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  1. But you would have to get around all the internal monologue how many books would that add
  2. The table read was for the first episode so they would have to introduce him early for it to be Elyas.
  3. Mat isn't white though he just looks white in some pics due to lighting.
  4. Kari being an outlander can be used to explain Rand's differences and I don't see how is Mat is an example of diversity when he doesn't seem that much lighter than Nynaeve to me.
  5. I doubt he's Tam since Two Rivers people are dark skinned in the show so it's more likely than not that he'll be played by a dark skinned actor.
  6. Sanderson said she's something deep in RJ's notes but wouldn't expand further.
  7. We're never told who or what she is even outside of the books with it being one of three questions Sanderson won't answer. The other two being how the body swap worked and how Rand lit the pipe.
  8. He's not going to rewrite the graphic novel into a book but he has said he has plans for more stories set on that world but whether or not they will be in graphic novel form is unknown.
  9. Currently Sanderson is divided over who the flashback character for book 4 is going to be
  10. There aren't any White Sand short stories just the graphic novel which is being published in three volumes.
  11. All current Cosmere short stories are in Arcanum Unbounded
  12. The RJ casting list comes from his notes when terez and others got a look at them several years ago and is more of a list of who he was basing the looks off of instead of a casting list.
  13. Judging by the episode titles they're doing EOTW as 5 episodes. The known episode titles are 1. Leavetakings ( the chapter where they leave Emond's Field ), 2. Shadow's Waiting ( the chapter where they enter Shadar Logoth and SL's name in the new tongue ), 3. A Place of Safety, 4. The Dragon Reborn and 6. The Flame of Tar Valon.
  14. Not necessarily since the breaking reshaped the continents and we have no pre-breaking maps and so no way of knowing what the continents looked like in the Age of Legends.
  15. We don't know how many episodes will be in the first season. We just know the titles of the first four episodes along with the title of episode six.
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