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  1. RJ actually put two characters with the same name one letter off in the same series? This is huh... wow. Also, Warder bond =/= a 'Warder' (Think: Is Rand Alanna's Warder?). There are many things that go into making a Warder that Birgitte does not have. You can make an omelette out of just eggs, but it won't be a good omelette.
  2. Curious as to why you claim the bolded? Which part? The Aes Sedai wanting appreciation or the unjust demand? I'm just gonna have to apologize and say I can't answer you either way. I take long breaks between books so my memory is fuzzy, and the only clear examples I can think of right now happened in the last book I read, but there's only two of them. I have never liked people with God-complexes, and it seems almost every woman in the series has one, Aes Sedai being among them. I have bias against Aes Sedai, so I put almost everything they do in a bad light. I'm basically a tumblr feminist when it comes to Aes Sedai. Sidenote: I do not think we should use Nynaeve and Lan as an example of an "equal partnership". The two fell in love before Nynaeve became an Aes Sedai, so she didn't have the Aes Sedai specific haughty and superior attitude yet, and to Lan she was just a woman. If anything, Lan had the upper hand in their relationship before bonding, which is, as far as we know, not how any other Aes Sedai/Warder relationship has been. Also, nice subtle troll by whoever said Birgette and Elayne are examples of variety in Warder bonds. Birgette is not a Warder.
  3. I've got a few thoughts about how Warders fit into the Three Oaths. The Three Oaths are in place to make the common folk accept Aes Sedai, removing the threat of the One Power. But the Warders replace this threat. Aes Sedai constantly use their Warders to intimidate other people. "I can't choke you with the One Power, but I can have my servant cut off your head if you piss me off!" The Warders' presence implies that the Aes Sedai need some kind of protection from normal people; as if the people should trust Aes Sedai, but the Aes Sedai cannot trust the people. I understand the need to ward off bandits and the like, but the message that a personal killing machine brings undermines the appreciation from the people the Aes Sedai (unjustly) demand.
  4. It really annoyed me when after he and Aviendha had sex he avoided her on purpose because he's a 'lecher' for enjoying sex. I didn't realize RJ was a puritan.
  5. I finished Winter's Heart yesterday, and so far the only women I can stand are Moiraine and Cadsuane. Obviously Cadsuane is not an option, but I'd take Moiraine. If only Min didn't have such a drastic change once she fell for Rand...
  6. I don't understand his anger at fanfiction. I can understand him not wanting other people to get money out of his universe by publishing books, but he says in Suttree's first quote that he will make people who post fanfiction online pay. 99% of the time, people who post stories on fanfiction.net aren't making any money. Sherper, I can speak from experience that erotica can be enjoyable . I've been into manga for quite a while, and I like to think I read some top quality stuff. Being a horny teenager, I want to see some sex, but manga with lots of fan service usually sucks. So the only way to get these characters in bed with each other is through fan fiction. It's been a long time since I've done this though. The last one I remember reading was a Berserk doujin where Guts had a dream that him and casca were still in love. It was actually pretty sad and gave me feels. I guess there's another reason. The sex scenes in Berserk are some of the most potent points in the series, and the doujin, although not canon, adds a little bit to that potency.
  7. I'm just passed the start of Elayne's pregnancy, and it seems a lot of people know. She is given meals specifically for pregnant women. I remember one passage where she complains to the reader about Aviendha getting ham and other fancy foods, while Elayne only has porridge. Aviendha and Dyelin also make her do specific things, like get fresh air and have her walk around the palace. Elayne keeps up the rumor that Daved Hanlon is the father by pretending to be attracted to him in front of her servants. She does not try to keep the pregnancy a secret, just who the father is.
  8. Fair enough. I've got another question. I am at the section of WH with Far Madding. In Rand's first chapter there, I was wondering the entire time why he and Rochaid didn't just use the one power to fight, but I thought this was explained later when the group of Aes Sedai entered and the Aes Sedai attending to Shalon and Haline said that the Asha'man can't channel because of the thing in the Hall of Counsels. I thought that it prevented men from channeling because it also prevents women from channeling, but later the thing goes off when a man channels in Far Madding. Does this mean that whatever it is does not stop men from channeling, but only detects them, while completely preventing women from channeling?
  9. Why does the Dark One Refer to Rand as Lews Therin? It makes sense that the Chosen refer to Rand as Lews Therin because that is what they knew him as, but the Dark One has known Rand's incarnation ever since the beginning, and Lews Therin was not the first Dragon.
  10. I need more WoT themed blackened death metal out of you, Lavaliar!
  11. I call the Seanchan 'See-ahn-chan', instead of 'Shaun-chan.' I also call Birgttte 'Bir-jet.' Cairhien is 'Care-heen.'
  12. I go through spurts with WoT, I'll read a book and a half in two weeks, then won't read for a long time. I've started up on my most recent spurt, and I was at the end of Path of Daggers and I'm now in the prologue of Winter's Heart. My question is, when did Logain become an Asha'man? The last I remember of him was Nyneave healing him, then I think he accompanied an important character from Salidar to somewhere else, then next I know he's a commanding officer at The Black Tower. Did I forget what happened or was the jump never explained, at least not yet?
  13. So I finished Path of Daggers last night, and so obviously I want to get the next book, but I've researched into Winter's Heart a little bit, and the description on wikipedia says that the two books take place at the same time. In ASoIaF, the two most recent books, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, take place at the same time, so fans had made a list of chapters in both books that follow consecutive order, so you could get both sets of characters instead of focusing on only one at a time. So, my question is: is there such a list for Winter's Heart and Crossroads of Twilight, and is it worth reading the two books in that fashion on the first read through?
  14. I always thought that the saying was from Shienar, not something Lan made up himself. Maybe you mean Lan was the first person to say it to Rand?
  15. I'm also a pretty big prog fan (Although mostly prog-metal). Being blown away again by Thick as a Brick.
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