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  1. That's a fair point, thematically it would have been better and the Asha'man do very little at the final battle. Then Egwene could take out Demandred and avoid the rather silly three duels in the middle of a battle.
  2. Far too old for Egwene. Egwene is 16/17 at the start of the books and Emma Watson is 29. Nyneave maybe, but depending on how close they are keeping to the physical descriptions from the books, because if they you are talking small, slight and dark haired. Used to work with a Welsh girl who matched the physical description exactly, which is probably where RJ got his inspiration for Two Rivers folk,
  3. One advantage of casting unknowns is you will be able to get far closer to how many view the character. Aside from being too old none of the Perrin options match how I view the character.
  4. I like how RJ's relationships are true to life with their variety, and it is undeniable that her and Bryne have a bit of a role playing dominant, submissive thing going on. From him forcing her to perform domestic tasks to her letting him spank her on multiple occasions. As I said, I liked it in the books as human sexuality is varied, and often complicated, but almost certainty the most problematic relationship for a show that is going to have female empowerment as one of its themes. Faile Perrin is rather different as it only happens the once and Faile was beating Perrin up at the time.
  5. Well you are assuming that they are keeping both relationships for Moraine and Siuan and Siuan's in particular would be problematic for modern audiences. As for Egwene you also have the issue that her and Rand are sort of dating, with both worrying that they are not right for each other at the same time (reading between the lines). A number of plot developments flow from that, including Rand's first use of the source, so to make Egwene an outright Lesbian is also changing that aspect of the story, because if she were she wouldn't have been giving Rand the come on.
  6. Well also Egwene often attracts dislike on this forum that seems specific to her and not to the female characters in general. Logain and co need more to do in the Final battle, but that shouldn't be at the expense of one of the main characters
  7. Well it cant be exactly the same as Sean Bean, because she doesn't leave until book 5. Depending on structure it would be a departure in series 3 or 4 I guess. By that point though the focus should have already switched to other characters.
  8. GOT shows us how secondary roles can be elevated by the actors portraying them so that seems likely if he is kept. It will no doubt be a cast of unknowns for most of the primary characters, with the possible exception of Nynaeve who is a bit older. So the older roles need good established actors to help carry everything. Found some great fan art for some of the key characters. Hope the casting isn't too far off https://www.deviantart.com/manweri/art/Nynaeve-al-Meara-700551581
  9. I think there is a difference between someone who suppresses their emotions and someone who doesn't have any. Yes Moraine is very controlled both outwardly and, to some extent inwardly, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have emotions underneath. In assessing her mental state as well we only have three POV chapters after the Great Hunt before her long disappearance. To say that her and Siuan could be lovers does not mean that they are spending any more time together on the show than in the books. This is obviously a path they want to go down, so, to me, emphasising an element already there, and with a character whose own romance is tacked on at the end, makes more sense than just making someone like Egwene gay, whose relationship intertwines with other events in the books. As for Thom I think he is a good character and hope he is on the show, but they will no doubt cut secondary characters and he serves more of a function in many plot scenarios rather than being someone who the story could not survive without.
  10. Thinking about elements that could be left to later Introduction of Min?, is one example It doesn't necessarily mean no prologue
  11. Well most of it seems necessary as it wraps up elements introduced from earlier books, but I don't think we are a massively apart on this. You have eight books after book 6, books seven through eleven are very slow paced but with some interesting set pieces, scenes and character development. Books twelve through fourteen are clearly by another author and how well you get on with them depends on how you handle that shift, but are far faster paced. If we were to say four and half seasons for the first six books and then three and a half for the remainder than that probably represents the balance of core plot progression over the whole series. Even four and half seasons for the first six books though argues against allocating an entire season to EOTW, because later books in the first six have more locations and more going on, with everyone having their own separate missions.
  12. Egwene isn't my most interesting character but she isn't terrible, she could also be adapted to be less annoying. If Rafe is pushing the strong women angle than she is a natural choice to be one of his focuses and yes they will no doubt skip much of the political stuff in later books. In terms of adaption there are fourteen books in this series and you appear to be suggesting that eight of them can be covered in two to three seasons. Yes they were very drawn out, and have large sections that can be cut out, but the end three are action packed. To me books three, four and five are the true gold. It starts a bit slow with EOTW, before RJ has found his style and starts to get going in The Great Hunt when we meet the Seanchen. To me a first season that went through EOTW and large chunks of the Great Hunt would be fine. Leaving space for other books in later seasons, what we don't want is the GOT situation of a faithful adaptation of the first three books and then a race to the finish line. There are very important themes in the later books that need proper time to develop. Agreed as well that the Prologue is a great opening scene and properly establishes the power of magic in this world before anyone gets going.
  13. Yes I think Min's key role is as being a grounded companion for Rand as he struggles with darkness. I imagine the show is going to keep the girls being off having their own adventures so Min is one of the core elements of the story in the late books and if you are going to have a polygamous it might as well be with three as two so I don't understand arguments for cutting that down on PC grounds. There are a host of characters, and entire chunks of books, you can cut without impacting the core story but I don't think Min is one of them.
  14. If you add together Moraine being the key character of season 1 (by all accounts) and pillow friends out the wazoo. It seems likely we will be getting Moraine flashbacks including her relationship with Siuan. I am not entirely sure why making a character a Lesbian rather than Bi-sexual is going to ruin the story personally?. Thom is tacked on at the end and for all we know they are cutting the character anyway. If anything this could enhance the story with Moraine having to deal with the details of the deposing and stilling of her lover while still keeping to the mission to which they both sacrificed so much. Who has the stronger relationship Moraine and Siuan or Moraine and Thom? The rest of the post I fully agree with, you cannot easily make any of the other main characters gay, without distorting the story. Galad could be made gay as well but other than that it is difficult.
  15. Poor use of CGI?. They usually had movie levels of CGI and often better than the Marvel approach of throwing everything at the screen. Did you see the burning of Kings Landing?, or the field of fire?. The Direwolves were actually quite complicated to do which was why they minimised their screen time. But if WOT has the same production values as the latter seasons of GOT (when the budget had increased) I will be very happy. It is also somewhat ironic for a fan of WOT to criticise GRRM for being too long winded. You have I take it read Books 7 through 11? and how the rescue of one character, for example, spreads over three books. This isn't Marvel vs DC. It is more time to celebrate that these TV adaptions are bringing new fans into the genre.
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