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Hellacious Eel-Like Fish Are Raining From The Sky In Alaska

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It can be hard to go outside in Alaska, but some days it just takes more courage to leave the house. Take last week, for example, when residents of Fairbanks reported seeing several terrifying foot-long eel-like fish scattered around town.  Apparently they were dropped by gulls.


Young Arctic lampreys are blind, and feed by filtering micro-organisms through the water. But as adults, they become parasites, attaching themselves to other species of fish or mammals by "using their sucking mouth parts" -- a jawless mouth full of teeth -- "to attach themselves to the host's body," the Department of Fish and Game explains.


Then they use their teeth to cut through their host's body for its blood and bodily fluid.


When lampreys feed off salmon, they can attain a fatty flavor, and -- believe it or not -- Arctic lampreys are a seasonal delicacy in Alaska. Chefs say they're best braised or roasted, praising their boneless cartilaginous structure for the way it melts away while cooking.




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