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Cliché Mafia - Game Thread (GAME OVER - MAFIA WIN)


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As the king stepped up on the platform in the grand hall of the castle, the crowd immediately died down.


'People of the land!' he spoke. 'My sources have told me grave news, and I see not why I should hesitate to bring it to you. This message is what it is, no matter how it is brought, as it appears, that there are people here, that wish us dead.' He looked to the noble knight, to his daughter the princess, his eyes missed the fool, he looked at his wife the queen, and others. 'But let us not be afraid. These vile minds will not best us! Let us stand strong together, and let us weed out these traitors! We will be one front, we will not let these people defeat us, and it will be their blood only that will wet the floors of this castle!'


The crowd cheered his words, as he was king, but at the same time, they looked upon one another in distrust. Who were these people? Who wished this? Who could they trust, who would betray them in one of the castle's many hallways?


As the crowd dissolved, suspicion ruled the castle.


Welcome to the Black Tower Cliché Event mafia game!


The mods: ReleaseTheEvil and Leyrann.


The rules:


1. All Dragonmount and Black Tower behaviour rules apply.

2. You are not allowed to quote your PM.

3. Days are 48 hours and nights are 24 hours. Day 1 will be 72 hours.

4. Character reveals are not allowed and neither is a mass role reveal. "Normal" role reveals are allowed.

5. This is a hammer game. Once a majority is reached, the target is lynched. Any votes after this point do not count. If no majority is reached at deadline, the lynch is random with chances depending on how many votes people have. No-voters are count as self-votes for this purpose and can therefore die even if no one voted them, so make sure you have a vote out by deadline.

6. No gaming the mods.

7. Play along to the spirit of the rules, not the letter.

8. One non-game-related bah post is allowed.

9. No editing.

10. Votes in bold and red, just use the tags. If you want to switch your vote, please unvote first.

11. Inactivity results in replacement or modkill and no points earned (and Black Tower points are about to return, so yes that costs you something).

12. Actions in role PM.

13. No discussing the game outside the game thread except if you are given a QT by either me or RTE.

14. I don't know if people even remember rule 14, but it still applies.

15. Self-votes are allowed, but I don't see why you'd do it.

16 Deadlines will be 9 PM CEST. This is 8 PM in London, 3 PM in New York, 12 PM in Los Angeles and 5 AM in Canberra. And if you live somewhere else you probably know how to convert from these cities.

17. Spam is allowed as long as it doesn't disrupt the game.


Sign-up list:


1. Niniel, the Knight (Town Cop) - Killed on Night 1

2. LZM

3. Marsh, the Mistress (Third Party Survivor) - Killed on Night 2

4. Dice, the Doctor (Town Doctor) - Randomly lynched on Day 1

5. Darthe

6. Shad, the Mystic (Town Tree Stump) - Killed on Night 1

7. Dawn, the King (Mafia Godfather) - Randomly lynched on Day 2

8. Killashandra

9. Nyn Oscar

10. Turin, the Rogue (Town Vigilante) - Killed on Night 2




1. Oscar


PLEASE NOTE: This thread will be locked until all role PMs have gone out, after that the game starts.


Day 1 deadline: Wednesday 10 PM CEST = 9 PM BST = 4 PM EST = 1 PM PST = 7 AM Australian EST (sorry Dice) (yes, you get Sunday for free)


End of Day 1/Start of Night 1

Edited by Leyrann
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