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  1. There were hints, but it went from a mutual admiration that could have developed into something more to love, marriage and bonding with no in between. i agree with this. Nynaeve and Lan declaring their undying love for each other at the end of tEotW was a pretty big leap from their interactions together - and I would say there were a few more hints for them than there were for Moiraine and Thom - and they at least interacted a little more 'on page' before getting married and bonded. Thom and Moiraine hardly ever spoke to each other. Yes, they may have admired/liked each other, but they didn't really have a relationship at all, spending hardly any time together. They seem to have decided to get married and bonded after being separated for years solely based on Moiraine's trips through the rings which said it would happen (iirc).
  2. My favourite character would probably be Nynaeve. I love the way that she is written - one moment you are frustrated with her, the next you are laughing at her, and after that you are admiring her courage/loyalty/sense of justice. Close second. would be Rand; not because he's the hero, but because he just wants to what's right, and the way he battles to come to terms with his sad fate. Of the less major characters, I really like Tallanvor, Bashere, Gaul, Hopper, Galad, and Dyelin. The characters I have most respect for would be Lan, Moiraine, and Siuan. All three of them put aside their own desires to pursue their duty. I also have a lot of respect for Morgase, who is perhaps dragged through the mud more relentlessly than any other character but at the end is still able to have enough faith in herself to facilitate the rescue in Malden). The characters which make me laugh most are Mat and Birgitte, with Aiel humour and Nynaeve a little behind.
  3. Well to be honest, the first time I read the series I didn't find Rand very interesting. I didn't dislike him, but his chapters didn't do a great deal for me. I was much more interesting in seeing what was happening with Mat, Nynaeve, Elayne, Perrin, etc. I think I read the first book, saw him as a stereotypical hero character and wasn't that interesting (I tend to prefer the side-characters in most novels as they seem to be more diverse). On re-reads I have increasingly enjoyed him as a character, and have felt a great deal of compassion/pity for him as he tries to come to terms with his own death, and find the best way to deal with it. Now he is genuinely one of my favourite characters, but not because of his plot points - instead because of his internal struggles.
  4. It would have been nice to see a POV from Loial indicating how he felt about them, but I think all we got was the info that the Gardeners were fighting with the rest of the Ogier. Tbh, all of the Seanchan exotics got pretty short shrift - as far as I recall we only see them at the very end of the battle, and they are used as a 'clean up' force when the trollocs have already broken. Doesn't seem like the most sensible use of troops. I have to say though that while a bit more info on the Gardeners would have been nice I'm not surprised it wasn't included.
  5. Just a query as I'm not sure I understand the afterlife mechanism for the WoT. I thought characters were reborn when they died so I guess this means that they spend a bit of time in a (TAR like?) afterlife before being reborn. If this is the case for everyone then I wouldn't necessarily think Egwene talking to Rand has any bearing on whether she might be a Hero of the Horn. Unless you have a special awareness from being a Hero? Otherwise it could just be her familiarity in TAR helping her in the afterlife before she's reborn.
  6. Very vague spoilers: I think the problem with Egwene is that she had her low-point (mentally and emotionally) very early in the series when she was damane in book 2. From that point onwards her arc is pretty much a climb up. Even her Novice time doesn't dent her self-confidence an inch. Many of the other characters have the knocks to their confidence much later (e.g. Rand from LoC-tGS, Perrin from aPoD-ToM, Nynaeve from tFoH-KoD).
  7. I think its reminiscent of many political and religious bodies that get lost in the power-plays and manoeuvring so that they lose sight of the big picture.
  8. Just a couple of random musings... Really enjoyed reading these. I had only vaguely followed the Q&A's so some of this was if not exactly 'new info' at least quite illuminating on some issues. I am really impressed by BS's admissions of where he went wrong, and I found the above quote quite touching. Full credit to him for being able to write something like that. I love the middle books, with their exploration of other plots and characters, but the first book presented to us Rand, Perrin, Mat, and Egwene as our main characters. I found this interesting as I felt the first book was very Rand-centric, with Mat and Perrin clearly being the next main characters, but Egwene didn't do much (in terms of action or character development) in the first book. We don't even get a POV for her (instead having a few from Nynaeve and one from Moiraine).
  9. I think two of the worst structural decisions are: 1) splitting Rand's and Perrin's storylines so that we see Rand's epiphany from Perrin's viewpoint in a separate book and hundreds of pages after the event. This removes any dramatic tension from Perrin's scene because we already know the outcome of Rand's mental struggle. and 2) the Black Tower section of the plot. Having a large chunk of this occurring during AMoL felt really wrong. All the other plot threads were gearing up for the Last Battle, and the Androl-Pevara plot lagged too far behind for the first third of the book. This is a flaw that BS has accepted - he felt it would be structurally better to have the entire Black Tower plot occur prior to AMoL.
  10. I don't know if any of them would be likely candidates. My pick would have been Mat probably, especially as he seems to be known as gambler/trickster/son of battles from his past lives already. But as we know he doesn't become a Hero of the Horn, I would choose Lan with Nynaeve. I think Lan is a better candidate than Nynaeve, but their story together does have that fairytale quality (which I think someone else already commented on), and I think it would be especially nice for them, as otherwise they are only going to have a relatively short time together before Lan grows old and dies.
  11. The strangeness regarding Aviendha's children is that they are always holding the One Power, the fact that they can channel from a very young age, and the ease with which they can channel.
  12. As far as I'm aware there is nothing to indicate this in the interviews. I could be wrong though! The books varied quite considerably in how much time they covered, e.g.: TEotW ~ 2.5 months tGH ~ 8.5 months tDR ~ 3 months tSR ~ 2 months tFoH ~ 2 months LoC ~ 3 months ACoS ~ 1 week PoD ~ 1 month WH ~ 1 month CoT ~ 3 weeks KoD ~ 3 weeks tGS ~ 1.5 months ToM-AMoL is left to cover approximately maybe around 3-4 months but it becomes really difficult to pin down timings as BS was a lot less precise with dates. I think part of the reason some of the later books covered less time is because travelling and communicating becomes much faster so characters can get to where they need to be much quicker, or get the next piece of information they need faster (e.g. Travelling is rediscovered, several of the characters gain access to TAR for finding information and communicating with each other, the Seafolk ships come into play).
  13. I think there's also the possibility that Elayne and Nynaeve expected the Seafolk to be decent human beings, i.e. they thought if they went to them and said that they'd found a ter'angreal which could take back the weather from the Dark One's control and save thousands of lives by doing so, that the Seafolk would want to help. If I was in there position I would have been quite taken aback that this was something that people would bargain over anyway.
  14. The best chronology for the Wheel of Time is found here: http://www.sevenspokes.com I think the time frame of the series is 2-3 years, not as much as 4-5. TEotW starts on Winternight (i.e. the beginning of Spring) in 998 NE. TDR ends in Spring 999 NE, so yes, a year passes during the first three books. Nynaeve and Elayne are in Salidar in late Autumn/early Winter 999 NE, so Nynaeve's statement that she hadn't seen Rand for a year may have been a bit of an exaggeration (I don't recall the exact statement you are referring to). From LoC onwards there is a lot of overlap with many of the plotlines happening simultaneously. Winter's Heart starts in late Winter/early Spring 1000 NE, so about 2 years from the start of TEotW. From ToM the timeline becomes very mixed up and is very difficult to follow but Elayne's pregnancy would suggest that the final battle takes place about 2.5 years after the start of the series.
  15. I would imagine when the Aiel returned to the Threefold Land immediately after killing Laman, i.e. it became obvious that was their purpose because once they'd achieved it they didn't stick around to conquer land.
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