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Aiel Invasion--WoT Soundtrack

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If there were a soundtrack for WoT, what songs would be on it? Some of the WoT ones that have already been written? One you've written? One that has to do with WoT but the person who wrote the song and the person who performed the song and most of society don't realize it?

Are there any songs that fit a particular character, or event, or people well? 


Start tracking the sound!!!

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So it's been said books are like TV in your head, and I've actually written a few WoT passages in screenplay form. Even when I'm just reading, there are often times when I can see camera angles and such in my head, and almost hear the music that would be playing if this were on screen. 


The Veins of Gold chapter in TGS has a few different possibilities in my head. One sound for it is really uplifting and epic as he slowly comes to this realization. 


This song could fit in a fashion to the second half of the scene. It's not as heart pounding as I originally imagined, but in a way it fits too... As he realizes, as memories flash through his head, as everything starts to settle in his mind and heart. Just a possibility :P 


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A friend and fellow memory keeper at the Sacramento tour stop wrote and performed this piece.





And in case you really like the sound of his work and want him to make some more:


If not interested then it's fine but thought I'd help him get the word out since he's really close to his goal.

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I have to admit I like the WoT Soundtrack that was done by Robert Berry, but I don't  think it all would fit for a tv show or movie.  Some yes, some no. I really like the Winespring Reel in that and it would be perfect for an opening piece before any words are said. 


There are some other songs I think would be good for a soundtrack, but I have to find the right Youtubes and all that.  So I shall do that later.

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Since I have such a strong background in the WT I have to admit when I think of songs for the series i usually think in terms of the Ajah's and the Tower. For example I think of Maneater by Nelly Furtado for the Red Ajah, and Candyman by Christina for the Green Ajah. Of course in terms of orchestral music for the tower I think of The Devils Trill by Vanessa Mae for the Green Ajah.



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