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Premier and Fan Screenings

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1 hour ago, themann1086 said:

There's a stickied thread the mods created to talk about the screenings as long as we hide spoilers in the spoiler text 🙂


I barely slept last night I'm so excited. 9 hours!


Nah I refuse to even put the spoilers into text. I'll be in said thread but I wont be the one 😛 


People might get tempted...after all it was temptation that lead to the Bore 😛

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10 minutes ago, DaddyFinn said:


Hmmm... No Cairhienin would be caught dead in that Domani dress.


Seriously, though, the dress makes a statement. Not sure how else to phrase it, and I'm not implying or making innuendo about it. Seems like an interesting combination of classical and modern, too.

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FYI @CaddySedai @themann1086 I moved your posts to the other thread. Not that ya'll spoiled anything, just want to keep things tidy by seperating member reactions there, and other content available to others here. 😉





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Why is Moiraine dressed like a "Whitecloak / Domani Aes Sedai going to an ancient Greek funeral" amalgamation? 🙄

She looks stunning, as always, but yah ... don't quite get that getup.

They Boys all look sleek and sophisticated, except for Loial who just looks adorably cuddly.

Madeleine and Zoe ... wow. OMW that dress of Zoe's! She looks an absolute stunner in it.


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