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  1. I thought it was only that first sisters who are both maidens of the spear will only take a lover if they share him - the instance of Gaul, Bain and Chiad where they wanted him to be their lover and he was only interested if they wanted him to marry both of them.
  2. Because that was a confrontation with other Aes Sedai and with Aiel, not with darkfriends and not a declared war. You may well say the position I suggest is nothing but sophistry but that appears to be at the core of being an Aes Sedai during the period of the novels. After all their interpretation of "I will speak no word that is not true" allows them to deliberately and intentionally mislead.
  3. In one of the closing books Egwene agrees with the Sitters that there is no need to apply the law of war to the preparations for the last battle because the tower is automatically at war with the shadow.
  4. Any use of a weapon against an opposing combatant in outright warfare (other than those already inacapacitated/surrendering) is considered permissible and the tower is automatically considered to be at war with the shadow (hence no need for a formal declaration and invocation of the law of war - unlike the declaration against Elaida). Therefore by extension any use of the one power as a weapon in warfare (including against any forsaken or identified darkfriend) could be considered to come under the "last defense of life" provision in the oaths, by tower law or established custom - as long as the sister believes that to be the meaning that is what the rod will enforce.
  5. That is never actually stated. Moiraine states that the thirteen weakest Aes Sedai could shield any male but there is a minimum strength threshold to be allowed to take the final test, so the weakest Aes Sedai are reasonably strong (e.g. Morgase so weak she could not touch the source consistently, and Sorilea stated to be too weak to be allowed to test). There is nothing special about there being thirteen other than that is the largest circle possible with all females (it would be stronger than 12 but not by as much as the 12 would be stronger then 11 - there are diminishing returns for unbalanced circles). Also all in character statements (even by non-black Ajah Aes Sedai) are subject to the unreliable narrator issue - an Aes Sedai can state as truth what she thinks is true even if she is wrong.
  6. I think the reference is to Shomesta the Green Man - the Nym may even have been a creation of Aginor before his conversion to the shadow. From the point of view of circular events it would be more accurate to say that (in Jordan's world) the mythical Odin was a remembrance of an earlier figure with similar characteristics to Mat in this cycle.
  7. Firstly it is repeatedly stated that bonded parties only feel detailed sensations when in close proximity, at long distance all they have is direction and the knowledge the other party is still alive unless there are very strong sensations involved, and after bonding Rand is not again in Elaine's proximity until her pregnancy is very obvious. Secondly it is noted by each of his bondholders that Rand is in constant agony from the twin wounds in his side - this would tend to lessen his ability to analyse less extreme sensory feedback from the others (in addition to making him slightly tetchy).
  8. It is a long way from being obligated not to say anything negative to being required to endorse something one does not support.
  9. No I was merely pedantically pointing out the inaccuracy of comparing any argument to "Hitler made the trains run on time." since Hitler was not famed for making the trains run on time at all. My comment had no intended relevance to the argument in progress, it was merely pedantry for its own sake - and what better purpose could it have had. For avoidance of doubt this comment also has no wider relevance.
  10. Glad liked it. It was not even accurate Reductio ad hitlerum. Mussolini made the Italian trains run on time (or more accurately he was just credited with doing so and actually failed), the German trains already did so.
  11. I thought it was deliberately intended to show just how little the Children actually know about Darkfriends.
  12. That is well said - and once again we are in need of an "agree to disagree" response.
  13. Except Rand did not exhibit "immense respect for women" in either our modern world context or the world of the books - his attempts to prevent the maidens of the spear from participating in battles were not well received (to the point where they were willing to commit mass suicide rather than permit it to continue), his attempts to choose on behalf of women who loved him that they could not be near him had a similar effect and even in the last book Egwene had to speak severely to him about the right o each person to choose. He was taking away their choices, in effect objectifying them or infantalising them which is not much better (ethicaly) than the misogynist attitude of treating women as sex objects.
  14. But creepy (or not in some cases, e.g. the relationship between Sleete and his Aes'Sedai) in very different ways. Conflating all of these into Alanna would rather reduce the green to the "orgy Ajah".
  15. Even if he still had it it would not be relevant (if book lore applies) - an angreal only helps prevent being shielded if you are already holding the source extra strongly through it when the shielding person/group strikes (and again if book lore were followed multiple independent shields would be no use there, it would need a single linked shield to overcome someone already holding the source with an angreal). Once shielded the possession of an angreal strength is not part of the equation as to whether the shield holds since the shielded person cannot reach out through it, they can only push against the shield.
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