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  2. Yes, by this decision immersion will either be more difficult or they have to show the rest of the world as incredibly diverse. If they e.g. keep the Aiel and the Sea Folk as in the books what are the purpose of the changes in the most isolated, remote village in the world other than forced diversity? And then we are into showrunner politics and not the WoT of the books, which leaves the important question. What else will be changed? So little that this won't matter too much in the big picture, or so much that we can barely recognize the book story? What is certain is that we already know, we won't get a faithful adaption. I look forward to the next cast news. Thom and Lan especially, which will add a bit more knowledge to the questions above. I wonder why they haven't already announced it yet. Maybe Thom will be Thomina?
  3. Maybe a own board for after last battle could be an ide, start it out with last battle and then shape it forward from there but keep the current boards for generic character development and retro (which is where many train also) and I think a lot of new members will want to start in the psw "retro" time where we all spend time and worked on raising our characters. If any don't want to they could always just make their bio to be post battle and stay on that board.
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  5. I don’t know much about programming. Is it fun? Sounds like a great day.
  6. I'm sorry, but I doubt the TV show will be believable with this unless they seriously change Jordan's original story. This isn't diversity, this is forced diversity. A town isolated for at least a thousand years? Where they (further) share the same "old blood" of Manetheren? And sure, Rand stood out, but he didn't realize it until Gawyn told him in Caemlyn? I'm sure every actor is incredible, but if they stay faithful to the story: isolation would do it, especially with common blood, but they're either all white or all black.
  7. Don't think there is any references beyond the traveling thing. Yeah I got a inane feeling I had her at 34 at some time but find no defence too it. And I thought about doing 35-36 but I never fully got controll of traveling distances in wot time Also I know they used to have a sort of guidance line for how long time realistic it would take to gain certain training in average. And I never fully got oversight of that either so just used to ask the mentors but I don't have any chat or msg system set up or seen much of them around to get quick answers on that
  8. Hollywood and CGI can do a lot of things and we all want as good a show as we can get but we work with limited resources and making Moiraine or Nyneave shorter, Perrin bigger or Rand taller will increase production cost. There's no reason to spend money on something that could easily have been avoided.
  9. I am really keen to see how this adaption pans out. What is the ONE scene you have always wanted to see visualised? For me it has always been a toss up between The Prologue in TEOTW or Dumai's Wells. What do you want to see?
  10. Novices are required to keep a kitten in every post for a week? 😄
  11. Does the artwork on the books hold any sway? Were they approved by Jordan? If so there is no argument that Perrin, Egwene, and Nynaeve, are were cast without thought for the characters they will be portraying. Hopefully they are so talented that I forget about it... This indicates two things about the show I find very distressing. One is how much respect Judkins has for the source material, at this point it seems very little. And second is the tone the show will have. If it is more important to Judkins to have a diverse cast instead of being faithful to the source material I am worried that the tone he is going for will be less serious and more young adult, like the atrocity that is The Magicians television adaptation. It could simply be meeting a certain diversity quota. I hope it is the latter.
  12. In school this year I'm learning how to program in both C# and Python. Next year will be Java.
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  14. It's a great idea sig. and the road trip was good. There was a stop for an ice cream cone. and we had leftover pizza sauce turned into gnocchi with meat sauce and butter and Romano cheese nom when we got home. now I have a cat cuddling me and am sleepy and watching GoT. it was a good day.
  15. Yes, there should definitely be kittens mmmhmm.
  16. So, Liitha's 31, then she heads to Amador which would take at least 7-10 days of travelling on horseback. (A bit over 1000 miles at an average of 8mph if trotting. Clearly will be faster and slower at times, so I allowed for that.) If on foot, much longer. Plus however long her training takes with Con once there. I don't know where she meets Anton or where they travel to so I can't comment on that. Also don't know where Liitha's Farm is so I have no idea what the distance is from there to Baerlon with Cara...or even if they went somewhere else first. But obviously +3 weeks between their first and second meetings. How long were they captive for in the kidnapping and how long did it take them to break free? After that, given Cara knows how to create Gateways, distance becomes fairly irrelevant as far as time passing is concerned. It's just a matter of how long any actual action takes while they're in the Borderlands and, likewise, what time frame is covered by the RP's after returning to the Tower. Since they Travel back, the journey is irrelevant. I'd venture to say it can't be more than 2-3 years at most reading that over but it's going to depend if you tied any of the RP's to main timeline events; by referring to changes in the weather for example. We're mid 1001 NE now because I've tied the book year we're working on to our own year. You could always just fudge it, ignore the logistics and call her 35 as of this point in the current timeline.
  17. Oooh, excitement! I did really enjoy 12... especially Egwene's storyline.
  18. Generally exhausted, lol.... after 7 years of working a later shift (10:30 AM - 7PM) at a job I was very good at (but a little bored with) we had a bit of a shakeup. My company made a major acquisition last year that basically made my entire division redundant, and in an effort to integrate the new acquisition into our company structure, they started reassigning groups of us last month to the company they bought. I was in the "guinea pig" first group, suddenly given a new role in a new company and working a much earlier shift (7 AM - 3:30 PM) doing much more complex work. After 2 weeks of classroom training and 3 weeks of OJT, I have just finished my second week post-training and on any given day I only feel utterly baffled 5-6 times a day. And I'm a QUICK learner. Some of my team is still struggling with more basic stuff. >.>
  19. This was really hard. I didn´t even know where to start. So I picked characters from some of my favourite books. 1. Iroh - Avatar: The last airbender 2. Moiraine - WoT 3. Minerva McGonagall - HP 4. Arya - ASOIAF 5. Katara - Avatar 6. Toph - Avatar 7. Frodo - LotR 8. Bran - ASOIAF 9. Sam - ASOIAF 10. Verin - WoT 11. Loial - WoT 12. Jon Snow - ASOIAF 13. Severus Snape - HP 14. Death - Discworld 15. Rand - WoT 16. Moridin - WoT 17. Vin - Mistborn 18. Sazed - Mistborn 19. Marasi - Mistborn 20. Gollum/Smegol - LotR If you ask me tomorrow the names have probably changed. :)
  20. Of countless memorable chapters/scenes in the Wheel of Time-books (among them Dumai's Wells, the Cleansing, Egwene with the Sa'angreal at the White Tower attack, Moiraine vs Lanfear at the doorframe Ter'angreal to name a very few) the one with the 'Fall of Manetheren' is the one which touched me the most too. It gives me shivers almost thinking of it even today, having read the books - and that chapter - many times over the years. I was in fact so emotional/moved by that scene/telling and Moiraine's words those many years ago (DM ca 1999) that I sat down with inspiration and a full heart and wrote/composed a poem in tribute of it (and of Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time) based on Moiraine's storytelling. Other oldtimers here at DM may have seen this poem which I have occasionally posted OOC in various settings (in a tribute-post to Robert Jordan for example) and which I have also used in character-RPs with my Warder-character Elessar at the site (performed by gleemen in my RPs). For newcomers to DM who have not seen or read it and may be interested, here is the tribute-poem I wrote below. ‘Rose of the Sun (The Fall of Manetheren)’ “Carrai an Ellisande!” For the honour of the Rose of the Sun! The Shield against the darkness, the Hammer weight to Stun. The Sword that could not be broken. Was shattered in the End. As valiant Manetheren, no longer could Defend. Brave fighters of the land. Fought with pride and with Heart. Under Red Eagle banner, they resisted Shadow’s Start. Until Mountain Home was taken. Noone came to their Aid. Weep for Manetheren!, all their allies were Afraid. King Aemon and his men ran to aid from Field of Blood. Countless miles they covered, daring river huge and Flood. Slaughtered beasts of Shadow. Crying battle cries of Might. “Carrai an Ellisande!” echoed everywhere in Sight. Brave warriors, brave King! They fell to Darkness’ Yoke. When Aemon husband died, Queen Eldrene’s heart Broke. Woe to the Shadow! With anger, grief and Pain. An Aes Sedai of might, she struck out like Insane. She filled herself to bursting. The Power oh so Sweet! The Sa’angreal beside her, glowed brightly with its Heat. She was an awesome figure. Her arms she lifted High. And then she threw her Balefire and Storms of Lightening Nigh! A harbinger of death. She destroyed the Shadowspawn. The messengers of Darkness disappeared from Battle’s Lawn. But her body came on fire. Flames of Saidar burned her Soul. In her agony she cried out, for Manetheren, her Goal! The destruction levelled all. Old Manetheren was Dead. The Rose of the Sun, she was gone, it was Said. But she would live forever. In many people’s Hearts. And Manetheren’s bravery, is eternal in its Parts. Oh Ellisande! Greatest Queen, we won’t Forget! Your fight against the Shadow and the death you Met. Mourn for Manetheren! The bravest place of All. Honour to the Mountain Home! Your enemies shall Fall. -written by Elessar (at DM ca 1999)
  21. Like some powerful people in WOT and real life, he was probably one thing to the commoners and another thing entirely behind closed doors. Had RJ lived, we might've gotten a worse picture of Lews but the notes probably concentrated on more important stuff. Some of the foresaken probably switched sides and then realized they were in way over their heads but it was too late by then.
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