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  1. It seems to me that the heroes of the horn have a "default" personality. Take Birgitte. She remembers her past lives, and she was not Birgitte in all of them, but her personailty and character were still more or less quintisentially "Birgitte." I'd have to assume the same goes for Hawkwing.
  2. Personnaly, I think there's wiggle room there, as I might attriubute their deceitful and unstable personalities to how they were raised - I doubt any dreadlord ever tried positive reinforcement on a trolloc, lol - but I don't want it to become an argument. I'll settle with the notion that within known canon, it is highly unlikely or impossible. The idea will live on in my imagination, though, lol.
  3. Ah, but would he have been capable of that same empathy if he didn't spend so much time away from that particular place? He knew what like was like on the other side. Knwe what he was missing. I'd say the probability of that is somewhere in the area of 0%. At best a Trolloc would allow a human infant to grow to full stature because a full grown human would provide more meat, but I doubt that even Narg would have the for-thought to come to that conclusion or the patience to allow it. More in likely a human infant would become a light snack for the Trolloc and nothing more LOL
  4. OK, bear with me here. The trollocs were originally created through sue of the TP. Got it. But it isn't used to create new ones. They are living creatures, and breed like living creatures do. As to the problems that the shadow had with them. Undisciplined, eating people, etc. Look at the conditions and environment they were raised in. We see trollocs only in their end state, after who knows how many years of living like an animal. Take the hypothetical of a human infant being raised by trollocs (however unlikely that is), that baby, as an adult, would not be recognizably hum
  5. Yeah, this. So many of the Aes Sedai were just background characters to me, I just didn't pay much attention to their details, because I knew I'd likely never see them again and I'd forget them anyway.
  6. Fair enough. But I bet the normal humans raised in "The Town" could cut up a baby (as disturbing as that comparison is), because it now is in their nature. Nature vs nurture, and all that. I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I don't think RJ was answering that question in the same manner in which my question was meant. A typical trolloc out of the blight...yes, they are evil to the bone. But I still wonder what would happen if one was raised away from that environment. Granted, I'm sure we'll never know, but still curious.
  7. First book when Rand has channelling sickness at an inn (after being separated) a woman attacks them with a blade that burned whatever it was stuck in I thought that was something to do with her being a darkfriend rather than it being power-forged? Like the blade being poisoned or something like that? Yeah that wasn't the part I was thinking of. It was a conversation, not an event. I could be just imagining things too.
  8. Baby Myrdraal...shiver Follow up question.. Totally off the wallI know, but what if, let's say some intrepid adventurer kidnapped an infant trolloc or fade. They then brought it back to Randland and attempted to raise it in a loving environment, what would happen. They are shadowspawn yes, and created by evil. But do we know for absolute fact that they are inherently evil? There's an imaginary sequal novel growing in the back of my head... A contingent of shadowspawn are raised in the light, and becopme a powerful nation of their own. The story could focus on them a couple thousa
  9. So Fades were an unfortunate, or fortunate, depending on your allegiance, byproduct of the creation of Trollocs, I get that. What about now? Do some trollocs give birth to Fade babies (What a horrific mental image) now? How are trollocs born, anyway? I think I recall a brief blurb about frmale trollocs existing somewhere within the blight, but can't remember.
  10. For me: Aiel = Ale Nynaeve = Nye-NEEV Siuan = Swan Ghealdan - GAY-al-dan (That might even be correct, for all I know, lol) I've switched to "Fail," but I was stuck pronouncing her as "fah-EEL" for a while, for some reason.
  11. @Asha'manKill! Slightly off topic, but not too much... I love history, but you obviously have a better background in it than I do... The Doth'raki in SoIaF, what influences would you say they have other than Mongolian? They're tribal, they're all about horses, they're expanionist when united, feudal when not. That all screams Mongol to me. THoughts?
  12. Do you guys pronounce the names and places in the books according to the glossary, or according to the way they first were "pronounced" in your head? Or some mix between? I know Birgitte, for example, is supposed to be (bur-GEET-ah), I think? But she is firmly in my head as (Ber-Geet), period. Aes Sedai, on the other hand, I was prouncing all jacked up when I first started reading, and switched to the glossary/correct pronounciation when I got to it. How about you guys? Does anyone even care? lol
  13. I think the argument can basically be boiled down to "I'd rather not see Fain at all than see him as we got him." I'm not really on either side here, but I do kind of wonder what the point of even having him show up at all was. I liked the book, but that part did feel a little like "Oops, forgot Fain, lemme just cram in a few pages towards to end to wrap that up..."
  14. I thought it was a rather silly weave, perhaps if I ever reread the book it will make more sense but at the time I thought it was rather silly. But remember that as the wheel turns that weave shall be rediscovered so you don't have to feel bad. Convenient yes, but not really silly. yin and yang, black and white, all kinds of balances are a central theme in the books. It only makes sense that there is an opposite to balefire. I don't know; fixing compulsion requires a sort of mirror-weave, but fireballs and lightning are usually dissolved with shields or dodging, rather than an a
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