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    Ajah test

    You belong to the White Ajah! The White Ajah is the smallest Ajah, and they are devoted to seeking the truth. They seek answers that can rarely be found in worldly knowledge, and are often great philosophers. Whites are renowned for their serenity and calm heads, and carefully consider every situation with implacable logic. They can often seem cold and emotionless and are said to lack passion altogether, though this need not always be true. This is your result in its entirety: White Ajah: 11 Yellow Ajah: 3 Green Ajah: 3 Brown Ajah: 3 Gray Ajah: 2 Blue Ajah: 2 Red Ajah: 1 figures .-. I've been told I'm pretty white :P wonder which one the red was.... probably the kids question. Thought I'd get a tad more blue though.
  2. I tend to listen to The Dear Hunter (acts I-III) when I read WoT, and sometimes the Age Of Empires 2 soundtrack :D. I normally read with music, that i think has something in common with the series and get a strong association between the two. somehow I associate both of them with the middlish ages and so with WoTs general state of technology. plus they're wandering alot and i think both fit for traveling... dunno
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmark You should try these out, they're pretty sick.
  4. scratch that, said something stupid =P
  5. Sorry, but you are wrong here. It is said numerous times taht the warder bond increases reactions, speed and physical ability (even to the point where an old warder can maintain the physique of a young man). The first example that springs top mind is Gareth Bryne, just after being bonded by Siuan and while "raiding" the Tower to "rescue" Egwene, saves Siuan from the Bloodknife. Pages 647-648 Hardback TGS: "Bryne moved without thought. Three things in him mixed: years of training with the sword, a lifetime of practiced battlefield reflexes and a new bond-enhanced awareness" - the awareness indicates an increase in reflex/reaction times. Earlier in the book, just after being bonded, Bryne states "I could run a thousand leagues and never want for breath. I could stand against a hundred foes at once and laugh at them all." She rolled her eyes....all he could think about was how much better he might have become at swordplay!" awareness does not indicate increase in reaction time... It simply means he's also aware of feelings coming from Siuan. I mean it specifically ties his reflexes to to his lifetime on the battlefield, so your quote basically shoots that whole "band = better reflexes" thing in the foot. As for the second quote all that's saying is more endurance (running further and fighting more people), which we've already established.
  6. Come on, Compulsion? Graendal is basically a big ol' powerful pimp or dominatrix using the power for her own pleasures. And I think it was Lanfear who controlled the bird with the power? Or was viewing through the birds eyes. Something like that. No wait, that was Graendal doing that in ToM. Yeah. Sort of like a videogame. Anyway. Power. There are tons of things done through the power that could not ever be done with Technology. psshhhh, like what? =P
  7. even if he is the best swordmaster, Mat isn't a swordsman.
  8. Also, stupid people won't use Technology OR the Source as well as smarter people... And yeah, if thats really the question you wanted to ask, the poll doesn't really get that across =P
  9. Ok, so I've heard it said many times that Lan is definitely the best fighter (non one power). Just wondering where this comes from, did I miss something, or are people just drawing random conclusions =P
  10. eh, I feel like that hardly makes a difference (since only a small percentage of people are chanellers).
  11. It was either a side effect of the bonding or Logain's just that good a kisser. Definitely the latter. obviously. And as for aes sedai bonds. Its obvious they sometimes use a compulsion like bond. Remember after Alanna bonded Rand another aes sedai asked why she hadn't used the bond that makes males obey?
  12. I for one, still won't love him even if he does that. And yeah, killing your teacher. Not cool.
  13. skimming. cause you dont really need to know where you're going/coming from as well, so i can moar easily reach places/other planets. And since you said keep it PG-13. Compulsion. you know why.
  14. Regarding Padan/Mordeth I dunno, seems like an idea he took from Tolkien with Gollum/Smeagol and changed some of the outer layers. The original piece of work still shines through. eh. I don't like him since he said that thing about entrails... the proper greeting of friends. Kindof seemed overdone/obvious/not really that crazy. but I digress. Yeah I choose Shara, cause they are just super creepy. that whole killing the leaders thing and NOBODY getting to see them. They don't seem very fun D:
  15. At first i started out only reading informational books in elementary school, stuff about the middle ages, war, science a variety of things. I always looked down on those people who read fiction P:. Then in second grade my aunt sent me the first harry potter book, I became obsessed with those, and started reading mostly fantasy/SF novels. Around highschool I started reading more of a mix and especially much less sf/fantasy. I actually was introduced to WoT through an MMO called Starsonata, where some guy made a team about WoT and kept ranting about its glory. One day I was at the library last summer (I had decided to read every last star wars book, but they were so bad I gave up :'( I was almost there too) and saw the eye of the world, so I decided to get it, and decided it was the best series evar.
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