purposely holding back much of the show. Brandon Sanderson is also consulting on this show. No one throws 300 million at a show just as a cash grab. they are really trying to create something epic and that can't be adequately shown yet in the brief trailers they have
  3. I am going to try to rank them in tiers from most important to least important. If they do cuts they can probably cut the least important ones. Obviously just my opinion here! Lots of spoilers below Most important Ishamael Lanfear Demandred Asmodean -someone has to teach Rand right?) Semirhage- putting top tier since she helped create Dark Rand Mid level importance Graendal . we need her orgy caravan and massive cleavage infused hedonism to spice the show. Aginor -only in mid tier because he created the shadowspawn. please no dashiva. Rahvin - honestly feel like his role could be cut or combined with Sammael. He didn't really do alot and how many imperial ruler forsaken do we really need? Moghedien- She teaches the girls lots of stuff and is a great rival with Nynaeve. She is needed to help Nynaeve remove her block. Lots of Moghedien scenes are somewhat redundant though and can be trimmed. Sammael- he is involved in the Battle of Cairhienen which I really hope doesn't get cut from the show. Otherwise he didn't do too much. He caused chaos with the Shaido but I really hope they cut all that Shaido rescue stuff out of the show. Otherwise he didn't do alot on screen. this scene in shadar Logoth was very anticlimactic. We didn't even know he was dead until RJ told us that Mashadar got him in a Q&A. I think Sammael could be combined with Rahvin or another forsaken for better effect. Least important Mesaana -She didn't really do too much in the books that couldn't be duplicated by the black ajah. anyone can let more workers in the white tower for a coup. Belal- he was in the books for like 2 minutes. his role could be duplicated by ishamael and the black ajah Balthamal- most worthless forsaken. do we really want Halima?
  4. 3 forsaken appeares in Eye of the World. How many will appear in Season 1? Do you think this show will use 13 forsaken or is that too many to fit in an 8 seasons arc? Which Forsaken would be most likely to get cut?
  5. it's odd that moraine says one of them is the dragon reborn so early on. that really changes the dynamic of the whole 1st book.
  6. Rosamund Pike is the new face of Wheel of Time even becoming the narrator of the audiobook 1. It will be interesting to see how many seasons she lasts before she is killed off/disappeared into terangreal. Maybe 3 or 4? Also will be interesting if they actually do the whole tower of Ghenji rescue scene. Moirraine didn't really do too much after that in the books, nothing any other character couldn't have done. It would make sense to killer off permanently after a few seasons. may be too hard to bring her back later on
  7. How about the nude bathtub scene and Lan? I liked how he mentions being served a sausage before that scene. 😁
  8. maybe he will grow a mustache later. Think of a depressed tom later on after his love is killed going back to Caemlyn and letting his facial hair grow out
  9. Also the other casting seems like Verin to me. One of the series most important role. She has comedy on her prior credits. Verin has to be funny, charming, and have a quick wit.
  10. Could we have our Lanfear? One of series most important roles. she has the looks and can do the crazy
  11. That looks pretty great. Quite a bit like Lord of the Rings, but it is supposed to have that vibe.
  12. Natasha might he playing Lanfear. And Meera could be Verin maybe
  13. maybe it's just his sister. she adds to the stakes if she gets killed in winter night. perrin did have his whole family wiped out so maybe this is just a way of making it more personal. all these other details of vb her being his wife and him killing sound like leaks more than theories. I don't know how anyone could come to those conclusions unless they had a leak.
  14. Shara should be taken out of the show doesn't really serve a point. The channelers were generic and their allegiance to the dark one never explained. Eugene kills the channelers but she could have just as easily killed the remaining black ajah or rogue ashaman As for Demandred having him masquerade as Taim would work better to develop the final boss. one interesting thing is taim seemed to hate swords and demanded is an expert. I wonder if they take out the Lan killing Demandred scene as well.
  15. Maybe he left due to disagreements over being a social justice warrior version of Matt
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