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  1. I listen to the audio books before bed, so for the last year and a half I've been on a continual loop. I had planned to reread the first couple books though.
  2. I think the EF boys look great! Especially when Mat smiles--he looks perfect. And he even tosses dice on the table! What were you worried about with Egwene? The 30-40 something AS look YA to you? I think some of the costumes are just a trend away from medieval looking dresses to coats and pants. Not a fan of the huge shoulders on a few of the dresses, but aside from that Siuan's dress is gorgeous. The Ajah colors in the collar is a great touch. Ny's accent? She said 2 words. She wouldn't be smiling approvingly if she saw Rand and Egwene later though! (Not crazy about that either.) Lan looks great, but a little gray at his temples wouldn't hurt. I think the paint pool is Egwene's first prophetic dream.
  3. But he has an Aes Sedai to heal his injuries so it makes sense he doesn't have any visible scars. He's been with her for 20 years so any scars he got before (unless REALLY bad) would have faded. It's okay that he doesn't LOOK like Lan, as long as he acts like Lan, and that will incude stony facial expressions. Daniel Henney is actually about the same age as Lan. And as a woman, I am very happy to have some serious male eye candy.
  4. I think book fans should understand the scene of Egwene coming up out of the water, even if not immediately. And the Logain scenes, with the exception of Moiraine, Lan and Nyaneave being there, shouldn't come as such a great surprise because we do hear about the battle.
  5. The whole Witcher series was confusing on first watch, and it was a great success! I'm sure the second trailer will give us a better overall understanding of the story. This one was meant to be exciting.
  6. I'm waiting for the second trailer and then I'm gonna send both to my kids and my friends who were in GoT.
  7. This is actually not true. I counted how many times they each appear during the trailer and their appearances are equal. The difference is there are 3 scenes of Egwene only and only 2 of Rand, and the one of Egwene coming up out of the water is clearly of great significance. That's not to say I Otdon't agree that they are clearly trying to play up the strong female vibes, and I totally expected that. Otherwise, this was a great, very thoughtful commentary. One of the very best I've seen. Definitely something I'd expect from an elder Ogier.
  8. I agree. I did not have the problems with the gender issues in WoT either. More often than not, it was a source of amusement to me because it sounded so much like the way men and women talk about each other in real life. Remember Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? Generally speaking, men and women are different, physically, mentally and emotionally. And that's why we complement and complete each other. I know there are exceptions, as Lesbi Nerdy said, but to have exceptions you have to have rules. Stereotypes develop from observation of commonalities among a given population (be it humans, animals, or whatever). Regarding Jordan's use of gender, the fact that saidar and saidin are so different but produce the greatest results when used together I think speaks to the fact that no matter how different we are, we are best when we work together and allow our differences to compliment each other rather than divide. Furthermore, I think Lezbi Nerdy is only focusing on one aspect of gender in WoT. In the Aiel culture, men and women are absolutely equal, and in the case of Wise Ones, women might actually have the greater power. Not to mention that when a man has 2 wives, he has no say in how that relationship works. Domani women are the best traders in the land, and among the Sea Folk it's the women who are the mistresses of the ships and the men the masters of trade, and their marriage customs balance authority between husband and wife. Among the Seanchan, I could not see any difference in authority or the way men and women approached positions of leadership. Women could be ship captains, military and political leaders and be every bit as tough as the men. On the whole, I think their is much more gender diversity than Lesby Nerdy gives Jordan credit for, but of course different things stand out to different readers.
  9. Excellent point about anger festering. And anger is not always bad--there is such a thing as righteous anger.
  10. Actually, 'bloody' and 'flaming' are British swear words (mild ones I think). But I guess they don't really sound like swear words so maybe that's why Jordan used them. I personally am 100% against using any other modern day swear words, but there are some that I think sound too stupid to include, like 'mother's milk in a cup'.
  11. He did, it was a Twitter Q&A over a year ago. He said that he was uncomfortable with the idea of polygamy (the way in which people commonly refer to Rand's 3 love affairs even though he doesn't marry any of them), and wanted to put it in the context of polyamory. (I am paraphrasing.)
  12. Why do you think we do not need a closer look at the Seanchan? I think understanding their culture is very important. They have a tremendous impact on the story.
  13. Sometimes, but often not. "As fair as any Andoran" is pretty plain, as is a bold nose, olive skinned, dark skinned, tilted eyes, etc. He was very specific about some, but vague about others.
  14. Could be she took a hiatus for real life stuff. I don't know how old she is but it's not unusual for women in show biz to take some time off to have kids. Oh, I know, they were absolutely awesome! Rosamund hit the ball out of the park, and Barney was so great. He seems to already have Mat down pat, the way he even slumped in his chair as he read his line. Could totally see him as Mat. Plus there were the other nuggets, like seeing Michael McElhannon at the table. And then the black woman with the braids turns out to be Nanna Agyei Ampadu, and it has been suggested that the guy with the white hair and beard is Stuart Graham.
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