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WoT Pronounciations - Silly "I'm bored at work" question


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Do you guys pronounce the names and places in the books according to the glossary, or according to the way they first were "pronounced" in your head?  Or some mix between?


I know Birgitte, for example, is supposed to be (bur-GEET-ah), I think?  But she is firmly in my head as (Ber-Geet), period.


Aes Sedai, on the other hand, I was prouncing all jacked up when I first started reading, and switched to the glossary/correct pronounciation when I got to it.


How about you guys?  Does anyone even care? lol

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I would say it is a mix, some of the pronunciations have changed over the years while others have not.  I have not studied the glossary extensively so there are some that I am probably still mispronouncing and don't know it.   When I first read Birgette's name it registered as Bridget, I pronounced Aiel as though they were a type of beer and I had no freakin' idea what to do Nyneave's name at first so for the first few books I just didn't pronounce it at all.  She was like Prince in the early 90s, her name was just a symbol  with no pronunciation.  Then when I finally did start pronouncing it it was Nin-ave.

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I had a lot of trouble with Siuan's first name too.  At first I pronounced with like Sue Ann.


I have a friend who insists that Mat's name is pronounced like mate.  I don't know if that is correct or not but I absolutely refuse to pronounce it that way  whatever the case.

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My pronunciations are:


Aes Sedai: Ae-ez Sed-eye (which I think is wrong)

Birgitte: Bur-geet-ah (vaguely right)

Siuan Sanche: Swan sawn-che (kind of close?)

Aiel: Eye-eel (roughly right)

Nynaeve: Nye-neev (as in the glossary)

Seanchan: Swan-chan (wrong, I know)

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This is interesting.  The forst time I read The Eye of The World I read the entire thing before realizing there was a glossary.  Considering my penchant for reading fantasy I should have looked for one but I got caught up in the story and just winged it.  I admit that names gave me pause and I murdered some of them but others pronounciations have stayed with me for the last almost 20 years.  Aiel has always been "aye-eel" to me and Suin has always been "Swan" and Seanchan has always been "Shawn-chan".  Aes Sedai I am pretty sure I destroyed to start with. :rolleyes: I just kinda buzzed past it after awhile.  Eventually the actual pronunciations became more natural.  But I always find one in every reread that I struggle with and correct through the use of the glossary.


Honestly, I don't think it matters how you pronounce it in your head.  As long as you know what it is that you are reading represents you are good to go.  Now in conversation...I have had conversations with people who have read the series and it was like we were speaking two different languages. :tongue:    


I also noticed that my kindle mispronounces some things as well.  I was fiddling wih the audio options where the kindle reads the book to you and noticed the use of "ale" for Aiel and there was a few others as well. 


I am curious,  do the audiobook voice actors pronounce things correctly as in the glossary?  I've never listened to one but my sister has and I notice she pronounces some things differently.

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trolloc I pronounce Orc

Rand al'Thor I pronounce Paul Atreides.

pretty sure aes Sedai are bene gesserit so makes sense


and aiel are fremen or something from Gunga din.


Preborn Alia.... what about those quads again?


Come on cindy, you know it is not true.

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For me it's:


Birgitte = Berr-Git

Aes Sedai = Ice-said-I

Aiel = Ale

Siune = Su yawn (I have no idea and nothing helps, it's been su yawn since book 2...)

Semirrhage = Sem err agh

Seanchen = see an chen


The real pronunciations don't interest me since none of my real life friends read the series.  I can never discuss it anyway, so pronunciation doesn't need to be correct anyway.

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