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  1. @TheDreadReader Lol, now you made me think of WoT as written by Martin. And that makes me sad. I may be the Chosen Mesaana, and I choose not to imagine a world where we have to have scenes featuring Ishmael’s “”Oath Rod” in them. lol
  2. @SinisterDeath uses that to his advantage of course. Laugh or Die. Of course I totally respect this. I would do the same.
  3. Pound sand sheepherder. like that? did I do good? I think I did good. 😛
  4. And the oaths were also reducing their lifespans... so you look ageless but live less long than those who dont take them and just...age slower? It was always a "Hmm..." situation trying to imagine it lol
  5. This has been gone over in some other threads so it might be interesting to look through them too since a ton of preexisting insight might not end up in a new thread. But also we do always love to comment so some will and maybe even new content. I try not to comment on any individual points because until I see it in full i will reserve judgement. Dwelling on my fears or expectations will taint my opinion of the show so Im staying neutral as possible and treating it as Jordan had us treat the video game - as either a portal stone world or another turning of the wheel. Rand is Rand but may not be the Rand I know from the book. But is still Rand. I know Sanderson endorses that method of viewing the series as well. Also the teaser trailer is supposed to barely feature anyone. So Rand getting linited play is not at all a surprise. Actually the bigger surprise is how much we did actually see in a teaser. Here is an example of a teaser from another thing Im excited about and you will see the contrast. So the first “teaser trailer” for Strange New Worlds is basically a passing mention in a gigantic ad for all their shows. And yes its the official teaser - we need to wait till trailer 1 to get any true footage. or there is this, in the video game world a teaser trailer is called a reveal trailer. You thought you saw little in the teaser above? Star Wars said Hold My Blue Milk. So Im happy we got as deep a look as we did. And I don’t support trailers that give away major plot points so I hope we get some views or character interaction in trailer 2 but still keep it vague.
  6. Love it, Love it. Lets see if we can’t get a bit more play out of it for the international market. In another surprise twist its actually Mesaana, revealed in a post ending Scooby-Doo reveal. Why? Because then Rand and her have a kid and she finally truly learns how to love a child. And Rand is actually a young Sean Connery and every death at his hand actually is what makes him the Highlander. Boom. Did you see that… like you had your onion of a plot and I made it a super onion. So many layers.
  7. Ah you see thats the twist. In my world he never has Tam as family. He ends up with Lan and then has to become the Batman - taking up his fathers role as a combat style protector. I simply didn’t clarify so someone would call me out and I could get another post out of it. Gotta get posts in for that proficient level somehow. lol
  8. Honestly Im interested in seeing what an ogier would consider a sock since their relationship with the Pattern is measured differently. Moraine is a close second, I bet we Aes Sedai wear some bangin socks. As far as the last time in a show? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Mix of tights and thigh/kneehighs throughout her various looks.
  9. Lan ends up being killed while Rand is still a very young boy by a notorious gangster and while he is in the care of the Cauthon family he falls into a cave … inspiring him to become the Batman.
  10. @SinisterDeath I do know the warders in the game are modeled after his description though (being the most defined warder in all WoT) so heres an in game example.
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