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  1. I agree. I did not have the problems with the gender issues in WoT either. More often than not, it was a source of amusement to me because it sounded so much like the way men and women talk about each other in real life. Remember Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? Generally speaking, men and women are different, physically, mentally and emotionally. And that's why we complement and complete each other. I know there are exceptions, as Lesbi Nerdy said, but to have exceptions you have to have rules. Stereotypes develop from observation of commonalities among a given population (be
  2. Excellent point about anger festering. And anger is not always bad--there is such a thing as righteous anger.
  3. Actually, 'bloody' and 'flaming' are British swear words (mild ones I think). But I guess they don't really sound like swear words so maybe that's why Jordan used them. I personally am 100% against using any other modern day swear words, but there are some that I think sound too stupid to include, like 'mother's milk in a cup'.
  4. He did, it was a Twitter Q&A over a year ago. He said that he was uncomfortable with the idea of polygamy (the way in which people commonly refer to Rand's 3 love affairs even though he doesn't marry any of them), and wanted to put it in the context of polyamory. (I am paraphrasing.)
  5. Why do you think we do not need a closer look at the Seanchan? I think understanding their culture is very important. They have a tremendous impact on the story.
  6. Sometimes, but often not. "As fair as any Andoran" is pretty plain, as is a bold nose, olive skinned, dark skinned, tilted eyes, etc. He was very specific about some, but vague about others.
  7. Could be she took a hiatus for real life stuff. I don't know how old she is but it's not unusual for women in show biz to take some time off to have kids. Oh, I know, they were absolutely awesome! Rosamund hit the ball out of the park, and Barney was so great. He seems to already have Mat down pat, the way he even slumped in his chair as he read his line. Could totally see him as Mat. Plus there were the other nuggets, like seeing Michael McElhannon at the table. And then the black woman with the braids turns out to be Nanna Agyei Ampadu, and it has been suggested that the
  8. The nightmares will great to see if they can make them truly frighten-you-to-death scenes. Eeew, really? I would have to close my eyes for that one, although it's not like there won't be plenty of other scenes that I will not be able to watch. Oh, I hope they DO NOT show Sevanna and her cronies tearing that other Wise One to pieces. (No Shaido at all would be fine with me.) Not to mention the surprise on the boys' faces when they see an Aes Sedai dancing! All of these, definitely!
  9. That is one of my favorite scenes! And then being saved and reunited with Lan. Chokes me up every time. But I hope in the show she is not so stubborn about allowing her happiness to show. Being reunited with the love of your life is no time to be stoic--giggle all you want to! I love me some awesome Mat! If they combine the two brothers into one character I will be so sad because then we won't have this scene. LOL! That would be priceless! I'm sure they'll show it, especially since Rafe said he wants to expand Logain's role. So many little things like that are part of
  10. My guess and my hope is Thom. I haven't seen him in anything else than GoT and Chernobyl, but a friend of mine described him this way: " McElhatton is famous for 'speaking with his eyes,' he's expert at the sidelong glance, the slightly raised eyebrow, the skeptical but always understated body language--in other words, no matter who he's playing, you just know that the character knows a very great deal more than he's saying or telling." That just sounds perfect for Thom, and according to IMDB he is also known for his voice. No idea if he can sing or not. Also, any other male roles in e
  11. Karen Valentine Hendry, who is the casting director, has an excellent reputation in the industry, so I'm trusting her to cast well. I would imagine they got input from Harriet and Brandon on casting as well. Your comparison of Josha to Hayden-as-Anakin is worrying. He really was bad. I was always amazed they casted him. Anyway, I'll have to watch more of his clips to see if I agree with your assessment. Have you ever watched Nae'blis on You Tube? He watched all the movies that Josha and Marcus did, and he is optimistic. I am not at familiar with any of Rafe's work because the stuff
  12. I would like to ask Rafe, So what if Rand is in love with three women and they all love him? It's NOT polygamy because he doesn't marry them. Supposedly he's all for polyamorous relationships, so leave them be. And if they're so worried about people being offended by polygamy, does that mean they will do away with it among the Aiel? And the idea that Jordan hinted at Elayne and Aviendha being romantically involved is absolutely ABSURD. They become first sisters, which would make that akin to incest! Now that's offensive!
  13. LMAO!! The last time he just asked for people to submit questions about Rosamund Pike. If he makes it that narrow, it won't leave much room for other news. I know production companies like to keep as much under wraps as possible, but I think it's time for Amazon to throw us a couple more bones!
  14. Half the books are exposition! or at least it feels that way.
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