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  1. It should be noted that the LotR show was only announced a few months or so after Christopher Tolkien stepped down as head of the Tolkien estate and that the show probably wouldn't exist without that regime change.
  2. Sanderson has written a rough draft or an outline for a Sixth of the Dusk sequel but he shelved it for the time being as it has spoilers for Space Age Cosmere.
  3. Emperor's Soul is Cosmere and is set on the same planet as Elantris.
  4. From what I understand so did RJ in regards to WoT. It wasn't until he was almost on his deathbed that Harriet convinced him to let it be finished for the fans. So hopefully, at some point GRRM did or will change his mind and let the series be finished by somebody else.
  5. Aiel are pale skinned when not suntanned and RJ said that they look Irish here's the quote ROBERT JORDAN He made the Aiel look Irish because he thought it was kind of funny. He doesn't like the fact that hardened desert warriors are always described as looking a certain way, so he used the opposite description.
  6. Unlikely since WoT is set on Earth and Sanderson has explicitly said Earth is not part of the Cosmere.
  7. GRRM has recently been giving updates on his progress on Winds of Winter and the level of optimism in those seem to match those of his Dance with Dragons updates that were made about a year and a half before the book was released. So, there's some hope for at least WoW to be completed. If GRRM dies, hopefully someone else will finish the series.
  8. GRRM knows how the books will end and gave the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (also known as DnD for short) notes on the ending. The problem is that DnD aren't good writers when they don't have much material to go on and more importantly they wanted to end the show at seven seasons (the show being 8 seasons seems to be a compromise between them and HBO). The show needed more seasons to be able to finish properly leading the show ending to be terribly rushed. The ending of the books will likely have the same basic ideas as the show (like who becomes king in the end) but it'll likely be better written and make more sense then the show.
  9. For a Total War game I'd prefer it to be set during either The War of the Hundred Years, the conquest of Seanchan or Mat and Tuon's reconquest of Seanchan.
  10. Min had a viewing that Avi would have Rand's children and that they will be quads. We just don't know if they are conceived before or after Rand body swaps with Moridin. If it happens before then they would have to have been conceived when Rand and Avi slept together right before the Last Battle which is soon enough for Avi not to have any signs of pregnancy during the battle.
  11. RJ has said that the events of the books are the source for some of our myths and legends so what you suggest wouldn't work unless human civilization could somehow survive long enough to migrate to the new universe.
  12. IMDB is not very reliable when it comes to upcoming movies and shows so unless it was confirmed by a social media post by someone involved in the show or by a major news outlet consider it to be rumor. That said the only thing suspicious from what was posted is the name of Ampadu's character as I haven't seen any name attached to the character before.
  13. They're not filming multiple seasons at once. They're doing post-production on what had been filmed for season 1 before production was shut down due to the Corona virus and writing for season two (which so far hasn't officialy been given the greenlight yet).
  14. RJ did plan to do a trilogy of books set after AMOL that would focus on Mat and Tuon reconquering the Seanchan homeland but there was too little in the way of notes for Sanderson to feel comfortable writing it.
  15. Sanderson did say that he was considering working on a Mistborn screenplay so it's definitely plausible that the screenshot was legit.
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