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  1. That was an amazing read! Thank you for sharing the link. :)
  2. **Accepts the cider and sips it with a smile.** In the valley, almost dead center. I won't say which of the five major cities it is in the valley, but only because I seem to keep moving between them. I have friends and family as far south as Tucson and as far north as Flagstaff. Yeah. Oh! And I spent my very early childhood was spent in Bullhead City. I have a vague memory of snow falling on a skylight there. Otherwise, I have only seen snow three times in my life. Once in my hometown, and twice when I packed into the family car and went out of my way to find it. (There are two native-Arizonan rights of passage, I do believe: traveling far enough north to see snow and going for a long drive east to see the ocean. I have done both, though I completely and totally have the Aiel fear of large bodies of water.)
  3. I will happily take a cup of hot chocolate...or spiced cider if ya have it. Temps in Arizona are averaging in the lower 50's for the week, complete with overnight freeze warnings. This desert dwelling Ogier is freezing! My only consolation for the weather at the moment is that it usually gives way to a rain-filled spring, which is needed. ...And the fact that I am finally moving into a house at the end of this month. I will have a yard soon to plant a summer garden. :)
  4. This just gave me an odd thought... What if Min does stay with the Seanchan and eventually has a Moriden/Rand child? Then, the Dragon would have descendants (in influential positions at that!) in each of three most powerful nations in the world. Otherwise, as pertaining to this topic, yes. Min is the one I always envisioned ending up with Rand in the long run. The others have their strengths, but don't strike me as a good match for his personality. In other words: I foresee fewer tense situations in Rand's household with Min at his side, than any of the other girls.
  5. Aes Sedai was Ay-Said-I Aiel was Ale Birgitte was Bridget Seanchan was Sean-chan Moghedien was Mog-den Siuan was Sue-wan Morgase was Mor-gase (like chase)
  6. I started the series on the third book, if I remember correctly. With that in mind, Loial was the single most creative spark I had ever seen. I had read many fantasy books before, filled with all the typical fare of elves, elfs, giants, and trolls. Yet here was this Ogier walking into existance out of seemingly nowhere with a whole racial history and mythos built in! The creativity didn't stop there, with countless characters, places, societies, histories, and even languages to explore. Although I was slightly confused as to what was going on and why (a problem starting three books in), it was all the details that kept me reading. I wanted answers to my questions and I wanted a whole picture of what had happened in the world the book portrayed. So, I kept reading. It wasn't until some time later that I was given the first books of the series, but I have to admit that I am glad my first experience was out of order. Frankly, while the first two books are amazing in their own right, the third holds the scenes that have resonated the loudest in my mind. Remember the taking of the Stone, the introduction of the Aiel, and the sword that isn't a sword? All the glamour of old myth drapped in the grandest new clothes! And in the midst of it all, the secret of just what forgotten scrolls RJ pulled the foundations of the Ogier from. While I never figured out the real life equivalient of the Treebrothers, I greatly enjoyed reading these books.
  7. I would have to say that Mat's memories are his most important plot point, followed very closely by the dagger. While the dagger did continue to tie into events in very important ways, the many battles in between would not have ended so favorably without those memories. I also really enjoy the changes to Mat as a character as a result of the memories he gained. It gave him that extra edge of mysticism that his character would have overwise lacked. ... Random speaking of the old tongue aside. As to this: I think Min's visions were certain so long as the pattern remained stable. As the pattern began to unravel, the outcomes were cast into doubt, with visions scryed after the fraying became more and more uncertain. The best analogy I can think of is the selfsame one RJ used: that of a pattern woven from threads. When weaving a tapestry, if the warp and weft of the thread is properly handled, the cloth will have a destinct image (the Pattern). This image can be easily predicted by someone looking beyond the edge of the completed weave, as Min does. Drop a few threads and the predicted image will blur or details will be lost. Pull threads out in their entirety (balefire them, in WoT terminology) and the weave will begin to fray or, worse, fall completely into horrible tangles of loose thread. So, Min's predictions are valid only so long as the weave of the pattern stays tight. If it loosens or is otherwise damaged, the pattern changes or completely disappears. On a quick aside, a lucky few born as Taveren are like a special bit of brightly colored thread that is used sparingly. They direct the eye along the image, or twist the pattern into something new and unexpected. I believe the reason Min can see so many visions around them is because their "color" is easily picked up from the more common background hues.
  8. They aren't called by the Dark One. The Dark One isn't pulling people's strings. People are dynamic. They are push and pull. They have virtues and vices. The theme of the Wheel of Time has always been about balance. Men and women, saidin and saidar, and in the end, good and evil. The Dark One isn't some devil sitting on your shoulder, he's the manifestation of the dark part of human kind that's developed into an intelligence. There may be more to the metaphysics than RJ and Brandon ever explained, but I certainly see him as the source of that darkness in us, not a puppeteer or tempter (at least not when his ability to influence the Pattern is cut off). I'd like to say that I actually think Perrin's arc helps to show that the darkness in us isn't always evil. His struggle with the necessity of violence and his interactions with the Tinkers help to bring this to light. The ability to fight and defend yourself and do violence to others for a good cause wouldn't be possible in this world without the Dark One, either. Without the Dark One, human kind would be like the Tinkers in some respects, except the aversion to violence even in self defense (and other harm) wouldn't even be a choice, it would just be all you could do. It's up to individuals to use the light and the dark within themselves to decide what to do with it, and you can use both to do not just evil things but good things as well. Perrin's struggle with the axe and the hammer is much the same. The axe can only be used to destroy. The hammer, however, is balanced, and can be used for creation or destruction as needed. It's all about the purpose and cause you choose to use it for. There are certainly some things left unexplained that I don't think we'll ever have answers to, and some people may be uncomfortable accepting the role the Dark One truly plays in the Pattern without knowing exactly HOW it works, but I hope this post has been helpful. Now this is an idea that I really like. It could be that the DO and the Creator are not gods or deities but are two forces of nature that, like everything else in the pattern, oppose and balance one another. Each of these opposing forces pulls or pushed the threads of the pattern (i.e. human lives) toward certain actions. One force pulls the pattern toward destructive actions such a violence, deception, theft etc, while the other pulls the threads toward more benign actions such as kindness, generosity, mercy etc. The kicker is that none of the aforementioned actions are inherently good or evil but any of them can be used either for good or for evil. I think it is easy to understand that actions such as violence, deception and theft can sometimes be justified and even serve the greater good (e.g. violence in self defense, stealing to feed one's starving family etc) however, we must also understand that kindness, generosity and mercy can be used inappropriately and made to serve evil. For example, too much kindness and generosity can make a person lazy and overly dependent and while all justice should be tempered with mercy, mercy must not completely preclude reprimand for wrong doing lest we reinforce a person's bad behavior. So just as these actions are neither good nor evil neither are the Creator and The Dark One, they are instead forces within the patten that pull threads toward certain opposing actions. It is ultimately up to the thread to decide which force to resist and which to give in to. As best we can tell the force known as The Dark One was working just fine until someone went and bored a hole in the pattern and exposed it to parts of the pattern where it never belonged. Think of the DO as natural gas flowing through the pipes in your house. As long as it stays confined within the pipes where it belongs it helps us to warm our homes and cook our food. However, if you bore a hole into the gas lines the gas will seep into parts of the house where it was never intended to go and will poison the air. This, of course, begs the question of why these forces of nature have consciousness and to this I must ask, did they always have consciousness? Well, we have seen that being pulled into the pattern has some interesting effects on the DO in that it makes him mortal. So perhaps being exposed to the interior of the pattern via the bore also had some interesting effects on this force of nature in that it gave it consciousness. Suddenly what was once merely a force composed of destructive motivations such as violence, selfishness, deceit etc becomes a thinking being which can only be motivated by these destructive ideals has has the desire to impose them on the pattern; or in other words the bore caused the Dark Force to become the Dark One. This inherent lack of consciousness in the Dark Force would explain why the DO does not retain memories of previous 3rd ages and can neither remember The Dragons moves nor correct his own mistakes from previous turnings of The Wheel. So then why does The Creator have consciousness if no one bored a hole into its space? Well I would say that they someone did, in fact, bore into its space as well as I would assume these two opposing forces exist in same space and form a larger whole just as Saidin and Saidar form a larger whole known as The One Power. I think by the nature of Rand's battle with the DO it is apparent that what human being perceive as the DO's prison is not a construct that confines him but is more like a wall that keeps him out of the pattern. Therefore, when the bore was made both the Dark and Light forces were exposed to the patten and gained consciousness becoming the DO and the Creator. Both beings understood that it was not their purpose to interfere directly with the threads of the pattern because such action would be destructive. The Creator being the personification of benign motives would choose non interference, while the DO being composed of destructive motivations would seek to destroy the pattern by interfering with the threads. Just a theory on the nature of the DO and the Creator. Any thoughts? This mirrors my thoughts on the DO and Creator exactly. Definate +1.
  9. Well... I my humble opinion.... Wolfbrothers remind me very much of old Native American legends and mythology. There a plenty of tales of men speaking to animals, gaining the strength of that animal, etc. Mordeath and Mashadar seem to be a physical manifestation of a cultural darkness, like the Nazi movement someone mentioned earlier. Then again, it could be something left over from the wars of power that the people gave physical form. Portal Stones are very, very prevelant in old Celtic myths. For example, the amount of people stepping on a bizare stone and ending up in Tir na nog (the land of fae magics). Edit: Also regarding portal stones, check out bits of history reflecting standing stones, henges, and dolmen. Specifically these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolmen.
  10. If it is a beloved series, like WoT is for me, I will rehash the series every few years. Otherwise, I drift through books rather quickly and flitter on to the next one in line.
  11. Agreed. I am only 5'2", which is wonderfully tall for women in my family. Now, my grandmother standing only 4'8"... Well... That height is debatable in my book. Still, I pegged Rand at a few inches taller for some reason. Probably because I am used to seeing guys who stand 6' with a hand's height to spare. Moraine, I had figured the height on fairly accurately based on descriptions of her talking to various characters.
  12. In 2002, because my English teacher thought my story's main character was a pale attempt at plagarizing Rand. Imagine her surprise to learn I had never read WoT and had based my firey young lass on old Celtic mythology and ancient history with Asian-based magical twists.
  13. Well, I am back from Comicon and managed to pick up something rather cool. Apparently, this is a convention only printing and has only a few stories with the complete release pending next month. Check out the 3rd entry. :) I do believe I am going to sit down and do a little reading today. And, yes. I did get this signed by all the authors in person. No, I did not ask any questions of Sanderson (which seems to have surprised him as he asked several times if I was sure I didn't want to ask anything). No, I will not post any spoilers anywhere until after the full book release.
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