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  1. Half the books are exposition! or at least it feels that way.
  2. Totally agree about Moiraine. There's no way they're going to have her out of the story for 3 seasons or thereabouts. Which of course will mean they will have to create a whole lot of story arc for her that doesn't exist. I see her taking the place of some of the other sisters, such as the ones in Ebou Dar who are supposed to assist Elayne and Nyaneave. I'd say Siuan already has a pretty big role with the rebel Aes Sedai. Would definitely like to see more of Elyas! Anyway, the show writers know the endings for all the characters, so every change they make can be made with that in mind, instead of having to force the characters to fit the end of the story.
  3. Your point is well made, and I think all of us felt that to some degree, some more than others. But part of the problem was that the show outpaced the source material. Another problem was that D&D just apparently decided they could write the characters better than Martin did. As they were quoted saying, they did something because creatively to them it made sense, not because it made sense in the context of the larger story. With WoT, the entire series has been written, so no worries about running out of source material. And who's to say that Rafe Judkins will do the same thing that D&D did? Of course there will be changes made, but is there some reason that they will be so large that as you say : I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I haven't heard enough to believe it will necessarily the case. Is there something specific on which you are basing your judgement?
  4. Given they are set to start filming in Sept or Oct (forget), I'm expecting to start being bombarded with casting news VERY SOON NOW! Or at least I certainly hope so. It's like announcing Pike was a tease, and now they're keeping the others secret.
  5. So of the two options, you seem to be more in favor of dropping the Seafolk? I think they are an interesting culture the would be better expanded than dropped. Not to mention, for those who are concerned about ethnic diversity, they would all be very dark skinned. If they dropped the Bowl of the Winds they would have to come up with another way of dealing with the weather. Fixing the weather is important. It is the second time the Dark One used weather as a means to harm the world, and both times he was eventually his attempts were overcome.
  6. Yeah, but how cool would it be if he could? I would imagine the casing director would be like "how much do you want?" He's quite talented indeed.
  7. Well, I'll be darned! Not bad. 😜 Quite good actually, and he plays the piano as well! Now if he can just play the flute and the harp... Check out this fan casting site. Someone actually chose Rosamund Pike for Moiraine! https://www.mycast.io/stories/the-wheel-of-time
  8. But can Hugh Laurie sing? I think Timothy Omundson would be a good choice for Thom. For Logain, I would like Aidan Turner. He's got the looks, the talent and he's a good brooder.
  9. I agree he'd be the epitome of Rand if Rand was much older. I've thought of him myself. Anyway, he's busy with Outlander.
  10. The only part of that I see as being a problem is the spanking, which they would cut anyway.
  11. I get your point about emphasizing an element that already exists. But although the actual culmination of Moiraine and Thom's relationship doesn't occur until Towers of Midnight (not quite the end), the feelings develop well before that; like I pointed out earlier there are hints in earlier books. So to have her and Siuan as lovers while at the same time developing feelings for Thom just doesn't work well to me. It feels awkward. Not to mention there is Siuan's relationship with Gareth, and both women end up bonding the men they love for their new warders. Assuming the show writers keep those two romantic relationships in the show, I think it defeat the purpose of including homosexual relations in the show. Egwene making Gawyn her warder but not being in love with him would serve the same purpose to the story as their romance does, because that bond is just as strong as that between lovers. (He could still be in love with her though.) I have yet to hear anyone say they like their romance. Either way, they would be making someone gay who is not in the books.
  12. Yeah, really! Such a good actor to kill off so soon.
  13. More than that even. He teaches Mat and Rand the skills they use to earn meals and lodging during their voyage to Camelyn, without which the show producers will have to answer how they managed to stay alive all by themselves all that way (recall that both they and Perrin and Egwene went days without even being able to snare a rabbit for dinner). If that was all, they could certainly work around it. But he is also a master at Daes Daemar, and he not only helps to instruct Rand in the game, but he is also very instrumental in ferreting out information for Rand and Moiraine in Tear, and Nyaneave and Elayne in Tanchico. I agree that Thom's role would be better expanded than cut, and a well known actor would help to draw people in. If only the producers read this forum!
  14. Oh, I fully expect to see some flashbacks, or actually all it would take is one , for instance when Moiraine and Siuan see each other for the first time in years in Shienar. But it would be a past relationship, not a current one. Making Moiraine and Siuan have ANY romantic interests whatsoever would go totally against the core of their characters. They are both too committed to their mission of finding and helping the DR to have the time or desire for romantic entanglements. Siuan even says as much to herself in FoH. There is also the fact that Siuan and Moiraine have not seen each for YEARS, and have barely even had any contact. This is an important point because it makes other Aes Sedai suspicious of Moiraine, and of Siuan when she does not reign her in. Moiraine does not struggle with the fact that Siuan has been deposed and stilled (she doesn't struggle with much in fact). She is saddened by it, but she and Siuan knew when they first began the probable consequences if they were ever found out, and they accepted it (Moiraine thinks this to herself when she learns of Siuan's fate). They both saw it as worth it, and as far as Moiraine is concerned, there is nothing to deal with. She does what is needed to accomplish her goal, and accepts what she must cooly. Remember when she told the boys she would destroy them herself rather than let the Dark One have them? If she had had to resort to that, she would have been saddened by it, and regret the necessity, but it is not something she would have to struggle with emotionally afterward. I hope that explains why I think it would hurt the show for Moiraine and Siuan to be lovers. And of course in my previous post, I was assuming Thom will be in the show. I can't imagine how they could cut him. He is so important to many plots in the story. Yeah, I guess Galad could be gay. What I hope they don't do with Galad is depict him as the heartless beast that Elayne makes him out to be. He is committed to always doing what he believes is right, but he is not heartless. I do think it's cute how he fawns over Egwene. And of course there is the fact that Gawyn won't make his interest in her known because of his devotion to Galad. I still think if they are intent on making one of the main characters gay, make it Egwene. That serves the purpose of having a main gay character if they feel that is necessary, and eliminates her abysmal romance with Gawyn, which always just felt like filler to me.
  15. A blatant attempt to inject sex into a story is checking a box too. They're the boxes of what sells and/or makes the show politically correct so as to garner positive media coverage. So, we know there are going to be pillow friends. Why is has to be out the wazoo I can't understand. Having them just to have them does not enhance the story. I have very specific reasons why making certain characters gay or bi will actually hurt the story. Moiraine and Siuan were pillow friends in their novice days. In New Spring I think it is, it is explained that novices and accepted engage in this activity because of the stress and loneliness they experience during their training and they are basically cut off from the outside world, which includes men. The WoT Companion states that this behavior usually ended when the women were raised to the shawl. So, reference to Moiraine and Siuan's previous relationship is one thing, but to make Moiraine a lesbian is totally inconsistent with her character. For one, she is totally consumed by her search for the Dragon Reborn, to the exclusion of all else. Secondly, her relationship Thom appears to come out of nowhere toward the end of the series, but there are very subtle hints as early as TGH. My hope is the show will make those hints a little more obvious so that it will not seem to come out of nowhere. Making Moiraine a lesbian will just make her marriage to Thom totally incongruous. Mat is a lady's man--that is a big part of his character. And although he marries Tuon by accident, he does come to find her attractive and to care for her. So no, he can't be gay. And Perrin? That's laughable! He falls in love with Faile in book 4 and marries her in book 5, and she is pivotal to his character development. And although they will encounter different views on sexuality outside of the Two Rivers, the Two Rivers, where Perrin and Faile become Lord and Lady, is a quaint, ultra conservative area where homosexuality would not be accepted. If you make any of the Emond's Fielders homosexual, you have to change the nature of the place where they grew up too. Aviendha and Elayne--the whole reason Aviendha is so hateful toward Rand when she is forced to stay with him all the time and tutor him is because she is falling in love with him and feels guilty toward Elayne. Make her a lesbian and you totally lose that dynamic. Elyane becomes pregnant with Rand's children! And one of Min's viewings shows that her babies will be born safely, so she takes all kinds of stupid risks she would not otherwise take because she feels completely safe due to Min's viewing. Plus, there is something about feeling such a strong bond to each other that they become first sisters. That's for life. Romantic relationships are not necessarily. Egwene actually could end up being a lesbian because no one likes Gawyn or their romance anyway. Not to mention they both die the day after they are married (she never returns to Emond's Field), so really nothing lost there. And they could start by having Egwene wonder why she is not attracted to either Galad or Gawyn, two extremely handsome men that other women fawn over. Gawyn can still be her warder however. What gives you that feeling? I think she is too pivotal to be cut, and I don't even like her that much.
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