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  1. I could not think of anyone better for this job. I could think of people who would be horrible for it (eg. Me) but better? Nah. You've hit the cream of the crop there. Also thank you for your service here Kaylee - stay safe, be well, and come back soon 🙂
  2. Everyone is just too sweet. I am blessed to find that even after all these years I can return and it still feels like family. I accept these gifts and promise that if you ever need it you are welcome to stay warm by the hearth of my home. 😉
  3. Behold, it is my birthday. The Great Lord has seen fit to allow his favorite Chosen (Its the truth, I know this because he gave me his personal wifi password) to grace this world for another year. I will now accept tribute in the form of children to teach, or oreo cookies. Whichever is easier to aquire.
  4. It is now officially my birthday. I am accepting well wishes and ill wishes alike <(^_^)> I am currently in the House of Mouse enjoying some downtime XD
  5. Rotten? More like epic! Can find my TP in the woods now during the last battle!
  6. To steal and modify a quote from a respected king from another turning of the Wheel - “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their people” Also - ya know - teaching children has always been a passion project of mine. *smiles coyly*
  7. 5. Cuz you'd think i’d go lime green but thats just yellow with some style. So I’ll go orange cuz yummy yummy orangyness.
  8. Mesaana here, still the most successful general the world has ever seen. *giggles* As you well know I usually run with Demandred and Semirhage but I will be ok with this too.
  9. You mean D&D THIS IS AD&D! *midsection kicks arie into a pit of ants, who all somehow were taught to wield really tiny daggers in their mandibles - stabby stabby*
  10. I still have my AD&D dungeon master guidebook. and all the ones from there forward. Be evil and maybe I will show you. Also *gives hundreds of children tainted daggers - because Mesaana *nods* Makes them stab everyone in this thread past, present, and future. Also stabs Lily personally... because authority figures make me twitchy*
  11. I already helped her beforehand- *darth vader voice* The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner. Now, *I* am the master.
  12. that was my issue too. I had a teensy time away - come back and there was some OTHER Cadsuane... and some OTHER Mesaana. Yeah well - dibs on them both again 🙂 Im home and Im changing the locks back.
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