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  1. I agree. The thread on the GoT forum is so active probably because people are already on there talking about GoT.
  2. I'm glad she wasn't! I don't think she's a good enough actress.
  3. Oh, I do. I would enjoy them even more if the thread for the tv show was more active.
  4. When does he take fatigue from Bela? I think I missed it.
  5. I think I saw it in the rules for the Structured WoT Discussion.
  6. I went through the four pages of threads in this sub forum, and there is a real hodge podge of topics, some random subjects and others on one book in general. With the tv show in production a lot of book fans will likely be doing re-reads (and others reading for the first time), and I was wondering if it would be possible to have a subforum for discussions of each book, It would make it easier to find such discussions. I don't mean any criticism or disrespect to the moderators of this forum, as I can't imagine how much work is involved in keeping this forum up (and thank you for all the work you do!), but the book section of the Forum of Ice and Fire is set up that way and I thought it would be really nice to do the same here. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.
  7. Often you just want to let someone know you agree with them, or hey, great question, or that's funny! Thanks!
  8. Hi, I joined the forum in the last week. It seems to use the same interface (or whatever is the correct term) as the Forum of an Ice and Fire, so I set my notification settings exactly the same as I did there, where I receive in forum notifications when someone replies to one of my posts. In this forum however, I do not receive notifications, but I get emails every time someone replies to one of my posts, despite the fact I do not have email turned on for any of my notification options. What can I be doing wrong? Thank you!
  9. It is common knowledge that Aes Sedai can't lie, but I don't think the oath rod as the instrument of this limitation is common knowledge. Their other oaths are common knowledge as well, but I don't recall if the books ever say how everyone knows it to be true.
  10. Very good point Sabio. Maybe the destruction of the door severs the link to the rest of the world.
  11. We all know that they are going to go with unknowns for the main characters, with some big names for some important characters who aren't in the series for long for who don't show for books at a time (like Moiraine, Berelain, Demandred, etc.). They could age the Emond's Fielders up a year or two (like GoT did wit the Stark kids), but not more because the would be too emotionally mature and some of them, notably Egwene and Rand would probably already be married. I think people are making too much about hair and eye color. Hello, wigs (hair dye) and contacts. People with pale skin can use self tanning lotions. Even accents can be learned and unlearned. Mel Gibson did a fabulous job with his Scottish accent in Braveheart, and Gerard Butler is from Scotland but you'd never guess in most of his movies. BTW, did RJ say the Two Rivers folk have Irish Accents? Anyway, I say all this not to criticize fan casting or say it's a waste of tme. I greatly enjoy seeing what other people's ideas of the characters are, and that is perhaps how we should approach fan casting. For instance, I always imagined Moiraine looking like Jacklyn Smith with dark eyes, and Lanfear like Catherine Zeta Jones, Nyaneve like Poppy Drayton (originally I thought Emma Watson), Egwene like Alexis Bledel, and Lan like Liam Neeson. I have yet to think of an actor who has the physical bulk that Perrin needs (besides guys like Dwayne Johnson). For some the boys are harder for me to associate with current actors. I'm not a huge fan of current day tv and movies, so there are a whole lot of actors/actresses I don't know at all.
  12. I wonder if they will do the prologue from each book, or just EotW? Not as a narrative, I mean just as a the opening scene, or would it seriously disrupt the flow of the episodes? There is some really important information in some of those prologues which could just as easily be worked into an episode, but the prologues usually create some mystery.
  13. Wow, how many times have you read these books that you can remember in which book that was mentioned? I remember lots of events and details, but most of the time, don't ask me which book it was in! I'm the same with quoting scripture; I can quote a text, but can't remember chapter and verse reference. I like your signature, BTW.
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