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  1. No, she's not M. She looks ill, and way too old for 40.
  2. I will not a give a chance to this adaptation. Pike is not Moirane. And maybe it's better leaving now, and not watching a totally castrated, diluted, rewritten adaptation of Wheel of Time.
  3. So, according to you, Robert Jordan was a racist, WOT is a racist series of books, because 95% of the characters are white? And do not forget, 99.9% of the characters are heterosexual! This is so disgusting! My advice, do not read such bigot books at all!
  4. Asians != dwarfs. And yes, Faile is white. Davram is white, Deira is white - their EYES are dark, that's true.
  5. Even Alison Brie would be better or Camilla Belle - if they want an actress without any skill; Cate Blanchett must cost a fortune, and maybe she's too old.
  6. I would like to see someone who has acting abilities. They say Moi will the star of S01, so please, get a real actress.
  7. I like Rosamund Pike, but please dear Rosamund, decline the offer.
  8. I suppose I will be called a racist or similar names, but the producers should heed Chernobyl, which has become imdb's highest-rated series ever. There aren't any forced political correctness, no updated-reversed-rewritten gender roles, no sex, minimal blood on the screen in Chernobyl.
  9. We are just 3 months before filming, and I'd like to know the number of the episodes of the first season: is it 6, is it 10, or is it 13?
  10. Hello Dragonmount! There are rumours, mainly from Sanderson, that there will be in the TV series. Any idea, what could be these? Any wild guess?
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