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  1. WoT is finished.... WoT is this.... I'm just going to say that this attitude on this forums of this is how it all is and now you just have to accept it is deplorable..... I al lament hte fact that WoT seems to have to exist in such a weird context... For one, it's written in South Carolina using the old system meant to deal with African slaves of the 19th century.... Tnat is reprehensible, though it's couched in a number of differnt ways that make it obscure..... Secondly, the author died and that has made everyone uneasy and bla
  2. On.... er... none.... One of hte gigfts of RJ universe is that characters have this transparent introduction amk makes everything easy to see/understand.
  3. Finally yes the sereiis is tragically altered by rapid shifts in the intensity... The first one is straight and suffers a bit for it. 2-4 go much quicker for example.
  4. Perrin's incredibly interesting because he is a heroic defender of his faith/values without resorting to violence it's atypical in fantasy series for the most part..... Although as we know he does occasional use violence... it's essentially a primitive tribal ish religino almost. Mat's the complete opposite.
  5. Ok here's the thing... this could definitely rbing attention to the series which is good.... But there's no way it would honor the books which already don't even honor themselves.... So I think it should go ahead and basically introduce everything about it, make money, revive the series in a minor way... And then that minor revival can ideally pave the way for really doing the series justice. that's my 5 step or so plan.
  6. Almost anyone could have conquered Randland as poeple call it at almost any time... pretty much anyone except rand. It's a familiaar issue in fiction at times which is the all conquering super hero figure is presumed some kind of equivalent world level power and so on when that's just not the case... WoT consists of a large place with a vast amount of interactions between different people... and it's clear after The fall of tear that even though Rnad possesses a great deal of magic and power and allies it's no better than faction for getting people into a
  7. Rand is absolutely 100% the creator etc... it's likely none of the v events major or minor would have occurred without the Two Rivers scenario... it's pivotal to everything that comes after from the POV of the books. There's a chance you could argue that the world is self-sustaining without him... but it wouldn't have existed without him either so the point is moot.
  8. He is not everyone's least favorite character.. in fact overwhelmingly prefered to Galad for ex easy.. by myself.
  9. What to keep: The idea of a wheel of time TV series What to drop: This particular wheel of time TV series.
  10. She really didn't honestly... repeating myself but Mat's just a mistake IMO .
  11. An RJ specific thing we never really got learn what would of happened.
  12. Tar Valon is just yet another example of writers/geographers/etc people who do this going all insane and weird over unusual geography like sounds, inlets, islands with a rock in the middle in a river etc.... Out of all the things on the map it's the only thing that caught my attentionf or being strange... but not for this reason.... Like if you try and read a description of Seattle and the surrounding areas it's like 4000000000000000 pages of people just flittering about because it's so unique, it's an odd phenomenon I've found.
  13. It will be a big waste of everyones time because the book series really isn't finished itself, which I know doesn't answer these e questions.
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