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  1. Elaida points out Rand's skin color is different from other Two Rivers people when she pulls his sleeve back. (It's obvious she knew what she'd find based on his height and hair color).
  2. Yep. Basically the Aiel are the most pale people in the world when they aren't constantly in the sun, and Rand thinks to himself Aviendha is really pale where the sun doesn't hit her. A paragraph from the book saying that Emond's Fielders are darker than Rand where the sun doesn't touch doesn't show that the Emond's Fielders aren't White, given EVERYONE has darker skin than non tan Aiel. That's like saying anything warmer than an ice cube is on fire. On the flip side, there is no definitive statement showing they are all Caucasian/White, either. So the TV show can really do whatever they want
  3. I think it'd be better if Mat looked a little more like the other 3 but as long as Rand is the only redhead, and the rest of the Aiel are redheads, it doesn't matter a whole lot.
  4. What a disaster that would have been.
  5. I don't know why I keep thinking about it or why I think it relates, but in Deathly Hallows I when Hermione is telling the story of the Hallows, they made a cartoon out of it and it worked great. When I think of scenes like the box, I think they can actually visualize the power. Not as weaves coming from Rand but kind of how I pictured it in my mind when reading it. The knots aren't seen but they could show them somehow, in a Sci-Fi way. Or maybe even show the Aes Sedai in some cloudy/hazy bad ass looking way as he defeats them. Then show him in the box straining, then the chest ex
  6. I think they will make a huge deal out of the procession of Logain and the Aes Sedai and that would be enough. Especially if it's the first introduction of Aes Sedai besides Moiraine. The idea of the Aes Sedai changed a lot once we knew more than one of them. But yes they can add in some back story as well, maybe make us aware that Siuan exists.
  7. Someone made a good post on this in one of the bigger threads that was much more thorough, but I thought it would make a good topic on its own. Most of my guesses are going to be short and sweet. We have titles for episodes 1-4 and 6 so far. 101. Leavetaking - I'm hoping this will be a longer episode, at least an hour and a half. Seems like a lot of time should be spent introducing the main characters, but clearly by the end of the episode they must either be fleeing the Two Rivers or, possibly but less likely, fleeing the farm and heading to the Two Rivers.
  8. This nails my feelings on it. I don't think anyone should feel guilty or think it's privilege thinking the characters are Caucasian, or argue that because some of the actors aren't Caucasian that the book characters MUST be non-Caucasian too and they were wrong all along. The books don't explicitly state either way, and there are several examples of RJ complaining about height and eye color and hair color in the artwork. He never complained about his main characters being whitewashed - I would think that would have pissed him off. To me, it doesn't matter who they cast for the TV show as lo
  9. I find it odd that in a conversation about TV rating you bring these up. These would barely be PG-13. We don't *see* Egwene's torture. Rand is fully clothed, just suffering. Rating is usually for visuals, not for tragic horrible crap that isn't gory.
  10. I don't think anyone thinks Min should be cut. People are just being realistic and trying to think of possibilities for what the TV show might do, and Min has been mentioned because Rafe said Rand isn't going to have 3 women. I don't think that means those characters won't be there, though. If Min isn't the woman they choose for Rand, she can still be one of his best friends. And having her in the show makes sense because she brings suspense with the negative things she predicts. Loial is much more likely to be cut because although he is a beloved character the main par
  11. I think you covered that the time period that closely resembles WoT times had violence, but the time period that resembles GoT is even worse. My thoughts on the general topic of rating are that in WoT more of the gory details are glossed over. In GoT we get details of seemingly ever awful thing that happens.
  12. Hey, stupid people do exist in real life ?
  13. This is definitely something I've always seen as one of the bigger challenges, because it could be incredibly cheesy.
  14. He can be useful in the series as being built up as a good guy and then betraying Rand in a much more personal way. Maybe he even helps Galina capture him. Although then having Egwene still love him is problematic.
  15. Haven't read the whole topic. Just came here to post this. It's one of my only major gripes with the books. They should have been annihilated at Dumai's Wells. They were only kept around so Perrin would have something to do while the others caught up. Agree with others that Morgase can be killed by Rahvin permanently. I would not be shocked if Loial was cut from the story. Not saying he should be - but it would be kind of a hassle to create him and his role wasn't vital to the story. As far as waygates and steddings (if they even mention them), they could find a way to just say
  16. I think guesses on how they'll plot out the episodes would make a great topic on its own. You should post it (if it hasn't already been done).
  17. It's pretty weird to see people asking whether we'd say the same things about RJ. RJ was ripped to shreds on a pretty consistent basis when he was alive.
  18. I've probably bought between 30 and 40 WoT books, all for me, and I've talked to many other "re-readers" who've done the same. The books fall apart when you read them too much. I've bought Crown of Swords four times. One of the times was because I dropped it in the bathtub. I also don't buy the argument that 99% of the readership are happy and that B.S. is trying to please them. Most people who aren't obsessed enough to post on forums probably aren't obsessed enough to go to book signings or e-mail him. The fanbase he's hearing from is people who are getting books signed in person. P
  19. I'm going to be a bit cheesy here, but RJ was my author. His style just fit with my personality perfectly, especially the humor. So it's really difficult for me not to get emotional when BS is writing humor. It's so inorganic with him. Talmanes' little sarcastic joke thing was so unnatural and his thoughts about it afterward were annoying. And then when he does slapsticky humor, which he usually puts on Mat (one of my favorite characters) this is how it reads to me: I'M WRITING MAT NOW SO I NEED TO BE FUNNY! LOOK AT HIM BEING FUNNY!
  20. What the hell do you mean, so what? It's worth discussing if it's inaccurate
  21. It's this, for me. I got kicked out of the story at least three times in the prologue, and contrary to what people accuse the "complainers" of, I was not looking for things to gripe about. And I really hate when people talk about how much time Brandon gave to this and how great it was of him to put his own books on hold. Wake up, please. A) he's getting paid and B) his career may have been as successful without WoT... 30 years from now. MAY have. It launched his career. He has been more than paid back for his writing in WoT. Without WoT, Tor might have never been willing to release Way of
  22. You see, that is where the nitpicking is coming in, when people spends so much time and energy on finding errors and faults, just so they can complain about it. It's the same we've had to listen to ever since BS took over. So while the material might be new, the complaints are the exact same, which makes them sound like a broken record by now. What people could do was to make another thread where they list every single thing they have an issue with, and discuss it with people who have an equal fondness of complaining and nitpicking. And instead leave this thread for actual discussing the detai
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