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  1. CthulhuChild, do not let that Sanderson's fan fictions carry you away. A few things. (I will not go along with your list.) Their Sun is not like ours. Moridin does not want to end everything, he is not Ishy anymore. By the way, there are other ways to destroy 'everything'. There are limits. Faroresdragn, Forsaken are nothing special. They have two weapons: they do not trust anybody (that's the bigger one), they are ruthless (that's the smaller one).
  2. While the Sitters are the most powerful AS but 'they do not matter at all', because the heads of the Ajahs have the real power, who are not Sitters (usually). Sometimes outsiders have even more powers than anybody. Welcome aboard!; that's a very good choice. (Translations are mutilations.)
  3. Er, where to start? Few months ago Bud Spencer got a statue in Budapest. (Video1, video2 - eng sub.) It does not look like him at all, but maybe the fact that his effect on people was acknowledged in a way is more important than its realness. (We have a Columbo/Peter Falk statue too, which is also terrible... ) I cannot size up Robert Jordan's popularity in the USA, but I think he deserves something similar. What are your thoughts? 1. Unnecessary. 2. Bad timing, 'we' should wait a few years. (Right now confederate monuments are coming down and he was from Charleston, South Carolina...) 3. I'd love to see it! 4. I have a different opinion
  4. Irrelevant. I would totally remove Perrin from the tv series (I think it's a good thing that I have zero control in this matter), but everybody, I mean around me, wants to see a 'similar' scene where 'he becomes a real leader'. (Plus seeing the banner of Manetheren.) Could you post something from a movie or a tv series which can describe/visualise your feelings about the books? When I see Nastassja Kinski in In weiter Ferne, so nah! (Faraway, So Close!), I see Nyn. I mean only in that scene, 'I do not like her face'. Maybe I should post this into the casting thread. (1993 was not a bad year at all: Trois couleurs : Bleu, Trois couleurs : Bleu, Trois couleurs : Bleu, Short Cuts, A Perfect World, In the Name of the Father, JP (falling apart in the last 30 minutes), The Fugitive, Philadelphia (some parts feel really dated now), Untamed Heart, Schindler's List - read the book, forget the film )
  5. Do you remember the last conversation between Moi and Rand? There is a poem by Hemingway called The Old Man and the Sea. Read it, and you will get your answers. If you have time you could read For Whom the Bell Tolls, from which RJ heavily drew inspiration. (It's like reading a condensed version of WOT.) How do you define the term, The Last Battle? What does it mean at all? Last as ultimate, as final? Battle? Does it have to be a battle to bring to an end this Age? What kind of battle? External or internal (Rand's head)? A real battle in his head or just a struggle with himself alone? #solipsism Who is the DO? Why is he a he? The Dragon Reborn is always a male, so it would be more fitting for him to be a 'woman'. (Ofc, he could mean male and female.) Maybe the Creator was the first appearance of the DO? Maybe Rand is the Creator and the DO at the same time? It was much discussed that the DO (who sees everything at once) is way too much humanized. Why is that? Is that a tip from Jordan? This the key. Or not.
  6. Goldeneyes! Lord Perrin! Goldeneyes! Your opinion? (The first minute does not fit to Perrin's personality.)
  7. The series is mostly about characters, is about their reactions to the world, the changes in the world, is about the interactions between them etc. And while we get 'endless' pages about How to rule a contry, Jordan drops a half sentence (this is the maximum we get) about personal things between El and Avi and other people. I want to know their thoughts about Rand, Eg etc. I have no problem with her pregnancy, I like the (in)famous bath scene, but I feel that her plotline was a reaction to the critics that WOT has zero politics. It's the biggest adventure in the world, we don't need to see her groping in the dark about how to secure her reign, no, let's all aboard the adventure train, and ride off into doing something. If the readers want to know more about El's manoeuvres, then they will get an outrigger novel with very detailed what happened to her during this x months.
  8. What do you love about them? I hear nothing but bad things.
  9. Never been a big fan of T, but I'm reading right now The World's Most Treasured Love Poems (edited by Suheil Bushrui - strange selection, strange poems, strange (bad?) translations) and there is this poem on page 77-78: Not a bad poem! Now, adapting the last lines (of course, the whole poem can match to Morgase) onto M+T, I can fancy a situation, where Tallanvor sees into Morgase's soul, seeing something which was hidden so deep that "No man has seen before what you saw today", and he became so besotted with her.that he could not leave her side. Or is he just a creep who can't take no for an answer, and will continue to persist after clear rejection has been made because he thinks that she will eventually give in? @ijustwanthatbody
  10. I did not read the fan fictions, so I did not understand your post at first, but this is how I imagine their (R + M) reunion in my head. I think using our own fantasy/imagination is the best thing, so, if you are not satisfied with their fate, then make your own ending. I hope that you will post more.
  11. Zero. (It looks like the WOT-curse is still alive.) The owner of the rights chose a little fish (Sony), who will team up with an even smaller fish (probably AMC), then they chose a not too talented showrunner. They will not pump money into the first season, and without money, adapting WOT to the small screen is meaningless. But the most important thing is the new readers. Many people will pick up the books, hopefully, so, in the long run we will lose nothing.
  12. Yes, there are strage things in WOT. I can/do/will not deny that Perrin is the second/third most popular character Actually, I think, there was a period when he was de facto the fan favourite. It just pains me what Jordan did to him.
  13. I think the problem lies elsewhere. Only Rand (and Mat) can carry his storylines own his own. Perrin is not capable of this. Eg is a special case, because her supporting cast is exceptionally strong; the twins (Nyn and EL), when they are separated from each other, cannot reach their potential anymore. (Reducing Nyn to nothing isn't useful at all, but her storyline ends in LOC, so lo and behold, we have another problem) And readers know that his storyline is rather meaningless and boring (there are great moments in his chapters - very sparsely, I should add), but putting together a cast like this: Perrin, Faile, Berelain, Morgase, Lini, Tallanvor etc. is the surest way to ruin a plotline. Not to mention that Jordan constantly puts phone books before us: names, names, names - limited space, too many characters, how do you paint them in different colours? You could say, and you did say, that give them more pages, and they can achieve their full potential, but there's a kickback. Simply and solely, there is no coming back from assembling so many bland people into one group. Jordan tries to give us a little flavour (Wos, AS etc) but it's worth as much as a kiss to a dead person. (The heroic moments are taken away by Rand, the funny/interesting things by Mat, so poor Perrin was left with monotonous/boring everyday life.)
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