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  1. And Rand's revelation about the nature of the Wheel would've held more weight for me if it didn't feel like the Pattern manipulated him there as well. Cadsuane was prophesied to make him laugh again and she brought in Tam. Rand's revelation came from words Tam spoke. So Rand's changed viewpoint about how they really do have a choice comes from a situation where the pattern manipulated him into coming to that conclusion. Doesn't that just feel... mean? and like it's missing the point of Rand's realization entirely?
  2. That last bit is how I eventually ended up looking at it. But as a result it makes me see the shadow as the underdogs. It's not whether they can win, but how close they can come to winning. The downside of that is that once the heroes start winning then you might as well put it down since you knew it was coming XD Would in's prophecy about Siuan count as what you said?
  3. I find it hard to buy Pattern induced stuff as true "danger". So Mat being hung meant nothing to me. The Pattern knew that Rand would save him else it would've just ended up killing it's own general. That's been a problem of the series forever. The Pattern made everything happen. Because everything was part of some prophecy. Even some of the Dark One's actions facilitated parts of the prophecy, and I thought he was meant to be exempt from the pattern, so how come the taint effected Rand in that one specific way that gave him the knowledge he needed to defeat the Dark One. It could've made
  4. I guess it might be fitting that Demandred was essentially taken down finally by one of the only people who did work hard for all of his abilities in this series. Lan.
  5. Indeed. When I say Mat is probably 'better' than Demandred, that's just in terms of pure skill. It doesn't take into account any other factors. Just because Mat is more gifted, doesn't necessarily make him invulnerable. It's pretty rash to say just because Mat was the better strategist, it negates everything and there was no point of Demandred being General. If Demandred hadn't been commanding the forces of the Shadow, it wouldn't have been close at all. The 4 armies sent out at the beginning of the book likely would have held far better and not suffered such casualties, Mat could have tak
  6. I think he was. Mat's whole strategy was based being grossly out-numbered and despite this he came up with and executed a plan that countered Dem at every turn while maintaining a position to turn the tables on a break. Both Generals knew that Mat had to gamble for that break and was going to be on the defensive the whole time while Dem only had to control and wear down. I think that Mat gave his side a chance that Dem himself couldn't have provided if the situations were reversed. Either way, I very much doubt that Dem, who was only about 400 years old (born the day after LTT remem
  7. Well, it's Aginor's main claim to fame. And given how I like my villains competent... I'll take it Not like Aginor got to do anything in the actual events of the series.
  8. I just like my villains competent. And because of Mat's nature he just makes a lot of them look bad. Primarily the Gholam.
  9. Well, I can't disagree with you about Mat kinda cheating. Although I would say that it's not as simple as "anyone can have resources". You have to be skilled enough to use them well. Still, that's only a minor point. To be clear, the BOOKS never state Mat is better. In fact, Mat believes that they are equal in skill. Mat being more skilled is simply my view, as I can't see how his memories and luck would only just equal Demandred's own skill, with only 10 years of first-hand military experience. However, it may be that this was supposed to be the case, and they were indeed equal. My word
  10. I mean, I get that this is a series where none of the main characters earn a god damn thing, and with everything else I've just come to accept it. But not with Mat. Military intellect is something I hold very dear, and someone getting that for absolutely jack diddly and ending up being infinitely better than ANY of the villains is unforgivable. As I said, being equal I might have accepted out of necessity, but not FAR better.
  11. I don't care about resources. I care about individual skills. And Demandred not being allowed to be as skilled a strategist as Mat because of complete crap that Mat didn't do a flaming thing to earn really does take away from him. ANYONE can have resources. It says nothing about the skills of the characters. I'd be fine if Mat and Demandred were EQUALS but no, you just said MAt was BETTER than him by a wide margain. Better for unfair reasons that are complete shit... (sorry, getting worked up. I utterly despise Mat's military prowess) And I personally went holy crap at the rout of
  12. Now I'm just remembering book 5 and how Mat's plan to open up gateways to blast them with the Dragons would've ended in disaster had Demandred been alive Back in that book it as mentioned that Demandred is one of the only people who could hold Gateways open. I'm just imagining this nightmare of them popping open to blow him up and him just grabbing the gateway to hold it open and flooding the cave with fire. It is slightly dissapointing that villains are never really allowed to pull off cool tricks and plans that actually work the way heroes do. Like, Demandred was always winning b
  13. Also, a more minor random example. I imagine Rand with his hair worked into a shoulder length ponytail
  14. The impression I got was that Tuon was meant to come back earlier. But Mog's compulsion of the generals encouraging them to want to leave and Tuon's own doubts kept her from returning until Min dealt with her. ANd if the Seanchan had been used from the very beginning then Demandred would've probably altered his strategy and probably fought more defensively. Mat's strategy seemed to hinge on needing Demandred to be agressive so he would bring all of his forces into the same area and thus could be surrounded.
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