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What to keep, what to drop?

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On 2/4/2019 at 11:27 PM, DemandredFO said:

Just dropping all of Valan Luca and having physical scenery instead of description will cut down. Combined Ishy and Be'lal since B shows up and gets killed, I wish I knew if RJ intended more for B. Oh and you need Narg, Narg smart. The Tylin story I think will be cut because WOT doesn't need a rape controversy. I think the travelling people could be cut down or left out entirely since they don't add much. Also I think the latter seasons will diverge more as books get cut down and there's time to expand on stuff Brandon either left out or had to edit for time, like adding seanchan and AS together at the tower. If you include that Min vision, the WT/seanchan lack of resolution has to change.

Where you need to add though is the OP battles because the descriptions sound cool but you can have 5 mins of Nyneave and Moghedien do a staredown in an ancient museum


I think they will do OP battles two ways....


1; If the scene if from the POV of a non-Channelor, there will be no effects.  An example being, lets say the scene follows a maid walking through a door into finding an OP battle.  She, and the camera, won't pick up any effects, just the channelors reactions.  


But if the scene follows the channelors themselves then all the effects, and all the weaves are shown.

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On 2/5/2019 at 4:27 AM, DemandredFO said:

I think the travelling people could be cut down or left out entirely since they don't add much.


They don't add much by themselves, but they sure do add a lot when we learn about who the Aiel once were and their hypocrisy.  The travelling people stayed true when the Aiel did not.  And that's MAJOR.

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My guess is that the WOT will have nudity (possibly quite a lot depending on how they handle pillow friends and the White Tower), and some sexual situations but it wont be in a very graphic way like GOT, but I cant imagine there not being nudity and sex. I think WOT will be solidly TV-MA but not as hard as GOT. Cursing will be the interesting thing, I suspect they will have some real cursing mixed in with the WOT style cursing. Wouldnt be surprised with a Graendal "orgy" scene that is pretty explicit for shock value.


I think the travelling people need to stay it's so important to the overall arc.


To be honest, much of Perrins arc can be just excised without really any loss, especially the endless Faile kidnapping thing. 


I dont see them keeping the polygamy as is though. Not sure that would work.


To be honest, I am not so sure that the story doesn't get changed quite a bit right around the Lanfear/Moiraine fight. I could see them changing that entire Arc. And Taim should be corrected back as originally intended.


Bowl of the Winds? Not sure that adds a lot either. Shadar Logoth may be emphasized more. Fain may be more front and center.

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Johnnysd, I think after Dumais Wells there'll be major changes if it goes that long since books 7 on kind of go off the rails, like they can't not have Mat around since he's the comic relief and like I said before, the whole Tylin thing will change. RJ changing Taim because of the fans seem stupid and I wonder if there was another reason. Also time really gets screwed up after Dumais Wells since 7 to 14 only cover months. Also if it gets that far and they keep the arthurian mythology, the LB will be changed from Merrilor to Caemlyn because you don't name a place that without meaning a major battle to take place there.

The Foresaken will get changed alot or merged since most of them die with a whimper, Aranger dies twice accomplishing nothing.

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