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Tainted Minds - A Black Tower Mafia Game [Signups]

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Tainted Minds Setup

2 Sane Town Cops
1 Insane Town Cop
7 Vanilla Town

2 Mafia Framers
1 Mafia Traitor

The Town Cops will not be aware of their sanity. Upon death they will only be revealed as Cop. They will each receive a N0 investigation of their choice. The Mafia will have a N0 frame of their choice. The Traitor will know who the Framers are and can only be recruited if they are killed by the Mafia. On investigations they will show as "innocent" but can only win with the Mafia.

Sample Role PMs

Town Cop

Congratulations! You are a Town Cop. Each Night you may submit a name to investigate. Your results will return as "Innocent" or "Guilty". You win after all threats to the Town have been eliminated. Good luck!

Vanilla Town

Congratulations! You are a Vanilla Town. Your voice and your vote are your only powers. You win after all threats to the Town have been eliminated. Good luck!

Mafia Framer

Congratulations! You are a Mafia Framer. Your partner is (name). You may communicate privately at any time using this QT (link). Each Night you will submit a name to kill, and also a name to frame. You win when your team has gained parity or there is nothing left to prevent this. Good luck!

Mafia Traitor

Congratulations! You are a Mafia Traitor. Players (name) and (name) make up the rest of your faction. You have the ability to be recruited. On Cop reports you will normally show as "Innocent". You can only win when they have gained parity or nothing can prevent this. Good luck!


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1. This will be a Normal Mafia game. Town wins when all threats have been eliminated. Mafia wins when they have gained parity or nothing can prevent this.

2. Lynch Mechanic will be Hybrid Hammer. Whoever has the most votes at the end of the Deadline will be lynched. Ties will be decided randomly. Use the tags to place a vote. You do not have to unvote to change votes.

3. Phase Length is mutable. Generally I would like to keep to a 48/24 schedule but I will adjust as necessary. D1 countdown will not begin until all players have checked in. All times will be in PST.

4. You are expected to adhere to the site's Code of Conduct. Be mindful of your language and treat each other with respect. If there is an issue, please advise me through your provided Role PM.

5. No outside communication except through channels I have provided.

6. Embrace the Taint. Edited by Andrej

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1. Nolder
2. BFG
3. Ironeyes
4. Dar'Jen Ab Owain
5. LedZepMan
6. Niniel
7. Leyrann
8. cory caboose
9. Clovdyx
0. Shitsure Kamimashita
1. Sooh
2. Gentled Ben
3. dicetosser1 Edited by Andrej

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