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  2. I spent ALL day yesterday working in my new classroom. The previous teacher of the room was a hoarder of books and, while I love good books, these books were not well cared for 😢 And SO much dust and bugs *shudders* The shelves are now clean and next week I will be organizing them and putting them back together. That and starting to work on some decorating ideas for the room! I don't want it to be too overwhelming but I don't want it to feel 'cold' either. Any suggestions that are VERY budget friendly? (#teacherlife=no$) Today I have to finish my background check for switching districts, then it's library storytime and in the afternoon, if we're both up for it, I'm taking the little guy swimming 🙂
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  4. wrong they call them Joe vote zander we didnt lynch him d1 like we were sposed to last game lets try again!
  5. Rhya allowed herself a few seconds to acclimatise to the water's chill, letting the sudden tightness which the shock had caused in her chest to ease up a touch so she could breathe freely. If she was going to have a distance to swim, then attempting it without full lungs of air would be idiotic. A wry smile touched her mouth briefly. Her question to Owen about getting undressed had been curiousity rather than teasing. She wouldn't have been surprised at all. Any time they were near water, they ended up naked as the day they were born. It was a deliberate, if unspoken, reminder of their first swim together and, by association, of how astoundingly lucky they'd each been to find the other. Besides, if that man asked her to get undressed, she wasn't going to say no wherever they happened to be. A gurgle of laughter escaped at that admission. Taking a few slow, deep breaths, Rhya brought her attention back to the matter at hand. She wasn't concerned about the swimming part of this or the having to hold her breath. In a small, tightly controlled part of her brain though, she was utterly terrified of the confined spaces she was about to face. This was a very deliberately chosen test. It had to be. Owen knew of her fear all too well. She'd hated enclosed spaces throughout her life but had only remembered why a matter of months ago. Her uncle had a lot to answer for. So be it. A test wasn't a test if it was easy. With one final deep breath in, Rhya dived and, once deep underwater, was thankful to find the way easily enough. The huge fissure that split the rocks before her was certainly narrow but, despite being dim, the water wasn't murky at all. She made steady progress, forcing herself not to rush, keeping a stranglehold on that panicking voice in the back of her head so that she wouldn't lose her wal, and gave thanks for her slender build. There were bends in the rocks where she felt her skin getting badly scraped along all those areas where she naturally had curves, but nothing worse than the grazed knees one often got as a child. Just as her lungs were starting to protest, she could see the light changing far above and realised she must be reaching some kind of destination, possibly a cave. But of course it wasn't ever going to be that simple. At almost the same moment, she hit the most cramped part of the tunnel. It wasn't so much the width that gave her pause as the protruding rocks at irregular intervals and heights on either side. Even someone who didn't have her generous curves would struggle to be quite so fish like that they could undulate their way through that obstacle with ease. Her anxiety increasing by the second, Rhya gingerly propelled herself forward, feeling carefully with her fingertips and half pushing, half pulling herself through the tightest places. The walls pressed in, the rock no longer merely grazing, but actually slicing her skin in one or two places. She ignored it. The weight of the water and the sense of oppression were a greater threat. She had to get out of the other side of this soon. Her lungs were aching, and now that she could feel the rocks against both her front and her back, that voice of panic wasn't just making itself known, it was screaming at a pitched counterpoint to the insistence of her body that she needed air. "Burn you, Rhy, don't lose it now," she admonished herself. "The rocks are no different to the tree or the soil. Just part of the earth. They're not trying to hurt you! Focus." It wasn't helping. Her eyes were screwed tight shut as she held on to the calmness and peace inside, refusing to let that voice win but her mind still shouted at her about heavy darkness, fear, walls closing in and the need for escape. She could feel her mind racing down into memories she didn't want to touch. Not here, not now. Scrabbling fingers searched for some purchase on the rocks ahead and eventually found it at almost the full reach of her arms. Hauling hard, she was convinced her arms were coming out of their sockets. Her hips were definitely stuck. Wriggling frantically, Rhya twisted and turned, hunting for an angle that would let her move. It seemed like hours rather than seconds but finally, she felt herself slip through and free of the grasping rocks and pushed upwards grimly, sure that she couldn't make it out before her lungs burst. But make it she did, her head breaking the water just as her need for breath won out over the need for self preservation and she gulped in a mixture of river water and blessedly fresh air, hands grabbing blindly for the side of the channel she was in as she coughed and choked, clearing her throat of the water. Rhya clung there, making no move to leave the water, a vague expression of horror on her face that even the calmness couldn't wipe out entirely. "Promise me, you won't make me do that again. I know why you did. But promise me," her voice was flat and matter of fact. It would have fooled any other listener into believing she was merely making a civilised request...
  6. @Songstress hasn't commented yet. Let's see what she has to say before we guess something 🙂
  7. I don’t have any saying when it comes to decorations since I don’t have my own classroom. Working with individual students is very rewarding. You notice the steps forward so much faster.
  8. It just seems encouraging competition among darkfriends will guarantee the Light will always win. Also, since time is a cycle, that means the Dark One never wins in the future, because the future is part of the past.
  9. I like sitting out in my yard in the evening. I still have birds coming & it’s so beautiful out.
  10. Yay! I got one! I’ll put one up tomorrow.
  11. By the time Faile pulled that crap with tricking Loial, Perrin had already saved her in Telrhoid when they first got to Tear. Until that point, I saw no real interest on Perrin’s part (other than some physical attraction). Once Perrin sacrifices for Faile, that is a very binding experience.
  12. Seanchan new the Dragon was reborn, and they also have the prophecy that the Dragon would bow before the Empress, may she live forever. No one knew how Turak died. Hawkwing fighting for Randland is a good question. Tho it isn’t clear how many people saw Hawkwing. The threat to Sandar may have been form of speech, not a real threat.
  13. On a reread right now and "The Dragon Reborn" could be condensed into four episodes easily (The Shadow rising is a different matter of course) . The task of adaptation is not as daunting as you might first think when you realise just how much can be taken out with no impact on the core story. Just condensing the Faile capture plot, Elayne taking the throne and being introduced to every Aes Sedai alone would cut out two books worth of material.
  14. On the other hand Lord of the Rings stayed reasonable close to the source material throughout and gave us most of the endings in those books without anyone saying it didn't fit. The difference being that it was based on a completed series. I'm not one of those who call D&D talentless, the look and feel of GOT was usually amazing after all, but in the writing field, once they could no longer adapt but had to create, they were very much shown up. The writers of WOT have the far easier task of having a completed series in front of them and being able to create setup in early seasons for payoff later on while knowing exactly what is happening. Yes some characters will no doubt get more screentime than others based on who is cast and fan reaction, but drastic changes as a result runs into the GOT problem. As Linda on her podcast for Westeros.org said they removed some elements and it turned out to be one leg of a chair and without it you didn't have a chair. That is to say the problems in the later seasons are structural and not due to organic character development.
  15. Well I'm ok with whatever you want to make an official guess, @Sooh. I don't think we can puzzle anything out yet.
  16. Cairos, dropped you a PM. *accepts the MG Brew in passing*
  17. -Everything is now moved over to the new Clubs boards. In this Club, all boards are public. For people with no bio, The Welcome Inn is still the only board they should be posting to. -Huge amounts of dead threads (from all boards) have been archived in the old forums. I've discussed retaining read-only access to them for Staff for reference purposes, but they'll be unavailable to everyone else. If it looks like there are a few more pages in certain boards here, it's due to combining multiple boards into one, such as the OOC boards. Do not worry about personal records, ALL bios were moved here to the Club and so were ALL training/progress threads. -Pinned threads are gradually being updated as we settle in but they should be in some semblance of order now. People will hopefully trickle back as they figure out we've moved. -If you can't see the private Clubs for Tar Valon, The Alliance and Freelanders, you'll need to drop me a PM. Those Clubs are invite only. The boards had to be created separately as you can't have public and private boards in a single Club, it's either/or. If you find you're getting invites, this is the reason why!
  18. i need to plant my huckleberry seeds
  19. Bring on the blessings. I find joy in the small things. Sometimes it is those small things that help us through the day.
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