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  1. I blame authors with no imaginations when it comes to living 500-700 years. If engineers/scientists live that long, imagine how far technology could advance. A group of scientists working together for centuries at a time could achieve amazing things. And Any society with that kind of longevity would be able to solve so many engineering/mathmatical/biological problems as to be able to goto other planets and not worry about the flight time taking 50 years. It would also mean that the birth rate would not need to be very high at all. Thus all education could be broadened and improved to only those few children that need it. Human development could take on a whole new level, letting young people enjoy their youth into their 40s-50s... But meh, Aes Sedai just want to argue over mole hills, and pretend to be powerful with their spare time...
  2. It's because RJ made Randland similar to our universe where the creator does not take an active role in the day to day. Where-as the DO does. For your final question involving an evil empire to exist: If the Creator is anything like Judeo/Christian-God, then 1. A perfect God created the heavens and earth and therefore would not interfere because it would go against his omniscience (ie, if there were a problem with the universe, He would have solved it at the creation point). and 2. God gave man free-will, and it is man's right to do as he wills, even if it means making Aes Sedai into Damane. Using His power to interfere with free-will would go against everything. Even the DO had to get people to choose to be evil (except for circle 13) But this is all assuming the Randland creator is similar or based on the Judeo/Christian-God (which it probably is anyway.) That being said, all Nakomi did was give some good advice. It's up to Avi to effect a change.
  3. Yeah I saw it as Demo's followers were so dependent on him for everything, that him dying made them go crazy.
  4. You are feeling the burn on TSR? Already!?
  5. Sell it?! Give to a real fan who will make it the center-piece of his bookshelf :)
  6. Since tGH I found Egwene's storyline to always be interesting. From Falme to the Waste to the Rebel Camp to Amyrlin, it was fun to read.
  7. Logically they should have formed circles and gone on extermination tours through the blight centuries ago.
  8. The recitation of every women who ever died near him got old fast...
  9. I think with Rand, Mat and Perrin all thinking that the other two were better with women than themselves is pretty honest and amusing in the beginning, especially in regards to young men. But, I also think that women thinking that all men are stupid troublemakers in need of a good ear-boxing is kind of simplistic at best. And, I know that his ta'veren nature had something to do with it, but three beautiful women falling in love with Rand and willingly sharing him with one another? Seems a bit of a stretch to me. Yes but at that point in the series, RJ had given me so many good moments, that I was willing to give him that. Even if it was on a subconscious level, and consciously I just didn't care and thought it was amusing. Looking back it seems absurd, but in the moment of the reading, it was great!
  10. True, why didn't Egwene flip the F*** out when they left. I could have totally seen her cursing a storm at Mat for letting personal issues effect the Last Bloody Battle!
  11. Too obvious, you'll be dead by chapter 2 of eotw
  12. The Dragonmount trick was the bit that jarred most for me...it just made Androl seem a bit like a 'Gary Stu' character to use the fanfiction terminology. It stood out a lot when we have major characters like Moiraine, Nynaeve, and Min, not really having much in the way of 'awesome moments' to have Androl have so many and such prominent ones. I also felt it was a shame that he was used so much as there were several interesting Asha'man characters of varying prominence (e.g. Narishma, Logain, Grady, Neald, etc.) who we hardly saw at all. It would have been nice for them to have more screen time given this was our last chance to see them. Furthermore, I think Androl is one of the elements from the final book that we know would have been different if RJ had written the story; he would have used existing characters rather than developed Androl who had previously been nothing more than a name. I find Androl frustrating because he was one of the best written characters in the last three books, and I found his arc genuinely interesting to read. The relationship with Pevara was well developed as well. But at the same time, Androl took the story in directions that broke my immersion in the story because I felt like they were not things that would happen in the WoT world as RJ had created it. What about Androl/Pevera bonding each other, thus reading each other's minds/emotions and thus solving the problem of mis-interpreting male and female characters. Since male/female characters feuding is one of the major themes of the whole series, I bet it was RJ's intention to have double bonding occur as a means of overcoming gender stereotypes and bring saidor/sadin, male/female, characters closer together. (And even workng together in ways not possible otherwise). Unless there is a quote refuting this idea?
  13. Well consider this: if Fain was meant to play some epic role: RJ would have written it explicitly. Don't you think it strange that if Fain was meant to have some mega huge badass role in the LB, there would be some notes on it like we have on everything else? Therefore, everyone is blaming Brandon and Team-Jordan on the let down. Its obvious by the later books even RJ had no more use for the character as a plot device anyway. I did find the power up in ToM, only to be dead in 6 pages flat in AMoL to be annoying as well...
  14. See I thought his treatment on gender was spot on, and seeing how people let their ego and gender bias cloud their judgment was one of the perks of the series!
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