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  1. I think what many miss is that Rand is not a normal man. He is the champion of the light destined to be spun out once again when the pattern needs him. That is why he was destined to have three loves he loved equally and that is why he could not choose between them. Some choose to regard this as offensive. But it is equally clear how none of the women involved are willing to let a man get between them and their friendships.
  2. This comes up quite a bit but if you put yourself in the minds of both characters and what they say about one another it is clearer. Lan had relationships before, and with attractive women as well. But if you hear how he describes Nynaeve he is often saying she is like a lioness. So he wanted a woman who combined this with both fierceness, courage and concern for others. Nynaeve demonstrates all of these qualities in the first book, particularly when you consider she had no formal training at that point. Nynaeve is a little bit more complex and I think here the tendency
  3. Morgase did so after providing Andor with an heir and Elayne would have had the same consideration.
  4. I think that is the case for Elayne though. I think Min or Aviendha could love the man Elayne needed the title as well (not putting her down she does become a queen after all)
  5. I always viewed them as being different aspects of femininity and Rand being unable to choose between them due to his role as champion of humanity and the author deliberately not wanting a choice between them for that reason. Girl next door, career woman and beautiful princess. It was also important as well, as detailed above, that the women chose to hold on to sisterhood above petty jealousy.
  6. In respect to re-evaluating the series as a whole. Yes very much so. As a young man in my late teens you would naturally identify more with the young lads. These days I find Rand and Perrin rather tedious in the first two books and Matt isn't really in it until book 3. These days probably my most entertaining point of view is mid books Nynaeve. In terms of re-evaluating the books themselves I think if you skim through the later books between book 7 and book 11 (KOD) and just skip anything involving Faile and just skim read many of the other boring plot lines, you can ap
  7. In respect to Male female "bickering". It is a society that is pre modern but with far greater gender equality because the original sin in this world was male. The relevance of it being pre-modern is that there are still separate male and female spheres, particularly in the world of work. Hence creating more of a gender divide than in today's societies. I personally still think it has a great deal of relevance in that it has independent and powerful female characters who are still realistic, in that they are recognisable female. On the whole though if you are struggling
  8. Nynaeve is always great IMO, her chapters are some of the best in the middle books. For those around her though I would concede she could be annoying. Not a disliked character as such but Egwene can often come across as very irritating. From picking fights early on in the series with Nynaeve to treating Gawyn like dirt once they are reunited. Add in assuming she is always right when dealing with others like Rand and Perrin. Tuon I find very irritating as well with how closed minded she is. Other than her you have characters who are supposed to be disliked l
  9. You are missing some, no doubt because there is so much of it going on. Min is indeed spanked, by Sorilea when she was interrogating her, and perhaps on other occasions I cannot remember.
  10. The Aiel are not meant to be perfect and in fact most societies that excelled at warfare had deeply unpleasant aspects to them as well. If the Aiel had been perfect then they would have been an example of unrealistic world building, but, by contrast, their willingness to carry out mass slaughter to avenge a perceived sleight seems very realistic for a society where warfare often results from breaches of honour or old blood feuds. They are people like any other and have developed to survive in their environment. As a reader we probably find them more interesting than the
  11. Corporal punishment was very much a part of discipline for children and young adults in the time period which WOT is most resembles. We don't see any male characters in similar situations so while it might seem all women if one of our male POV characters was a young boy at school, or one freshly conscripted into the army, then they would no doubt be undergoing similar and in fact Matt often remembers being switched for misdemeanours from what I recall. All that said it is a little excessive in the books and effects characters who are no longer at that stage in their personal or pr
  12. She tried to keep Rand human. Elayne and Aviendha were off having baths together so without her he might well have succumbed to his growing darkness.
  13. Sorry I didn't mean that the writing is poor. Only that the characters of the male forsaken and, usually, their competence, as written, are no better than that of the female. Apologies I worded that poorly. Just to respond to your point though I would have liked to see at least a couple of the forsaken being more along the lines of a tragic hero. Drawn to the "dark side" in this particular world due to understandable human flaws. Rather than all be motivated by power, Sadism and/or petty jealousy
  14. Also are the male forsaken written any better. Two of them defected to the shadow purely because they were jealous of Lews Therin after all. They were all deeply flawed people which was why they were drawn to the shadow. Petty, jealous, greedy and unable to work well with others.
  15. But GOT also only had a handful of bad guys around at the same time. Thirteen is far too many to personalise them and have the viewer know anything about them at all. I would say one good change would be for them to stay dead once killed. that way at least we will be down to at most 11 by the end of the first season. Maybe start out with fewer of them as well. Helpful to think back to the Hobbit movies and how that became a bit of a mess in terms of characterisation for the dwarfs. I think often there is quite a dividing line with increasing numbers. Once over a certain threshold
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