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  1. Hi! Welcome to the animated summary of the siege and subsequent battle at the gates of Cairhien, between the Shaido clan of the Aiel, led by Couladin, and the army led by Rand Al'Thor (the Dragon reborn), as it appears on the fifth installment of the series, "The Fires of Heaven". Enjoy!
  2. Ok, you surely have already noticed that the old symbol of the Aes Sedai is pretty similar to the Yin and Yang symbol. That's not coincidence, in fact, Yin and yang can be equated to Saidar and Saidin, the female and male halves of the One Power. The duality that completes a whole comes from Daoism, but, actually, there are many influences from Chinese mythology and history within Wheel of Time. Here it is a breakdown, along with the review and summary of "The Fires of Heaven", the fifth book. Thanks!
  3. 27 so far, almost nothing. Today I just uploaded my 4th video on the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IeO7wQsPag
  4. Thank you both for sharing! Yesterday I uploaded the third video on my list. This time, I analize references to Hinduism on WoT 🙂
  5. Hi! So, I've been analizing references to real world mythology on WoT, and how they converge at certain points. But, at the central spot, there's the connection between zoroastrianism (or Mazdeism), and the Wheel of Time's myth of creation. You have The Creator in Ahura Mazda (creator God), The Dark One's parallel in Angra Mainyu (Adversary to Ahura Mazda), and the final savior in the figure called "Saoshyant", which resembles the Dragon Reborn: Both are born from a Maiden some years prior to the Final Battle, and both are supposed to cleanse the corruption cast in the world by the Dark One/Angra Mainyu. I've put together a video, part of my series of reviews on the series. This is my second one, the one about The Great Hunt, but I also show my take on zoroastrian influence, if you give it a try I'd be very happy, thanks! https://youtu.be/DLubz1NYGFc
  6. Hello everybody! My name is David, Here AKA Luinedhel, and I'm new to these forums. Also to the Wheel of Time community. Today I posted the first of what I hope will be my 14 book review series of videos on Youtube. So I'll be glad if anyone checks it out. I'm from Argentina, so my pronounciation may be mistaken here and there. Feel free to comment whatever suggestion you like, whether it is from my impressions on the book, or on my accented english. Thanks to everyone! Here's the link to the video:
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