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  1. I entirely agree that they need to reach a broad audience rather than a narrow one. GOT managed to reach a broad audience and had gay characters. As pointed out in prior posts Min can also be part of achieving a broad audience as she is a more relatable character than many. There are clear areas where they can bring out a LGBT element without derailing the core story. Whether that be the pillow friends of the Aes Sedai, or by making a character like Galad gay.
  2. So any resemblance to the books will be coincidental then because I am curious what it was about the very many Min POV chapters that made you feel she was gender confused and in fact thought she was male. Like many I came to WOT in the early to mid nineties from a time when TV shows and films were designed to be art rather than political manifestos. I still hope for an actual book adaptation but perhaps I am hoping in vain.
  3. Min gives us a very interesting perspective into a girl's life who isn't nobly born, superpowered or running around with a spear. I.E. the vast majority of women in Randland and yet some still think she's a prime candidate to be cut. She did spend some time in a rough tavern as a tavern maid and her aunts come and get her out if I remember rightly, and I believe she did suffer sexual harassment so no it hasn't been all sweetness and light in her life. I interpret her wearing breeches as more refusing to be bound by convention than by traumatic experiences though. Clothing at that time was extremely confining for women with multiple layers of skirts that went down to the ankles and heavy lacing or even corsets for the upper body. Min wasn't going to put up with all that, but that doesn't mean she was the latest political fad of "transgender". She is a heterosexual girl who likes horses and doesn't want to bound by outdated convention. Sounds like millions of western women to me who would be rather startled to be told they are "transgender"
  4. if they wanted the full set I suppose in the books though Min is a pretty girl who likes dressing as a boy, probably more on practicality grounds than anything else. She has had past boyfriends before she met Rand. Given how confining female dress was at the time probably Min dresses closer to many current female readers than most of the rest of the female characters.
  5. You are really just discussing the age range and sensitivities a book is suitable for rather than the quality of the writing. I read the Hobbit at ten and LOTR at about 11. Any parent letting their child read ASOIAF at 11 probably needs their head examined. You might as well say David Eddings is a better writer because his main two series are suitable for ages twelve and up. The middle ages was an often brutal time and often not a good place to be if you were poor or a woman or both. GRRM shows you that reality but actually keeps most of the sexual violence and torture off page, so he is actually far less graphic than he could be.
  6. I think that Myrelle had convinced herself it was necessary, that doesn't mean it was required. We don't get Lan point of view chapters around that time but from the perspective of other characters he is still very dark while with Myrelle and only starts to become more his old self while with Nynaeve. So he actually needed love and purpose in my view, not meaningless sex.
  7. Well transferring the bond was necessary but in reality Lan needed Nynaeve which is why he comes back to life more when he is with her. Incidentally did anyone read that as Lan being unfaithful?. I didn't as I viewed that there was a fair amount of compulsion involved.
  8. Siuan I could definitely see, because if they make the focus of season 1 Moraine then her relationship with Siuan becomes even more important and I could see the potential for flashbacks. Logain is already confirmed and will be an opportunity to see WOT world from another perspective in the first season. Elyas could easily be cut and as for the other two I don't think I would want to spend anymore time with them than I did in the books.
  9. Wrestlers weights, particularly back then, were often overstated. But in any case my point was more the look. Lan spends his time travelling, training and fighting so he would barely have an ounce of fat on him.
  10. He's got muscles sure but Lan for me is pure muscle and sinew. For any older Wrestling fans I am picturing someone with the abs of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.
  11. they got married in A Crown of Swords but the actual ceremony isn't on the page.
  12. He's going to have to hit the gym. One of the funniest moments in Crown of Swords is when Nyneave punches Lan in the stomach and hurts her hand and he barely seems to notice.
  13. I think Lan is supposed to be attractive in a sort of extremely masculine way, rather than pretty boy, boy band member sort of way. From memory Egwene cant see why Nyneave is attracted to him when she is thinking about it in Tear.
  14. Fair enough if that is what RJ said WOT wiki says "Saldaeans have bold, prominent noses and slightly upturned, almond-shaped eyes. While as ferocious in battle as any of the Border nations, their equestrian skills are undoubtedly superior; no other nation in Randland can match Saldaea for her famed and effective use of light cavalry" Which doesn't exactly match North Africans.
  15. Or central Asian and the preponderance of cavalry would also suggest that as an inspiration. The Turks are often cited as what the people of Saldaea look like (that would be in their original tribes not the people of modern day Turkey)
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